1. Steve says

    All he is saying is that the US shouldn’t always blindly support Israel and that they sometimes do sh1tty things to the Palestinians. Like their stupid buildup of unnecessary settlements. He is absolutely correct about that part, no matter his other comments. That he is getting crucified over that just reflects badly on the TeaTaliban.

  2. Jim says

    I don’t know anything about this guy. I intentionally stay out of the media’s influence. If it is true that in 1998 he said one negative and incorrect thing a gay man, and he has not had any other incidents of homophobia, then let it go. In 1998, there was more antimosity against GLBT people. If what he says it true, that he understands GLBT issues better, then isn’t that what we want? Even most GLBT can say the same thing about their evalution to understanding themselves and the issues better. How may of us have believed in or said in 1998 that we regret today? If he’s not right for the job, fine. Don’t use this miniscule episode to demonize him.

  3. Bogdan says

    Lieberman is concerned not *just* about Israel, but *also* Iran. Got that? As if these are two distinct issues in his yiddische kopf.

    But I can see why Towleroad (or rather Andrew Belonsky) posts this here. Doesn’t Chuck Hagel care about all those hott Israeli soldiers who can dance to “Call me, maybe”? Itz a gay issue, I tells ya!

  4. andrew says

    While Israel is our most important ally/client state in the Middle East, Hagel doesn’t believe that we should kowtow to every position of the right wing Israeli government.

  5. MichaelJ says

    This nomination isn’t going to fly and not because of what Hagel said about Hormel years ago (which I personally would be willing to forgive if he demonstrates his support of gays and lesbians serving in the military). Hagel is a Republican who did not toe the party line on the Bush II’s foreign policy, and in the last election he endorsed several Democratic candidates, including Bob Kerry for the open Senate seat in his home state of Nebraska. He will be as popular among Republicans as a Lieberman nomination would be among Democrats.

  6. andrew says

    If Obama nominates the wounded Vietnam War Veteran Chuck Hagel it will be to serve as Sec of Defense of the United States not Israel or any other foreign power.

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