1. Randy says

    I wish Obama had spent less time on his god (who couldn’t be bothered to save children) and more time on being clear about what he’s actually willing to propose.

    One other speaker bothered me. If I heard right, one I will not name actually advised not mourning the dead, because it might bother them up in heaven. Please tell me I misheard that.

    Last, why were there no humanist or atheist speakers? About 1 in 5 people in Connecticut are nonreligious. Who spoke for them tonight? Just another round of exclusion, in a time of pain.

  2. melvin says

    @Randy – I say this as an atheist. It was an interfaith service, billed as such. So what do you expect a man of faith himself to say at an interfaith service? The community includes many Catholics and many Jews and I assume a number of Protestants as well.

  3. George says

    I remember having to sit through an hour-long memorial service for my grandfather and struggling to get through it. Powerful and inspiring, but long. I wonder how any of the victims’ families could get through this…

  4. jamal49 says

    One wishes, though, that just once someone would tell God to go to hell, to get lost, to go f*ck Him/Herself. Begone. We’ve had enough You.

  5. melvin says

    Well, I;m never going through a full tilt Catholic wedding again, mass and all, that’s for sure. Unless maybe it’s on ice and there is a free bar.

  6. Bill Perdue says

    When will he fell sorry for all the children his policies murdered in Palestine, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    In terms of gun control the first step and most obvious step is to disarm the police and the military.

    Police – federal, state, including the national guard and local – should be forbidden to carry or use guns, tasers and other potentially lethal weapons.

    The US military, the world’s largest and most lethal terrorist organization, should be brought back to the continental US, disarmed and discharged. Mercenaries in the employ of US companies should be disarmed, withdrawn to the continental US, arrested and prosecuted as gangsters.

  7. says

    Randy, get off of it. If policing the President’s speeches, looking for non-mentions of atheism, is the only thing you have time for during this time of national morning, then you have way too much time on your hands. You need to find a hobby.


    It was a wonderful speech. President Obama knows how to bring people together and I’m pleased to have a president who really cares about his people. He’s a genuine man, and I love him for it.

  8. melvin says

    Obama’s oratorical power is remarkable. Listen again. His own words flow into and out of a lengthy quote from 2nd Corinthians so fluidly and seamlessly that you don’t notice where the quotation begins or ends. Then on to a bit of wry commentary on kids that actually gets a laugh, in that venue and time. Try this, it ain’t that easy.

  9. Bob says

    JUST EXACTLY what you would want to hear from a President on this sad occasion.
    He opened the door for us to consider solutions, but avoided politics and controversy when addressing the parents of dead little kids.

  10. john says

    Religion has nothing to do with any of this. Guns are a human invention and hate is a human emotion. Many people or presidents or persons writing the laws before Obama have held onto this ridiculous notion that guns are some kind of right. I argue with people about this all the t
    ime. Ok if it were a knife the death toll would be considerably less but there still would be casualties. However our youth have been desensitized to see guns as a normal part of our exsistence. It is not. Will it ever change? Sadly I believe not. And sadly the suburbs of suburban Sydney are heading the same way.

  11. Disgusted American says

    No#1 – STOP selling Assault Rifles to citizens!
    no#2 – STOP selling Bullet magazines that can shoot 100 rounds a minute!!!!

  12. gwynethcornrow says

    It’s not petty to point out how permeated his speech is with religious views. Frankly, this has no place in the speech of a secular leader. I am totally on board with Jamal and Randy and Bill. That said, I hope this is the prelude to stricter gun control laws and better public mental health services.

  13. gwynethcornrow says

    It’s not petty to point out how permeated his speech is with religious views. Frankly, this has no place in the speech of a secular leader. I am totally on board with Jamal and Randy and Bill. That said, I hope this is the prelude to stricter gun control laws and better public mental health services.

  14. ratbastard says

    I hope ALL automatic firearms are banned, in ALL states.

