News: David Davies, Seattle Hate Crime, A Graduate, ‘Scary Movie 5′

1NewsIcon British tabloids are salivating over word that Kieran Hayler, boyfriend of celebrity Katie Price, had online sex with another man. “He got his kicks and I got mine,” said a 23-year old student who claims to have been on the receiving end of stripper Hayler’s virtual love.

EndIsNigh1NewsIcon Here’s an article
on what happens to doomsayers after the world doesn’t end: “Doomsday
believers tend to pick up and get on with their lives more successfully
if they have strong networks of family and friends, [University of
Alabama sociologist Stephen Kent said. The grassroots nature of the
Mayan apocalypse predictions is therefore troubling, he said. ‘The
isolated individuals who encounter these predictions on the Internet may
be terribly alone,’ he said.”

1NewsIcon For your consideration, the biggest box office bombs of 2012.

1NewsIcon This is what Lindsay Lohan has been reduced to: Scary Movie 5.

1NewsIcon David Davies, the conservative MP who said that fellow conservatives’ plans for marriage equality in England were “barking mad,” now says he’s sorry. “I haven’t done years of diversity training,
so sometimes I say things which are probably tactless, and I don’t mean
to, to be honest, I don’t mean to do that,” the former farmer and truck
driver said. He added, “This law is going to happen, and the best thing
to do is just shut up and accept it, really, which is probably why I
shouldn’t have accepted this interview. Too late now.”

1NewsIcon Congratulations to Boy Meets World actress Danielle Fisher on graduating from college! “After my 27th birthday, I made the decision to stop letting fear be a factor in fulfilling my dreams and living the life I wanted, so with a little encouragement from friends and family, I enrolled,” she said of achieving her dream.

Moss1NewsIcon Kate Moss, goddess with nearly naked male models at her beck and call.

1NewsIcon Seattle prosecutors are pursuing hate crime charges against a man who used anti-gay slurs while threatening a gay man. “Oh, I forgot. I am in Washington state. We need to protect the (anti-gay slur),” the man, a recent transplant to the city, reportedly said during his arrest in August.”

1NewsIcon Eli Roth’s latest cinematic endeavor, Aftershock, provides a new premise for a gruesome exploration of human nature. Emphasis on gruesome.

1NewsIcon Check out this video of the Fire Island Pavilion circa 1999, before the original 1980 structure was torn down, reconstructed and then destroyed in Hurricane Sandy. Why does 1999 look so long ago?

1NewsIcon Via CNN, some gendered spending habits: “The Clarus Research Group poll found the average married man will spend $493 on gifts for his wife this year, while wives will spend less than half of that on their husbands. The average married woman said she would spend $210.”

VictorianLadies1NewsIcon Victorian gay marriage: “During the 19th century, women in what some Victorians referred to as ‘female marriages’ lived together, owned property in common, called each
other ‘hubby’ or ‘wedded wife’ and were recognized as a couple,
including by the traditionalists among their neighbors and friends.”

1NewsIcon Will House Speaker John Boehner eat worms for Christmas?

1NewsIcon From Cincinnati, Ohio: “Singer Jonathan Zeng says that being discriminated against because he is gay was a blessing rather than a curse.”



  1. Jim says

    Please fact check…

    “Check out this video of the Fire Island Pavilion circa 1999, before the original 1980 structure was torn down, reconstructed and then destroyed in Hurricane Sandy”

    Video is not of the Pavilion, but of Sip-N-Twirl. No buildings in Fire Island Pines, let alone the building that Sip-N-Twirl is in, were destroyed by hurricane sandy.

  2. Francis says

    Katie Price gave an interview like a month ago stating she’s bi and likes dating bi guys, so there you go regarding that online sex thing with the stripper hunk.

    The Seattle hate incident was committed by a guy from Galveston, Texas. A lot of hate crimes in cities like NYC, Seattle, San Fran, are actually committed by out-of-towners who can’t handle diversity. Too bad they don’t stay in their cocoons forever.

  3. iban4yesu says

    So what? It seems like that good for nothin’ cow (UK’s poorhouse vers. of K. Kakaka…? U know whom I am talking about, right?) has learned to share her booties with others, so, I follow that noble example for u guys! LOL:

    Sun is Sun is Sun…What “icon”? LOL :

    But, did he really “X-rated routines ….on gay porn sites”?


    Anyway, when I saw him for the 1X, in that Argumental clip, I certainly like what I had to witness! 😀

  4. TC says

    Fact-check on Fire Island video:
    1) It is what was then the Island Club (not the Pavillion), in between stints as Sip-n-Twirl.
    2) It was not torn down, then rebuilt — it burned to the ground about a year ago, but rebuilt.
    3) It survived Sandy just fine.
    4) The real Pavillion was torn down and rebuilt, but then also destoyed by fire last year.
    5) It seems like it was just yesterday

  5. Rick says

    So help me understand this. Why is a straight woman, Kate Moss, being surrounded by nearly naked men “at her beck and call” supposed to be of interest to anyone who is a man who is attracted to other men?

    Are you suggesting that such a man imagine himself to be a woman and live vicariously through her–in this case, Kate Moss?

    Is it because the author here hates men and likes seeing them objectified by women, whom he refers to as a “goddess”?…..which would clue us in as to why effeminate gay men worship straight women “divas”, “goddess” being a term of worship….and are deferential to them and like subordinating themselves to them, themselves

    Of course, chances are the “men” who are subjugating themselves to this little pixie are in all likelihood gay themselves, since few self-respecting straight men would engage in such ridiculous behavior.

    Yes, all of the above. Yet another documentation of the twisted, sick, emotionally damaged mindset of the effeminate gay male.

  6. Inor says

    Anyone that “dates” Katie Price at this point would probably bend over and deliver to an Alsatian on the cover of the Sun if the publicity was good enough.

  7. Inor says

    Not equating having sex with a man with having sex with an Alsatian- just saying that any news that comes from the K. Price and followers camp should be taken with a grain of salt and purely motivated by attention seeking, rather than proudly admitting to true sexuality.

  8. iban4yesu says

    @ Rick

    You’ve got a point!

    So, Andy, how about running that photo again, of the obscenely overpaid mug, or at least, the nose covered with that vile while powder to balance it out? ;-P

  9. UFFDA says

    RICK – You’re always right. Simple as that. And KIWI knows it. Makes him crazy. Stay outside the box always.

  10. UFFDA says

    It’s interesting, RICK really does have a ponderable point above. What in the world are these fine looking men doing in such subordinate positions around some vapid air-brushed woman? It’s bullsh*t and horsesh*t combined. Call it fashion, call it hip, call it advertising, it’s actually a degrading lie. Men rule the world, always have, always will. Any other portrayal is a god-dam*ed lie.

    Hey, I’m getting all worked up, must be the Solstice.

  11. Goodcarver says

    inre the question about Mr. Boehner eating worms…I can provide him with them and would delight in it.