Michael Bloomberg Called Hillary Clinton, Encouraged Her to Run for NYC Mayor in 2013

Probably not the 3 am phone call Hillary was expecting.

HillaryThe NYT reports:

In a telephone call confirmed by three people, Mr. Bloomberg encouraged Mrs. Clinton to consider entering the 2013 mayor’s race, trading international diplomacy for municipal management on the grandest scale.

She would, the mayor suggested, be a perfect fit.

Much about the call, which occurred some months ago, remains shrouded in mystery. But Mr. Bloomberg’s overture to the former first lady highlights the level of his anxiety about the current crop of candidates, his eagerness to recruit a replacement who can rival his stature and his determination to become a kingmaker in the political arena he will soon exit.

And what of NYC City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, thought assured of Bloomberg's endorsement?

In many corners of the city’s political world, Mr. Bloomberg’s eventual endorsement of Ms. Quinn has been considered a foregone conclusion, barring the entry of a big-name candidate into the field.

But the mayor’s conversation with Mrs. Clinton, even after he had begun to telegraph his allegiance to Ms. Quinn, suggests that, to a degree previously unknown, his thinking has been unsettled.

“He is looking for somebody he can feel comfortable handing the reins over to,” said Hank Sheinkopf, a longtime New York City political operative who worked on Mr. Bloomberg’s last campaign.

NYT: Mayor Bloomberg to Endorse Christine Quinn as Successor [tlrd]


  1. Markt says

    I worked in City Hall under Bloomberg. I respect him. Although I don’t agree with him always. He was an eagle scout and retains much of those ethics as far as I can see.
    New York has done best when individuals outside local politics have been elected mayor. I think Hillary would be great. Ms. Quinn is just another NYC party boss wanna be.

  2. Graphicjack says

    I <3 New York, and I <3 Hillary, but come on, she can do better… Let her rest like she’s said she wants to, then please, please run for President.

  3. how many drones do they have? says

    I think a mere city is too small a venue for Hillary. Even NYC. They don’t even have their own army or navy or marines or air force or….

  4. PolarBeast says

    I think you are all missing the point — I think this means that Bloomberg wants to run for president in 2016 and sees Hillary as a competitor. What would she do during the presidential campaign if another storm like Sandy struck??

  5. Icebloo says

    So Bloomberg is so far up his own ass he thinks he now OWNS the job and it’s up to him to choose his own replacement ? I think someone needs a slice of reality. Power crazy much ?

  6. says

    Bloomberg’s faux outreach to Hillary is an effort to distance himself from Christine Quinn so that she has a better shot at winning, which would mean fourth term for him. For the past year, the NY Times has been assisting Bloomberg in his quest to have Quinn succeed him. That is why we read about her summer house and apartment decor instead of her slush funds and campaign finance violations.

  7. Davelandia says

    Of course Bloomberg feels its such a dilemma to find a successor who can do as good a job as he feels he has – when there are plenty that could do just as good a job if not better – just not necessarily the way he’d do it. He seriously needs to get over himself.

  8. Yupp says

    Maybe the billionaire just wants to assure himself of a successor who’ll pass more laws about the way women in hospitals can breast feed or the sizes of soft drinks New Yorkers can choose to buy.

  9. Arrant says

    I thought it was impossible to overestimate the megalomania of that plutocrat putz Bloomberg. And then this. Would love to have been a bug on that line as Hillary shut him down.

  10. Chitown Kev says

    That would be a very interesting move for Hillary; nothing wrong with “working her way down” in that way.

    Actually, Rahm Emmanuel has named the NYC mayor’s office as one of the top 5 executive jobs in the country (the other being POTUS, Governor of NY and California, Mayor of Chicago).

  11. ratbastard says

    Oh man, these people’s egos know no bounds.

    If Hillary isn’t going to run for president [I think she should and think she’s be a good POTUS, better than Obama], she should have remained NY senator. IMHO being a U.S. senator is the ultimate political position in the country outside of being president. She would have won re-election probably for as long as she wanted IMO, and would have ended up a senior U.S. senator with enormous influence and power. Why did she give that up for a thankless job like secretary of state?

  12. jeffy says

    Any support I could have mustered for Christine Quinn stopped immediately during that whole term-limit debacle. The fact Bloomberg, Quinn and the rest of their cronies got away with that still galls me. Please let someone decent run against Quinn for Mayor.

  13. andrew says

    @Jeffy: I think term limits is a bad idea. It prevents the people from re-electing an outstanding Governor, Mayor or President. I think a majority of Americans would have voted for a Bill Clinton third term. As a matter of fact all politicians are term limited if the voters choose not to re-elect them.

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