1. Jeff says

    How about better mental health intervention and social support for mentally ill people? This gun ban crap is just a distraction from the real issue, which is hard, longterm and will cost us.

  2. Tony says

    Their needs to be a petition to stop psychiatry from drugging people who then get guns and kill other people and themselves. Some of the psychotropic drugs have a black box waring on them that say they can kill. The Government made them put that on there. Stop these drugs and psychiatrist from selling their poison that makes people go crazy and kill people.

  3. says

    only mentally unstable people continue to give excuses to justify the “right” to own semi-automatic weapons.

    yes. we need far more thorough psychiatric and psychological evaluations. starting with the nutbags who feel some bats**t crazy need to collect guns.

  4. Moz's says

    BS jeff

    banning high capacity magazines ala the Clinton passed automatic weapons ban, which limited magazines to no more than 10 shots, worked. While in affect the # of gun deaths in america dropped tremendously. It was not renewed under bush and gun related deaths have skyrocketed

    reality, history, and facts have a liberal bias

    The 2nd amendment specifically speaks of being in relation to state militas = modern day police, sherrifs, and state military guard which each state has.

    Barring a “strict” state militia reading of the 1nd amendment, the founders could never have conceived of our weapons. They were talking about muskets that took up to 3 minutes to load 1 shot, not a weapon that can fire 60 shots in 1 minute which they would have considered the weapons of a god or a witch

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