Mexico Lifts Anti-Gay Blood Ban: REPORT

MexicanflagIf Andres Duque at Blabbeando is correct, then Mexico just bested the United States in the race to lift an archaic and homophobic ban on gay men and men who have sex with men from donating much-needed plasma:

A little noticed Mexican health norm first approved in August and then published in the country’s regulatory Official Federation Diary on October 26th has gone into effect today essentially doing away with a two-decade ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men….

The old norm (NOM 003-SSA2) explicitly banned gay and bisexual men from donating blood based on their “practices” and their “increased probability of acquiring HIV or hepatitis infection”.

The new norm (NOM 253) eliminates specific bans on gay and bisexual men and instead bans blood donations from people with HIV or hepatitis and their partners and people who engage in “risky sexual practices” regardless of their sexual identity.

First striking down a ban on marriage equality and now this? Mexico’s really coming into its own on LGBT inclusion.

[Via JMG; image via Martintoy’s Flickr.]


  1. jjose712 says

    I find that kind of ban totally arcaic, and based on prejudice. I know the impact of aids it was higher on gays (and the last news on the USA are not exactly thrilling wich only will be solved with education), but that kind of ban is equating being gay with having a risky sex life, and that’s not true in a lot of cases, the same way there are a lot of straights that have a risky sex life.

    Anyway, i think new generations didn’t know the real risk of having HIV, i know that right now is not a death sentence and it’s more like a cronic illness (if the illness is not advanced), but that’s a lot of complications in your life, and with your health care system, it’s very expensive.

    Right now there are no reasons to have safe sex

  2. steven lucas says

    HIV is NOT on the rise amongst gay men who are not promiscuous. It afflicts those who make poor choices, not those who are careful and cautious.

    I absolutely oppose the word tricks of those who use “gay men” as an all-inclusive term as if, somehow, we all march to the beat of the same drum when making choices in life. This includes the CDC and the Blood Bank.

    The most homophobic policies exist in the Blood Bank. It’s time that it stopped discriminating against gay people whose behavior is no different from that of straights from whom it currently accepts blood.

  3. says

    Thanks for the good news to ring in the new year!

    Please visit Saving Lives With Helpful Guys ( This website is an educational resource center for policy directors, civil rights activists, students, members of the medical community, and the public at large who are dedicated to safely and sensibly reforming the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Gay Blood Ban.

  4. RichB in PS says

    Well said, “HIV is NOT on the rise amongst gay men who are not promiscuous. It afflicts those who make poor choices, not those who are careful and cautious.”

  5. andrew says

    If you were in the hospital and in need of a pint of blood for a transfusion and the RN said we have two pints of blood, one donated by a gay man and the other by a straight man, which would you choose?

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