    I hope authorities come up with a better way of doing background checks on people applying for a gun license and when buying firearms at the point of sale. CONTRARY to popular belief, ESPECIALLY among non-Americans, we already have VERY EXTENSIVE ‘Gun Control’ laws in the U.S. The U.S. is not a geographically small/tiny Euro-style country. No one single European country [minus Russia if you include Russia] is really comparable to the U.S. The UK for example, is geographically [about the size of Oregon] TINY and an Island by comparison to the continental sized U.S. The U.S. unlike ALL western Euro countries with dense populations has VAST rural stretches. Even with 320 million people, we’re relatively under-populated. The reasons for a society and culture to have developed where people own firearms is pretty obvious here in the U.S. And it’s logistically a nightmare to attempt to ban or control any item [firearms included] in such a vast country where smuggling, selling and buying contraband of any kind is not that hard, even with all the laws on the book we already have.

    We’ve always had widespread firearm ownership in America and it was rarely a big issue or problem until fairly recent modern history, like the past 40-50 odd years [since the 60s]; why? There are other countries where firearm ownership is very widespread such as Switzerland and Israel where they don’t have the same demands to ban them and where they don’t have nearly the same proportion of social and criminal problems associated with them; why?

  15. MaryM says

    What a disaster the 2nd Amendment has turned out to be?

    Are we even allowed to say ‘gun control’ any more.

    Until gun ownership is strictly limited this type of tragedy will keep happening.

    (Unless of course Americans are naturally more violent that all other nationalities which might explain the ludicrously high murder rate in the US.)

  16. ratbastard says

    The President is of course a shill and is acting 99% of the time when he does his public performances. ALL our ‘Leaders’ are brought and sold by high powered special interests who mostly don’t have the best interests of the vast majority of citizens/people. Men and women who reach the level of a president, CEO, etc., are by their nature primarily non-ideological and purely self interested. It’s all about personal power and wealth accumulation, ideologies are only used as an end to a means. And just because he/she has a some superficial similarity to you [the same skin tone, same ‘ethnicity’, same sexual orientation, same gender,etc.,] doesn’t automatically mean you’ve made some binding connection to them. You are only deluding yourself if you think this. And I’m continuously fascinated by how many otherwise perfectly intelligent and rational people fall for it.

  17. ratbastard says


    You are of course free to leave the U.S and live elsewhere, assuming you’re an American and/or living in the U.S.

    The U.S. has evolved into the most immigrant accepting, diverse and multicultural country in the western world, actually probably the whole world, with only a handful of comparable nations such as Canada, Australia, Brazil. Notice these ‘Multicultural’ countries are all western and ‘white’ European founded and created. None are Asian or African. Asians and Africans DO NOT celebrate diversity, especially Asians. That so many people fro all over the planet wanted to come to the U.S. and still want to come here is very impressive and says a lot. That the U.S. is still the preeminent nation on Earth when people think of escaping to freedom, in regards to personal freedoms, and hope for the future, is impressive. Actions speak much louder than words.

    The U.S. IS NOT similar to a small Euro-style state that so many ‘Progressives’ crave. Our geographical size and diversity outclasses them all. Our population as a single nation state is far larger and more diverse than any single social democratic Euro nation state. Deal with it, Mary.

  18. MaryM says

    Why are murder weapons so easy to buy in the US Ratbastard?

    200 years ago the 2nd amendment made sense.

    In 2012 what possible sense does it make to have a constitutionally protected right to carry murder weapons?

    Our 2nd Amendment is a disaster and an embarrassment.

  19. andrew says

    In this sad moment in our nation’s history, I see so much of the same hate and negativity that has become synonomous with Towleroad. The self centeredness, negativity and narrow mindedness that is obvious in so many of the posts on this site is so so sad. Does this site represent LGBT America. I hope not!

  20. ratbastard says


    I realize how much you love those burly law enforcement and police officers, but they can’t be everywhere when crime occurs, in fact in the vast majority of murders, rapes, etc., they’re not around. Firearms are the great equalizer, Mary; they allow a petite woman to stand up to a rapist, for example.

    People also hunt, Mary. Many people in the U.S. live or hang out in rural areas where guess what, Mary? People traditionally hunt. And they use ‘Murder Weapons’, Mary. The Native Americans use ‘Murder Weapons’, Mary. They also use them for pest control and as protection from wild animals, which may not be much of a problem in small, densely populated and urbanized Euroland, but is in North America. No doubt you’re a Vegan or some such thing, Mary, most humans aren’t. Deal with it.

