News: Gay Judge, Challenger, Subway Pusher, Fox’s ‘Embarrassment’

1NewsIcon Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a bill putting new limits on abortion clinics, including a law requiring that providers ask patients whether they've been coerced into having an abortion.

Airplane21NewsIcon At least four people are dead after a plane slid off the runway in Moscow.
"Emergency officials said in a televised news conference that four
people were killed and another four severely injured when the plane
rolled off the runway into a snowy field and disintegrated. The plane's
cockpit area was sheared off from the fuselage and a large chunk gashed
out near the tail."

1NewsIcon California Gov. Jerry Brown appointed Judge Kim Colwell to the Alameda County Superior Court, making her the first lesbian to sit on that court.

1NewsIcon Matthew McConaughey And Camila Alves welcomed their third child together.

1NewsIcon A look ahead at Prince William and Kate Middleton's 2013.

1NewsIcon Jesse Tyler Ferguson and fiance Justin Mikita go for a stroll on the beach in St. Barts.

Pakistanprotest1NewsIcon Some Pakistanis are upset over a series of paintings that depicts Islamic clerics in homoerotic situations. "Officials at the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan, shut down the Journal of Contemporary Art,
which published the paintings by artist Muhammad Ali in a summer
edition. School officials also removed all issues of the journal from
campus bookstores and dissolved the journal's editorial board after the
images sparked threats of violence from Islamic extremists…"

1NewsIcon Fox News writer thinks that media supporting marriage equality in 2012 was an "embarrassing moment." "Newsies looked like an aging cast of "Glee," with almost every major
news organization showing its support for gay marriage. CNN’s Anderson
Cooper came out; ABC weather guy Sam Champion even married his
boyfriend. But coverage isn’t just about rights, it’s about wrongs – "journalistic" attacks on Chick-fil-A, a shooting against a conservative
organization that opposes gay marriage and more."

1NewsIcon This rare amateur video of the Challenger explosion was New Scientist's most viewed of the year.

1NewsIcon Brad Brenner at Huffington Post has a detailed look at how many gay men are using apps and online resources for their sexual and romantic needs, and how they're using them. A snippet: "More than three out of four men in our survey indicated that they
struggle to find guys to connect with. Likewise, over six in 10 men said
they fear getting shot down when introducing themselves, and the same
number struggle with figuring out how to break the ice to initiate a
conversation. Mobile app technology is easing those long-held anxieties,
with 78 percent of men saying that apps allowed them to start a
conversation with a guy that they otherwise wouldn't have."

Arrested1NewsIcon The new season of Arrested Development will debut in its entirety on May 4.

1NewsIcon Kanye West wore a crystal-studded mask during a concert in Atlantic City last night, because, you know, why not?

1NewsIcon Despite growing criticism, New York's Journal News will publish more names and addresses of gun owners.

1NewsIcon Police have nabbed the woman accused of pushing a man onto the subway track and to his death.

1NewsIcon Sexy sweaters.


  1. Chris says

    The only direct response I could honestly care to give that Fox News writer is in the form of a gif of Lady Gaga making a face with the caption “You Seem Upset” right next to her. But I can’t find it. Oh well…

    It still makes me angry that the media generally failed to report on the fact that the reason why we were upset at Chick-Fil-A was not because of their opposition to Marriage Equality (we knew about that for years) but because of their donations to hate groups. The official announcement of opposition was just what pushed us over the edge.

    Same thing with The FRC shooting. That dumb **** Michelle Malkin saying that our condolences (why we were even condoling in the first place is beyond me. It had nothing to do with us) were “disingenuous” outrages me. It’s more than we have ever gotten for the thousands of murders and suicides they have caused in America.

    But of course The Right will continue to soak those things up as much as they possibly can for years to come. Even though they are fallacy’s.

  2. says

    History is the best judge of embarrassing moments, and it’s already clear that those who stubbornly resisted marriage equality as it was becoming inevitable–like the benighted FOX “writer”–will be on both the wrong and embarrassing side of history. You’re on record as a 2012 bigot, dude, and hindsight won’t treat you kindly.

