1. says

    No no no! No Andy obsession – Tom Daly is a gay obsession! So incredibly cute and handsome and sexy. Tom has such a fun and – can I say it? – “gay” personality packaged in with a great face and body. Rare qualities and one we all enjoy seeing. Merry Christmas to Tom Daly!

  2. Caliban says

    “What in the world is he trying to convey with the expression in the first picture?”

    My guess is he just sat on a candy cane. A large one.

    Eh. Daley isn’t the type of man I’m attracted to but plenty of others like him and he seems to enjoy the attention or he wouldn’t pose for pics like these, so what’s the harm?

  3. Jason V. says

    I don’t care if he’s of legal age, this feels like some creepy form of child porn.And yes, I know I’m here commenting, so no need for the “If you don’t like it then why are you looking at it?” questions. I’m here to engage in conversation. And another thing: Isn’t he straight? Where the cute gay guys?

  4. Jim says

    Just looking at him, as well as Matthew Mitcham, makes me smile. He’s got it, he flaunts it, why not? He’s over 18, he can do what he wants, and I’m grateful.

  5. ty says

    I love the bitchy comments on here, there is always a real zinger waiting regardless of how innocuous the post. The fact that Tom is out and proud is sexy enough (for someone younger)

  6. tad says

    What is wrong with his skin? There are millions of little bumps all over his chest and belly. Like a furry old bear who waxed himself into a tight little ball of ingrown hairs.

  7. Hunter says

    Especially in this day and age I’m so over closeted gay guys who claim they are straight. Miss Daley claiming he’s straight is beyond ridiculous.
    He is so clearly gay you’d have to be completely clueless not to realize Tom is a homosexual. Just come out Tom, no one (of any significance) cares anymore! You’ll be glad you did.

  8. Capt. Obvious says

    Can’t we all just be glad that an attractive gay man was able to compete in the Olympics and become a successful icon, regardless if he is to your liking or not?

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