NY Mets Pitcher Noah Syndergaard Apologizes, Calls ‘Fag’ Slur a ‘Little Mishap’

SynergaardNewly-acquired New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard, whose anti-gay tweet was revealed by the New York Daily News, apologized Tuesday at a press conference call organized by the Mets to introduce him.

Said Syndergaard:

“I had a little mishap on Twitter about a month ago, and it was just brought to my attention this morning. I’d just like to apologize for anything that was said. A buddy and I were having a little conversation. I had a poor attempt at humor and an even worse attempt at using a term I shouldn’t have used. I hope I didn’t offend anybody. I’m really sorry my first introduction to being a New York Met had to be like this.”

No word yet from MLB or the Mets on discipline for the pitcher.


  1. says

    He wears a cross. He probably supports the Westboro baptist church or the pope or Santorum. He will use that slur again since he thinks it is a minor mishap, not major evidence of his prejudice.

  2. Icebloo says

    He’s just another dumb, over-paid & over-privileged sports brat who would be selling drugs on the streets if he hadn’t had a lucky break and got into sports.

    99% of these sports “stars” are dumb as dirt and most of them will be bankrupt within a couple of years of leaving the sport because they are not smart enough to handle their money.

  3. Caliban says

    Durrrrrrrrrrr. He said it and he meant it, but he by-god won’t say it again. That’s the best we’re going to get out of it. Slowly but surely even the jock @ssholes (and I’m not saying all jocks are that) are getting the message that those words don’t fly anymore.

    It would really be nice if one of these pricks would learn how to issue an apology though. Just say “I was wrong” and don’t makes excuses.

  4. Rick Moore says

    It’s amazing when people use this slur and then say,”sorry if I offended “ANYBODY”. Here’s questions for snydergaard…how many times a day does he use the N-word? Is that OK? That’s also
    just a “word”.

  5. says

    personally, i’m a fan of this line:

    “…and an even worse attempt at using a term I shouldn’t have used.”

    that makes no sense. you didn’t attempt using the term; you ACTUALLY used it.

    sigh. moving on.

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