1. Amicus says

    Let’s be honest folks; it’s all about the MONEY! The NRA has always been lock-step with the gun manufacturing industry, and only cares about protecting profits. They really don’t care about public safety or children. Right now, I would love to see some good journalism on the money trail from the NRA and gun manufacturing owners/executives to members of the US Congress.

  2. jomicur says

    LaPierre’s not dumb. He knows which side of the bread his butter’s on. He works as a professional shill for the gun-making corporations, and he’ll tell any lie he can think of to help maximize their bottom line. Fortunately, people are finally starting to see through him.

    This man, along with the corporations he fronts for, has blood on his hands. Hell, he practically bathes in it. And uses bubble bath to make it more fun.

  3. JamesGnPhilly says

    I really thought that he would have cancelled his apperance because his press conference was so widly panned. By him going on MTP this morning, he simply dug himself a deeper hole then he was already in!

    When David held up the gun clips and Wayne said they weren’t the problem I LOL’ed. It was funny to me becuase the more this man talks the more unresonable he sounds! The more unresonable he sounds, the more people will change their minds and begin the arduous task of passing meaningful gun control measures! Gun control will happen (like marriage equality) wether these people like it or not! We are going to have to drag these idiots into the 21st Century, but we’ll get there!!!

  4. stranded says

    Well there’s this:

    As I understand it there were armed guards at Columbine, but schools are large buildings. A pair of guards can’t keep everyone safe, so this guy is presumably telling us we need an armed militia occupying our kindergarten classrooms, with at least one armed and ready fully armored soldier in every room and two outside the door. Yeah, that’s the tough and sane thing to do.

    I hope that it’s not disrespecting the dead to point out that there’s only one industry that profited from all those bullets spent, and after all the economic costs for police and emergency personnel during these events, it’s a boon for sales yet they never once offer to pay us back for those costs. From a financial aspect they are bleeding us all.

    Australia has a model that works. It’s time we stand up to this idiot industry and save some lives.

  5. rroberts says

    @ERIC : to be clear, Ft. Hood was a gun-free zone. Service members had no weapons.

    As for Wayne LaPierre, Forest Gump summed it up: “stupid is as stupid does”.

  6. says

    You can tell they are desperate because they have a staff member working 24-hours removing every single negative comment from their Facebook page and immediately banning those people from commenting. What are they scared of?

  7. Diogenes Arktos says

    Interesting, last Sunday, all 31 of the “gun supporting” senators refused to give any interviews.

    While I certainly am horrified by Sandy Hook, it is far more important to deal with gun violence in the cities. This carnage dwarfs the mass shootings.

  8. says

    It’s interesting for me to live half of the year in a state where even the cops don’t have guns.
    Sure criminals still have them, farmers have shot guns to shoot foxes but there is no lunatic demand; “we must have our guns ”
    It all all sounds like a combination of the gun manufacturers and the lunatic fringe.

  9. Mark says

    Too many guns. Too many shootings. The debate goes one but the tragedies keep happening. Innocent lives are being lost and in cases like Newtown, the killer was sick and needed help. How will arming security guards in a school really prevent anything. In Newtown the shooter had many hundreds of rounds and could have taken out a security guard. Is the security guard going to carry a machine gun?

  10. Mark says

    Oh and yeah next they’re going to have to give firearms training to the students and pass out guns with books at the begining of each year. Hope one of them is a sharpshooter.

  11. says

    What I mean is , against whom are all these gun toting clowns defending themselves ?
    They seem to be creating their own gun owning group to shoot another gun owning group.It’s just self perpetuating.
    It’s not that they’re defending themselves from a gang of desperadoes in the mountains……………( unless you include Bachmann the Nazi in that ).

  12. Eric says


    That guard was eating in his squad car, just next to campus, monitoring a group of students. Even if he had been at the entrance, he would have allowed students into the building.

  13. TonyJazz says

    more bullets and more guns = more deaths

    it’s so simple, yet this fool is incapable of understanding this… nor does he care, while the rest of us must live in FEAR of similar fools….

  14. Eric says


    Also, the “gun-free zone” was not really gun free. Military police, and other armed, on-duty personnel, were allowed to have weapons in that zone.

  15. Ninong says

    Crazy Waynker LaPierre is a tool of the gun manufacturers! Let’s arm those 1st grade teachers because I’m sure they would do better than the armed deputy sheriff who was working at Columbine High School the day of that massacre and even exchanged gunfire with Eric Harris in the school’s parking lot. Within four minutes there were another six armed deputies at Columbine. Harris and Dylan Klebold continued to shoot students for more than 20 minutes before they finally took their own lives. They murdered 12 students and 1 teacher, as well as wounding another 23 students!

