New Zealand Church Thinks It’s Time For Jesus To Come Out


New Zealand church St. Matthew's in Auckland, New Zealand, also known as St. Matthew-in-the-City, is celebrating the holidays with this billboard, which reads, "It's Christmas. Time for Jesus to come out."

According to the church's Reverend, Glynn Card, the billboard's meant to make believers, particularly those who are anti-gay, ask themselves whether the Christian messiah's message would be hampered by potential same-sex desire.

Reverend Glynn Cardy said the sign was about trying to lift the humanity of Jesus.

"The fact is we don't know what his sexual orientation was."

While some conservative Christians might point to the more
absolutist parts of the Old Testament as proof of the Messiah's sexual
preferences, Cardy said that homosexuality was not even a word until the
19th century. Any mention of it would therefore have been a

More importantly the billboard was meant to ask whether Jesus'
desires in the bedroom would make a difference for those of faith.

"Would it make a difference if he was gay? Would that change the
picture for you? Would it mean what we revere about him changes?"

You may remember Cardy and Auckland-based St. Matthew's from when their "Gaydar" billboard, meant to protest homophobia within the Anglican Communion, was vandalized a few years back.


  1. andrew says

    I think it is fairly well established that Jesus is a historical figure. I have often thought that this usually kind and gentle soul, especially given the time in which he lived and some of the circumstances around his life, that he may well have been homosexual in his orientation. Several times the gospels mention John, as the disciple whom Jesus loved. If he had a special affection for John, what motivated it. It is kind of like the David and Jonathan love in the OT.

  2. Michael says

    Try reading the Gospel of John. It’s very, very, as in couldn’t be more, clear IF Jesus had a sexual orientation, with him being 1/2 man then it’s a 99% definite, he was a homosexual.

    The Gospel of John couldn’t make it more clear by stating over and over and over again John was the Disciple Whom Jesus Loved.

    We can either take that as “John was the Disciple Whom Jesus Loved but Jesus loved everyone but for some reason the Bible feels the need to stress this over and over again but we shouldn’t take it to mean anything then them being just good friends” or we can take it to mean “John was the Disciple Whom Jesus Loved”.

    John was the only disciple at the cross and John was the only disciple Jesus saved from dying as a martyr even allowing John to survive unharmed when he was placed in a vat of boiling oil.

    It’s not hard to do the math here.

  3. andrew says

    @Michael: you lost me with that obvious nonsense about “allowing John to survive unharmed when he was placed in a vat of boiling oil”. Please tell me that you know that is pure mythology.

  4. WoodyR says

    Gay? Let’s see.

    Here’s a 35 year old Jewish man, never married. He fraternises with 12 men and one hag clinging onto his every word.

    His Mother, who, though married, declares immaculate conception. Her Son, a (so listen) professional carpenter walks on water and turns water into wine.

    Now. Ask that question again. Is he gay?


  5. Diogenes Arktos says

    The wikipedia article on this parish needs to be updated! The last billboard it mentions is 2009 which you mention in passing on your 2011 gaydar post.
    Here’s the link to the 2009 billboard and the subsequent controversy:

    Sorry, Rome, Protestants do not accept the eternal virginity of Mary. We shouldn’t have to censor our billboards when our doctrine differs from yours.

    BTW – the “virgin birth” refers to Jesus’ conception – no human male involved (traditional Christian doctrine)
    the “immaculate conception” refers to Mary’s conception – human male and female involved, but the conception was without sin (only believed by RC)

    Because there is no email for TR – here are some pesky corrections:
    This parish is headed by a “vicar”, who is Archdeacon Glynn Cardy. That means you should not refer to him as “The Reverend Glynn Cardy” but as “The Venerable Glynn Cardy”. Informally “Archdeacon Glynn Cardy” or “Archdeacon Cardy” are just fine. You have to check references on things like this – preferably the parish’s website – to be sure you have the appropriate nomenclature.

    He looks like a great straight ally. I don’t like many church websites, but I love what I’ve seen of theirs:

    P.S. I’ve written enough that I’m not going to spout off on my ideas about homosexuality in the time of Jesus.

  6. Jerry6 says

    Considering that the first known writings mentioning a person that might have been “Jesus”, did not appear until at least 40 years after he supposedly died, that would make the writer between 50 and 60 years of age in order to have first hand knowledge of him. What took him (or them) so long to write about Jesus”

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