  3. John in Iowa says

    I, personally, do not consider “A look ahead at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 2013″ to be particularly newsworthy, but since Andrew Belonsky does, I would be very interested in knowing why he chooses to identify William by one of his titles, “Prince,” yet identifies his wife only by her maiden name–and not even with her correct given name, at that. For the record, Andrew, she’s not Catherine “Kate” Middleton anymore. She is now Her Royal Highness Princess William, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus. Of course, that’s quite a mouthful, but to avoid the blatant sexism (even if unintended) of referring only to her husband with his title, there are other ways you might have broached the subject, the most correct being, “A look ahead at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s 2013.”

  4. theo says

    Might want to look a bit more into that poll by Brad Brenner regarding mobile app usage. Brenner has a gay mobile app of his own, and it seems the survey you’re quoting from is from Brad’s company. I’d be curious to know how the “nationwide poll” was conducted and information about the participants.

    That poll info sounds more like marketing fluff than something Nate Silver would trust.

  5. andrew says

    It bothers me that so many on the left think that abortion is the answer. I believe that the destruction of a potential human life is so very sad. While I believe that the choice to give birth to the new life is always the womans. I also believe that we should help her make it possible to chose life over death whenever possible.

  6. ratbastard says

    What’s the big deal about Michigan’s abortion law changes? I’ve actually no doubt some females are coerced into having them, and that’s of course wrong. I’m sure most ‘progressives’ would agree, no?

    I accept abortions should be legal in most cases, but don’t have a problem banning [unless the mom’s life is in danger] late term abortions, and don’t think under age young women should be so be so easily allowed access to an abortion minus at the very least the knowledge of their legal guardian or parent[s]. And no, honestly, abortion shouldn’t be something that’s thought of casually as no big deal, and should be discouraged as a form of birth control.

    Amusing, the very same ‘progressives’ who want a kid to be able to walk in off the street and get an abortion without their parent[s] or guardians knowledge are the same people who are behind outlawing tobacco products to anyone under 18, requiring I.D. when buying them, raising the alcohol drink age to 21 and requiring I.D. when purchasing, tattoo laws, and a whole slew of nitpicking, busybody nanny state laws.


    A racist Latina killed the poor Hindi guy in Queens? Impossible…only white folks are racist. At least that’s what hardcore ‘progressives’ say.

  7. Reynolds Sisters says

    Mobile Apps have the same old 1995 AOL chat room hookup talk. Most of the guys are “Partnered”. With all the gay bars closing. Where do go?

    @Theo I was thinking that too.

  8. Dana Chilton says

    Dan Gainor, the fox opinion writer who discusses marriage, makes his living off of blaming the media. He works for the Media Research Center and preys off conservative hatred of ‘the media’. He is no friend of the gay community. He once wrote that no one could hire a gay person and call themselves conservative. He is every right-wing conspiracy theorist, every angry middle-aged privileged republican male who despises cultural diversity, and every extreme conservative who incessantly bemoans the direction of our country rolled into a person who has no internal filter. The most interesting thing about him is that he doesn’t have the capacity to understand the irony of his work.

  9. sosadaboutewan says

    “It bothers me that so many on the left think that abortion is the answer.” Based on what facts do you believe this? ‘The Left’ believes that a woman should be supported in whatever decision she makes, be it adoption, raising the child herself or abortion. Putting in place laws that severely restrict any of these choices reduce women to child-like, second-class citizens who unable to make rational choices in their own best interest.

    As you say it is the woman’s right to decide whether to carry a pregnancy to full term and no one else’s, not yours, not a politician’s and certainly not a religious zealot’s yet it is these people who seem to think they have the right to impose their will on adult women.

    If ‘the Right’ thinks that forcing women to go through with a pregnancy is “the answer”, then it’s not asking the right question. Think on, would you like the State to force you to undergo an invasive medical procedure because of a politician’s religious beliefs?

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    Michigan is concerned that an abortion might be coerced. How about concern that “reparative therapy” is coerced? Regardless of what on thinks about performing them, abortions are safe medical procedures. Reparative therapy is not.