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Marriage Equality Bill Advances in First of Four Votes in Colombia

A Colombian Senate committee has approved a marriage equality measure, advancing it for further consideration, On Top reports:

ColombiaWith a 10-5 vote, the First Committee (Comision Primera) has approved Senator Armando Benedetti's proposed measure. Benedetti's proposal originally sought to create civil unions for gay and lesbian couples. He has since altered the language to marriage. However, Benedetti's bill would not give married gay couples the right to adopt children.

Tuesday's vote is the first of four needed for the measure to become law.

“In this country homosexuals already have economic rights and social security, therefore it is time to move toward matrimony,” Benedetti is quoted as saying by El Espectador.

In July 2011, Colombia's Constitutional Court ruled that the legislature must pass a same-sex marriage bill within two years or the courts will legalize it.

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  1. True. So far so good. The next debates are scheduled for 2013 and it will be a helluva ride due to strong opposition from Conservative Party and MIRA and other religion-founded parties. And since it's true that this proposed law does not include adoption rights for same sex couple it will be solved in constitutional court in the next six months (hopefully). Either way the marriage issue must be resolved before july 2013 by the same Constitutional Court ruling last year. Hope is high.

    Posted by: Betocreativo | Dec 5, 2012 10:13:16 AM

  2. Ay-ay-ay I can't wait to marry the Sofio Vergaro of my dreams.

    Posted by: Gast | Dec 5, 2012 10:45:25 AM

  3. Go Colombia! Wish the community all the best. Greetings from India.

    Posted by: Jyotsana | Dec 5, 2012 10:52:15 AM

  4. My husband is from Bogota-- we married here in New York last year but it would be wonderful to make it official in his home country!

    Posted by: gregory | Dec 5, 2012 11:34:02 AM

  5. For shame that "the greatest country on earth" is probably going to be following at least three "less developed" Americas nations and one city-State (Mexico Federal District with a population as large as Canada's).

    Destruction of societies, architecture and wealth across Latin America has been under the auspices of "religion". The Catholic Church has had dreadful, destructive influence on Latin America and it is absurd that they should interfere with the internal politics of nations.

    Posted by: Sean | Dec 5, 2012 11:35:00 AM

  6. I believe the court only required that a civil unions bill OR marriage be passed. Similar to New Jersey's court ruling. This may go nowhere.

    Posted by: Bruno | Dec 5, 2012 12:46:16 PM

  7. Obviously this is a sign of progress. However, it is horrific that same-sex couples are not able to adopt children there.

    Posted by: DB | Dec 5, 2012 1:02:05 PM

  8. It is unbelievable how these latin american countries are making progres.I am so happy for all of them!

    Posted by: David X | Dec 5, 2012 2:03:31 PM

  9. Good !!! now fix the drug problem ....

    Posted by: MArk | Dec 5, 2012 2:26:10 PM

  10. @DB Constitutional Court demanded Congress that they must legislate about the legal situation of same-sex couples here in my country as per their sentencing No. C117 that stated that "same-sex couples are also considered family" and if Congress does not do so before July 2013 then automatically from that date same-sex couples will be granted all rights that opposite-sex enjoys sans adoption. So yeah, Congress is somehow "forced" to legislate about it. Statutory rule. There are three proposed laws: one is civil unions (already killed in first debate); another that makes full marriage right sans adoption (this one passed first debate) and another one that grants marriage AND adoption, this one will be killed in January in first debate unless Constitutional Courts give sentencing about adoption by suit of a lesbian couple who has kids.

    @DB Adoption is pending a ruling by our Constitutional Court either before this year's end of somtime in 2013 first semester.

    @Mark To fix the drug problem, first, USA politicians must be recognize that drug war is just futile and second, they must recognize that the drug problem comes from demand. USA is the first drug consumer in the world, therefore driving the spiral of violence directly and indirectly. Change of paradigms.

    Posted by: Betocreativo | Dec 5, 2012 2:43:30 PM

  11. Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay and Colombia are countries where gays have more rights than the USA I guess on gay rights South America is looking more like Europe on gay rights while the US more like Africa!

    Posted by: Scott | Dec 5, 2012 6:42:45 PM

  12. All these Catholic countries in Europe and the Americas moving to approve LGBT equality. It must make the pope so proud. I think that old closeted queen secretely thinks its fabulous!

    Posted by: andrew | Dec 5, 2012 8:52:40 PM

  13. So this means Columbia and Mexico are two more countries that Maggie and Brian won't be able to consider moving to when SSM becomes legal in all 50 US states. I sort of feel for them on this. People on the cultural Left always used to claim they'd go to Canada. But where does a right-winger go? Most of the other English-speaking countries already have SSM or are headed in that direction. Even Latin America and Europe are headed there. I guess they'll be stuck choosing between Iraq and Pakistan.

    Of course, the logical move would be for them to focus on making the institution of marriage strong for ALL couples. If marriage was doing better among straight couples, conservatives would become more accepting of gay relationships having a legal status. As it's going now, they'll have to become more accepting as time goes on anyway, unless they want to descend into civil disobedience.

    Posted by: Mary | Dec 5, 2012 10:03:57 PM

  14. Wow ! The past couple of years has really seen the tipping point for gay equality. Look how fast some countries are moving on gay rights.
    It's embarrassing to see the US moving so slowly because the whole political/judicial system is a chaotic and broken mess and has been hijacked by the right wing to prevent any kind of progress.

    Posted by: Icebloo | Dec 6, 2012 1:14:55 AM

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