    You obviously have a morbid fear and loathing of ‘Scary’ firearms [sorry, ‘Murder Weapons’], Mary. That’s you; many other people just see them as a tool, like a hammer, power drill, machete, etc.,

  21. MaryM says

    But you do accept Ratbastard that because of our constitutionally protected ‘right’ to own murder weapons that we have far higher rates of violent crime than Europe; Canada; Australia; Brazil; South America?

    The 2nd Amendment is a piece of crap written for a different era.

    The NRA is a terrorist organisation – you do accept that don’t you Ratty?

  22. AJ says

    I have seen a lot of horrible, insensitive stuff posted all weekend about this, most of it in the name of Xtianity. The media is solely to blame for this. Gun control won’t do anything. In fact, there was a mass murder of school children in China recently where the person used knives. What’s next? Knife control? We have to stop paying so much attention to the people who perpetrate this nonsense. They keep trying to outdo each other. One more sad, mentally ill person decided to go out with a bang, and the media rushes to RANK the killers. It makes me sick.

  23. ratbastard says

    No, Mary. Brazil and South America? Are you on drugs, Mary?

    As for ‘crime’ in general, U.S. levels are comparable to Canada and in fact lower some comparable western nations. Our rate of so-called mass shootings is actually comparable to the EU as a whole, and in fact similar acts of mass violence are not unusual in other parts of the world like China or even Japan.

    Mary, on a yearly basis, where do most murders within the U.S. statistically occur? Small CT towns? No Mary, it’s in fact VERY rare to occur in places like Newtown. By far most violent crime and murders where ‘Murder Weapons’ are used occur in a few urban areas, involve young men, gangs, broken families, and drug trafficking or hustling of some kind. In fact, it’s so regular and commonplace in these areas that few any longer pay attention. But people perk up when it occurs in Newtown, CT. What do we as a society, Mary, do about our perniciously intransigent uber high violent crime rate in our urban areas? Mo’ money? It’s been an epidemic for the past 40-50 years, Mary. The only reason it’s been like this for so long, and is tacitly accepted, is because it rarely involves our elite classes, their children and grandchildren. It rarely involves or affects even our so-called middle class of all ‘races’. It affects primarily ‘poor’ people of all ‘races’. What are we going to do, Mary?

  24. john says

    Guns are a worldwide not just an American dilemma. What can be done? The planet is gun happy. The. fact toys are sold in any shape or form of a gun is beyond belief. And these games. So violent. Someone I work with showed me images of his garage and it is a room full of weaponry. I was dumbfounded. What do I do? Risk my life or my families? As I said Sydney is not far behind…every other day another shooting. What can be done?

  25. MaryM says

    Gun control is desperately needed in the US.

    The 2nd Amendment is a license to own any type of murder weapon when there is no justification for the VAST majority of people to own a murder weapon.

    Tragedies like this keep happening – and ever more frequently.

    Gun control is essential.

  26. MaryM says

    “England and Wales: 6.2 firearms for every 100 people. In 2011: 41 homicides by firearm – 0.07 per 100,000 population. 6.6% of all homicides are by firearm.

    US: 88.8 firearms for every 100 people
    2011: 9,146 homicides by firearm – 2.97 per 100,000 population. 60% of all homicides are by firearm.
    Source: UNODC”

    Effectively this says that the US has a murder rate 42 times greater than that in Britain.

    Now either we Americans are naturally more violent and murderous than British people; or our lack of gun control is to blame (people in Britain watch the same movies, play the same video games as is after all).

  27. Diogenes Arktos says

    atheists: You may be pleased to hear that the Religious Right is fuming about the interfaith service for not having enough mentions of “Jesus”. I personally have no problem with a service of this sort referencing “God” rather than “Jesus”. I also have no problem with an atheist speaking, but we aren’t there yet as a society. (If you’re lucky, we’re only as far as Unitarians.)

    BTW – At the 9/11 interfaith service in (whose?) stadium, a Missouri Synod (=conservative) Lutheran pastor was charged with heresy for not “praying in Jesus’ name”. Thankfully (but surprisingly) he was acquitted.

    gun contol: many do not deal with the present reality of a surfeit of weapons.

    It’s interesting that marriage equality “fails” when the discussion is rights, but anti-gun control “succeeds” with the discussion of rights.