1. Dback says

    Sounds like she got a listen to the messages from Anonymous–her rhetoric is definitely even more amped-up than usual.

    Let ’em spew, and let people see what kind of scum they are. And if a group of angels can do a Romaine Patterson on them the day of the funeral, so much the better.

  2. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    By all means, interview them, record it, let them say what they want, but hold airing it until after all of the funerals are over.

    Then destroy the recording without airing it.

  3. funinsnow says

    Don’t always agree with David Pakman but he is right on this 1. It’s free speech right to protest within a distance but nontopic now. David Pakman is politically safe on topics such as homosexuality. It would be nice if David Pakman were to do a politically incorrect show such as DRUGS ARE GAY, the true story of METHEW Wayne Shepard.

    METHEW Wayne Shepard was a drug junky who mixed Ecstasy with antidepressants. METHEW Wayne Shepard used to cut in line in front of others including retirees while shopping. METHEW Wayne Shepard once falsely accused a man of crime the man didn’t do-happened in August 1998, 2 months before he was killed. METHEW Wayne Shepard was described by many including friends as moody, obnoxious & selfish but after he was killed, ‘queero worship’ over him. Excuses Judy Toilet Shepard has made of METHEW Wayne Shepard is his depression, drug junkyism & other things. It would be nice change if David Pakman discussed these truths about who METHEW Wayne Shepard was.

  4. Gareth says

    I find her loathsome opinions much easier to tolerate when they’re accompanied by voice-recognition-generated subtitles. Seriously, watch this again, lower the volume and read the automated transcript instead. It’s bordering on surreal genius.

  5. antb says

    Funinsnow: nothing better to do than malign the dead? when are you going to tell us how the first graders in CT deserved what they got?

  6. Jayson says

    When these people stand before their maker, and he tells them what low scum they are, will be a day to rejoice.

  7. Caliban says

    I think he’s wrong to do this. You don’t negotiate with (basically) terrorists, try to placate them. Let them do their thing then let them suffer the consequences of their words and actions. I’d give them a bit of police protection at the protest itself, but tell them that before and after they’re on their own.

  8. funinsnow says

    ANTB, I’m not a Christian & what happened to the CT kids was mass murder & evil. But METHEW Wayne Shepard’s a drug junky who mixed Ecstasy with antidepressants.METHEW Wayne Shepard chose University of Wyoming out of all the colleges he could get into but then insulted the college & Laramie. METHEW Wayne Shepard had the rude habit of cutting in line in front of others while shopping including in front of handicapped. METHEW Wayne Shepard in August 1998 2 months before his killing falsely accused a man of a crime that the man didn’t do. & before his October 1998 killing, METHEW Wayne Shepard was described by many including friends as moody, obnoxious, rude & selfish. Excuses made by Judy Shepard is that METHEW Wayne Shepard had depression, drugs & alcohol.

    It would be nice if David Pakman would talk about these ugly truths of METHEW Wayne Shepard. DRUGS ARE GAY like METHEW Wayne Shepard. Gay/lesbian sexual behaviors are comparable to drug junkyism & gay/lesbian sexual behaviors are toilet activities. Transexuals are worse & they should make it a crime to do sex changes. What I say is truth just as it’s truth that Judy Shepard also farts & shits like every1 else.

  9. Marc says

    WBC, it’s now quite clear, is incapable of rational discussion about anything because they simply don’t value reason. I appreciate David’s trying to help prevent their presence in front of grieving friends and family, however. He is an incredible man. I also completely agree with his reason to call the whole thing off. If they were to dare step foot anywhere near the funerals, it appears a whole host of good-hearted people would step up and make their presence, effectively, zero.