1. Dan Cobb says

    Moving? How about disgusgting? I’m sick of people not DOING anything about the periodic massacre of Americans (including kindergartners)…

    UGH! People! We have laws that permit seriously disturbed individuals to buy assault rifles, and we’re all standing around weepy-eyed and passive?? The only REAL tribute to those dead children would be the repeal of the second amendment. Show them that we really care about what happened to them, rather than reveling in this self pity… and the excitement of eventfulness!

  2. Grench says

    There is one way to end the vast majority of gun violence in this country. Other nation’s have figured it out. But we can’t seem to take the necessary steps–the gun fetishists always win. A nation that allows children to die is not a great nation.

  3. Chadd says

    @Dan Cobb: I know you are angry, we are all angry, but what do you think these entertainers can do about it? They are doing the only thing they can do which is pay tribute. They are not politicians and they are not the NRA, so it is not fair to call their heartfelt song disgusting. I think it is a good thing that they are focusing on the names of those lost and continuing to humanize this tragedy, because only when we see the victims as real people will we have a real discussion about gun violence.

  4. unruly says

    You say “pay tribute” while I say “exploit a tragedy for a commercial program.” The showrunner probably just went: Hey, we’re a song show. Let’s do a song to get us some good PR.

    Actually, since this is a Mark Burnett show, I know that’s exactly what happened. Anything for buck with that guy.

  5. James says

    Opinionated: That was brilliant. I also enjoy holding up a mirror up to people who complain or otherwise take everything down. Be the change you want to see. Start with your choice of responses. Simple.

  6. Tom says

    I would be touched if I was a family member or parent. It would make me feel that my pain and suffering is shared and recognized. Bravo to SNL and The Voice for paying tribute!

  7. Trent says

    @BEAHBEAH, You’re quite right. Reminds me of the surprise last year that this song was voted best Christmas song in Britain last year. Hardly.

    As for the tribute, holding a sign that said “Control Guns Now!” or “Stop the NRA” would have been more effective than this, as nice as it was. People need to take a stance, and it could have started here.

    To quote Neil Macdonald: “The American audience is a giant emotional sponge looking for distraction from its collective gun craziness, and the media obliges, broadcasting endless montages of victims, with sombre, hymnal piano music playing underneath.” What the country really needs is action.

  8. Marc says

    Here’s an idea: People can pay tribute through song AND contact their local representative with ideas of how to handle this politically. I don’t know why certain people on this thread seem to think we have to pick one or the other.

    And sure, some may see this as exploitation and trying to make money off of tragedy by gaining publicity. That’s the nature of tv, though. Shows require advertisement. News even requires advertisement. (Well, not PBS, right?) At the end of the day, everyone wants people to advertise during their show so they can make money. That doesn’t mean people honestly don’t feel for the victims. It doesn’t mean they have no heart and are ONLY in it for the money. I’m sure they truly feel it AND they know it would do well for their brand name and ratings. That’s the nature of the beast. Until people aren’t selling advertising, this will always be a factor. We can’t fault them for that, can we? It’s their job.

  9. says

    I’ll agree with “exploitative” up to a point, and agree that this was an odd song choice for it – also up to a point. It’s exploitative when you consider the source, a crap show run by one of the biggest frauds in production, but it is FAR less exploitative than what the entire nation is doing using these childrens’ horrific deaths to scapegoat their way into destroying the Second Amendment. Go ahead and ban guns – I guarantee you the next wack job seeking attention will be driving a truck full of chemical fertilizer….
    **waiting to see if any of you get that** what will you do then? Ban chemical companies because they made the instrument of destruction?
    One of the greatest lessons of history is that humans will always seek the easy way out of trying situations. They will always seek a scapegoat for their own failings. For it is far preferable to create a scapegoat than to be seen as stupid, fearful, or foolish – or worse yet, all three.

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