Michael Musto Covers ‘Village Voice’ As Angelina Jolie: PHOTOS


Above is Michael Musto portraying Angelina Jolie on the latest Village Voice cover. Below is Musto as "Tan Mom" Patricia Krentcil.

Both images come from the journalist's year-end review for the weekly paper. There's also one of Musto as Queen Elizabeth II. That's probably the most natural fit of all the character Musto portrays, but I have to give a hats off to Musto for totally nailing Tan Mom's facial expression.



  1. jd says

    Sigh. Village Voice needs a 100% staff turnover. It feels dated and out-of-touch and Musto’s embarrassingly out-of-the-loop gossip blurbs are the most obvious example of why. As unreliable as Page Six, but lacking the provocation and fun.

  2. jamal49 says

    Um, if I were Angelina Jolie, I’d sue. Michael, I luv ya, but I’d keep your day job if I was you.

  3. J.D. says

    Oh my, that Village Voice, so cutting edge! And that Michael Musto — so daring and provocative! The world is moving so fast! My goodness is it 1989 already?

  4. Diogenes Arktos says

    @JD: sometimes. I remember that a newbie posted a delightful, positive comment and signed it with what would generaly be regarded as the handle of a terminally obnoxious troll. Another commenter beat me to suggesting he quickly change his handle or face the horrific consequences.