    If trained sheriff’s deputies can’t stop a massacre from happening, what makes Crazy Waynker LaPierre think elementary school teachers could do better? Remember when Waynker said following the Aurora theater massacre that if only some of the members of the audience had been packing heat that massacre could have been prevented? Yeah, right! Let’s have a dozen people in the audience all open fire at the same time — in the dark — to take out a shooter who was armed to the teeth and wearing body armor from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. Waynker LaPierre is right about one thing: he’s crazy as a loon!

  16. George says

    You people are trying to start a Witch Hunt against our right to own and have fire arms. You don’t fool anybody with your mob mentality and propaganda. Only fools and slave masters what us to give up our right to have guns. Guns are the last line of defense against mad men and criminals who have guns and will never give up their guns.

  17. Ed Lowrie says

    Interesting fact is that a rehash of the gun ban won’t work because it didn’t work the first time. Another fact is that states with reasonable conceal carry rules have low murder rates while those with strict laws have higher ones. Chicago has very stirct gun laws and the highest murder rate in the country.

    Guards in schools will have a quicker effect than any ban unless the Government decides to confiscate all fire arms – fat chance of that.

    My goodness, we arm Brink’s guards to guard our money – can’t we do the same for our kids now that our society is becomming more violent?

  18. bobbyjoe says

    So these guards are gonna all be carrying assault weapons themselves? ’cause if not, aren’t they gonna be seriously outgunned by a nut who shows up with his own personal assault gun arsenal? Or what if, like Columbine, there’s more than one shooter? So then the guard’s outgunned AND out-numbered? And what about the many campuses that are large enough or spread out enough that one guard isn’t gonna be able to run fast enough to prevent a shooting that’s already taking place? Or what if two shooters are each at a different point on campus? etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

    If we follow LaPierre’s stupid line-of-reasoning, then what happens is we throw billions of dollars into hiring guards for every school. And then there’s another shooting. And then LaPierre holds another press conference saying the problem is we don’t have ENOUGH armed guards in schools. And we can repeat that cycle endlessly until there are more cops than students on every single campus everywhere, or we can tell that corrupt nutbag LaPierre to go take a flyin’ leap.

  19. gr8guyca says

    The key to enacting real gun control is legislative. As long as the NRA can tell Congressmen that they will have a political price to pay for supporting gun control, the NRA will win. I have worked on Capitol Hill and I know that the survival that Congressmen care most about is their own.

    To nullify that requires an equal political price on the other side. A well-funded and well-organized anti-gun lobby needs to tell Congressmen that they will LOSE an election because they vote down gun control. They must know that opposing gun control will bring an end to their elected career.

    I hope that Bloomberg will use his financial resources – which he has said he will do – to create an organization that will balance the influence and clout of the NRA. That will change the Congress and that will save lives. They need to create ads and a political ground force that will mobilize the sensible, rational people into action.

    @ Brad & George:

    I hope that you are being sarcastic or ironic. If not, I truly feel sorry for you. The Sun does not revolve around the Earth. The world did not end according to the Mayan calendar. You can believe any myth that you would like. But if you think that tightening gun ownership rules, eliminating assault weapons, and banning larger bullet clips won’t save lives, you are seriously misguided.

  20. shawnthesheep says

    Why are we pretending like the NRA’s response is a surprise? Do people not remember that they refused to cancel a gun expo in a neighboring city in the aftermath of Columbine? The NRA has been a “shrieking, raging, outlier” for more than two decades. Let’s not pretend they have suddenly become extreme in their pro-gun views. T

  21. Bill says

    @Ninong: What elementary school teachers with a gun will do “better” at is killing the kiddies via gun accidents due to a gun being in each classroom, near children at an age when they are very good at getting into things they should not get into. Maybe they’d be able to save some kids by shooting a lunatic with a gun (assuming they managed to shoot the lunatic first, should he deign to show up), but then you have the continual risk of that gun’s presence resulting in an accident. You might end up losing more children from accidents than from lunatics, due to there being so few of them.

    Regarding Ninong’s comment, “Yeah, right! Let’s have a dozen people in the audience all open fire at the same time — in the dark — to take out a shooter who was armed to the teeth and wearing body armor from the top of his head to the tip of his toes,” it is even worse that that. If the shooter thinks he is going to be killed no matter what, the optimal strategy is to start shooting from the middle of the theater instead of the door. As all the gun nuts heroically stand up and shoot, they won’t notice until it is too late that they’ve been duped into forming the proverbial circular firing squad.

