Same-Sex Couples Begin Marrying In Washington State


It’s a big wedding day for Washington State, where at 12:04 am Sarah and Emily Cofer became the state’s first same-sex couple to be officially, legally tie the knot. Jesse Page and Brendan Taga soon followed at the King County Court House. Presiding Judge Mary Yu said she had seven such weddings scheduled between midnight and 7:30am.

“This is what courts are supposed to do, respond to the needs of our community,” she told USA Today. Bailiff Takao Yamada added, “We’ll sleep later.”

The other two states that legalized marriage equality during November’s election, Maine and Maryland, will allow same-sex couples to marry on December 29th and January 1, respectively. 


[Images via Seattle PI]


  1. says

    Congrats, that’s beautiful!

    What’s NOT so beautiful is the ever declining grammatical quality of TOWLEROAD’s articles. I’m looking forward to not only the return of spell check, but also the return of proofreading. Please?

  2. jamal49 says

    To all those wonderful couples in Washington State who now can legally marry, I wish you much happiness and lives filled with love, happiness and the best of times.

    @EL I am a typographer by trade and I work as a proofreader as an adjunct to my profession. Let me tell you how frustrating it is to come to Towleroad and see the egregious spelling and/or grammatical errors that are now almost a daily occurrence.

    I enjoy Towleroad very much and I am grateful that Andy & Company do such a great job on a daily basis, not only keeping us informed of issues important to the LGBT community, but providing a forum–contentious as it is at times–to speak our minds with few restrictions.

    I respect that much of Towleroad is done on the fly, posting hourly updates, staying current with breaking news, etc., but still! Those typos! YIKES!

  3. says

    @JAMAL49 I enjoy Towleroad very much, and I am grateful for the team’s work as well. I also realize that time is an issue in the news field. But even once an item is posted, it shouldn’t hurt the author to read it over once more in order to see what we see, and make the necessary adjustments.

    Thank you for agreeing with me about the increase in typos. I know that I can be a nitpicker at times, but now I also know I’m not imagining the nits I’m picking. I wonder as much WHY this is happening, as I do about if the team is even aware of THAT it’s happening. Nasty nits!

    Hooray for marriage equality though! :)

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