Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1264

TURKEY: Security camera captures collapse of pedestrian walkway in Corum, Turkey.

ONE DIRECTION: A preview of Barbara Walters' "most fascinating".

ADAM LAMBERT: On his Divas Live hosting gig, and the fact he'll be singing a Madonna tune.

BENT-CON: Third Rail Media reports from the largest LGBTQ comic book convention.

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  1. Dumb says

    Adam really doesn’t do anything but perpetuate the sterotypes about gays, especially by singing a Madonna song. And it’s disrespectful to Cyndi considering Cyndi just sang with him. At least Cyndi was nice enough to duet with him, something Madonna never would have done.

  2. SC David says

    I’m not into comics, but that Bent-Con thing looked really fun!

    I’m imagining what superpowers the regular commenters on TowleRoad would have. Who wants to be GlitterBoy…he can dazzle enemies but his mortal weakness is hot guys?

  3. M. Scott Hernandez says

    I muted the interview I did not need to hear a word. I enjoyed the eye candy in silence. Babs, you are a bore that picks the “most unfascinating” group every year. “Yes, you are pretty. Feel better now?”

  4. says

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