  22. Boone68 says

    As the parent of a first grader, this tragedy has really hit home. I’m not sure that I could survive the loss these parents have experienced. In my mind, there is nothing more tragic than losing a child in such a violent way. However, it’s difficult to imagine armed guards patrolling the hallways at my son’s elementary school, and I highly doubt that that’s what these grieving parents expect or want. The picture of an armed guard carrying military weapons, walking amongst children’s art everywhere is a picture of a truly sick society. The thought of my son’s young, petite, gentle and peaceful first grade teacher packing heat is equally disturbing. Where there are small children and guns, there are shooting accidents. Mixing more guns with more small children will mean MORE shooting accidents. There was a time when the NRA’s mission was about gun safety and hunting rights. I hope this latest lunatic ranting shows them for the evil death facilitators that they have become.

  23. millerbeach says

    This is insanity. This reminds me of an old episode of “All In The Family”, when Archie Bunker goes on the local news to offer a commentary regarding a rash of recent hijacks of airliners. His solution? As nutty as this idiot…arming everyone to the teeth. Sure, it may cause a loon pause, but what if the armed passengers are WORSE shots than the hijacker would be? What about those “dull knives in the drawer”? How would we know that everyone who is now armed would be sane and safe with firearms? I cannot believe someone did not pull this nut aside after Friday’s disgrace, but they really dropped the ball on today’s show. This is unbelievable…if, I guess there is one bright spot, at least LaPierre is consistent in his stupidity…no flip-flopping for him!

  24. Bill Michael says

    The NRA raises a good point. Why wasn’t there security at the school? Why were the doors wide open to anyone who could just walk in? Yes we need security at schools, even if it means a policeman on duty at all times. Can we not afford to pay for policeman and a system of security at our schools?

  25. kode says

    Here in Finland we’ve also had few school and other shootings during the last few years. The guns people get license for here are mainly for hunting, and at the moment the law is that if you have a gun at home you either have to keep it in the locked locker or keep it dismantled around the house. They are probably going to make the laws even tougher in the near future, and make the locked locker mandatory for every gun owner. There’s even been calls to making it illegal to keep guns at home, and you’d be forced to keep all the guns at the hunting clubs you are part of, but this hasn’t gotten lot of support.

    It used to be pretty easy to get a rifle license for shooting but the school shootings have made it really hard. You have to get approval from the police and they are apparently pretty tough on giving licenses nowadays. Couple of years ago a police woman approved a license for a young man who later shot many people, and the police got into trouble for that.

    In my view gun control is big part of making mass shootings as hard as possible, and the views of that NRA guy are quite appalling. The reasons why some young men end up becoming mass murderers are probably quite not that clear but personally I feel that at least some of them are sociopaths, who might end up killing people whether they had guns or not, but at least making it extremely hard for them to get guns would be one obstacle for them.

  26. ARK says

    @ BILL MICHAEL. Your comment is one of the dumbest on here. Do you NOT know how to read? You’re an idiot. Keep quiet and let the adults carry on this conversation.

  27. Jonn.w says

    “Ed Lowrie:Interesting fact is that a rehash of the gun ban won’t work because it didn’t work the first time. Another fact is that states with reasonable conceal carry rules have low murder rates while those with strict laws have higher ones. Chicago has very stirct gun laws and the highest murder rate in the country.”

    The reason individual state gun laws doesn’t work so well is because people find loop-holes around it i.e gun shows and inter-state commerce. Most of guns used to commit murders in urban areas like Newark, NYC, Chicago are purchased from states with very lax gun laws. So in the end it doesn’t matter much if Chicago has very tough gun laws because the bad guys can just drive next door to Kentucky and Indiana and get the guns they need.

    What we need is a federal law with iron teeth that bans assault weapons and gun show loop-holes.

  28. DC Arnold says

    The Not Really American gun nutcases should not be given this exposure. You are allowing the criminally insane a platform to spout such nonesense. Glad I stole from them when I was a hired membership processor.

  29. Jerry6 says

    I wonder what the gentleman would have said if his daughter had been one of the teachers, or his grandchild had been one of the students killed. I think the same questions could be asked of every Senator and Representative in Washington.

  30. Joe says

    if any type of disaster happens that causes mass rioting and chaos. you’re damn right i want to be armed to the teeth. Sit back and lets the masses come and take from you what they want without a fight.

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