Ugandan Tabloid Prints Photo of Football Chief ‘Sodomizing’ Player


As parliament mulls the so-called "kill the gays" bill, a Ugandan tabloid has amped up the moral outrage against gays by printing a series of photos of the head of the Ugandan Cranes football team allegedly "sodomizing" a player, Gay Star News reports:

The photos detailed the alleged sexual acts with captions designed to outrage the country’s conservative population: ‘MASTER AT WORK: Mubiru nails the boys butt’, ‘shafting’ and ‘hurting the boy’, to finally ‘END GAME: The boy struggles to stand up after the bum shattering session.’

The alleged ‘young player’ was not identified nor could the validity of the pictures be ascertained.

No statement has been issued by the Crane’s football team at the time of publishing this story.

Speaking with Gay Star News, Denis Nizoka, editor of Identity Kenya said: ‘This was clearly designed to provoke a moral outrage about what is seen as a bastion of male sportsmanship – the country’s top football team.'

This is the same tabloid which in 2006 published a list of names of alleged homosexuals.


  1. Fenrox says

    It’s strange who obsessed this paper is with gay sex. All the pastors and loudest supporters of the bill are all very passionate about the actual sex between dudes. Sooooo straaannnnge.

  2. simon says

    The player is supposed to be an adult. Perhaps it will be OK if it were house speaker Ms Rebecca Kadaga in the photo. May be it is more acceptable if she is on top.

  3. OP says

    There’s no doubting the titillation that is intended in the language and the image. The relish with which the journalist writes those words is evident. You can almost feel his stiffy.

  4. Ryan says

    Uganda:Salem::”Gay people”:”Witches”

    I use quotation marks because we don’t know any more whether those people the magazine is ‘outing’ are gay, just like the crazy loons of Salem didn’t know if the women they hung in the dozens were the fictional characters known as ‘witches.’

    The only thing that’s clear is that the end result is the same, just like puritanical assholes wanted to kill a bunch of innocent women in Salem years ago, now a bunch of similarly idiotic disgraces of the human race, who just so happen to hold power in Uganda, want to kill innocent men who may or may not be gay. And just like in Salem, you’ll have plenty of false accusations directed at the ‘innocent’ (not that any of us gay people are ‘guilty’ for being gay), simply as a convenient way to hurt someone.

    It also reminds me of a historical account I was reading about not too long ago that took place in Alexandria, Egypt, at around 400AD. There was a brilliant woman named Hypatia who rose to the highest ranks simply because she was brilliant, leading one of the universities in the city known for its smarts, in a time when women didn’t lead much of anything.

    She was pagan and of Greek origin, not that it should have mattered, but Christians had just emerged in the city and called her — and the scientific instruments she used — a witch.

    The “bishop,” in the ultimate power play, festered up masses of people in the thousands to riot across the city and hunt her down. They literally filleted her, then tore apart her limbs, just for emphasis. Because she was a woman who could, you know, read and write, and stuff.

    This ‘kill the gays’ thing feels so similar to me. It’s a bunch of religious lunatics stoking up the masses through hate, trying to say that all the bad stuff going on is this other group’s fault, basically calling us ‘witches,’ and saying that if we were just all hunted down and executed, things would get better. It’s crazy.

    We must resist it, using every tool of international diplomacy at our disposal. If Uganda goes through this, Obama must — MUST — withdraw all our diplomatic ties, cut off all support and leverage the worst kind of sanctions, until Uganda stops.

    I also sincerely hope any gay people in Uganda get out — now — while they can. Staying may seem braver, but they can’t help defeat the bigotry if the government starts ‘disappearing’ them once the bill is passed, which seems likely.

  5. Walt NYC says

    “The boy” doesn’t look like he is hurting at all. As a matter of fact, he looks like he is pretty bored with the whole thing. Which leads me to believe that there is something inherently boring, certainly not painful anal sex, going on in the picture.

  6. gb says

    Two adult males are dining and talking at a public establishment, they are each enjoying the others company immensely. Every now and then both men would lay their hand on top of the others hand and their looks at each other showed true love for one another. These shows of affection seemed to aggravate the other patrons to no end. Upon the two men’s departure they were set-upon by the angry patrons who had witnessed them dining. Before anything could be said the crowd had attacked and beaten the two to death while calling them all kinds of vile homophobic names. The crowd seemed very pleased with themselves.
    It was later learned that the two men were a father and his son who had been away to University for the past two years and was in town for 1 day only before heading back to school.
    The above incident is my imagination, however it could happen anywhere homophobic
    Hate is tolerated. If Uganda passes this “Kill the Gays” bill, Uganda will surely create a monster of such proportions that in the end will not only kill the intended victims but also it’s own creators.
    Hate is a act that knows no bounds, has no loyalties,respects no man,has no limitations and is always lusting for more. Hate has withstood the test of time and still survives unto this day. However there is one act that is stronger than Hate, this act is instilled within everyone of us, it is the Act of Love. For Love knows no bounds, has no loyalties,respects no man,has no limitations and is always lusting for more. Love too has withstood the test of time and still survives unto this day, the only difference is Love is harder to set free, but when it is, Love conquers all!

  7. indorri says

    GB, I disagree with you that this is a mere act of hate. It is, moreso, irrational and malicious. I hate those who intend to enact this bill, and I hate those who seek to rile up public sentiment. Such hate is not necessarily destructive in that it opposes those who seek to destroy others for no reason than religious or “ick” factors and demean themselves to authoritarian ideologies and methods to carry it out. What hate is, is dangerous. And I believe it is high time that given the extreme danger gay men, women and children face in Uganda, the Middle East and other countries courting poisoned morality, that we engage in dangerous tactics. Official government sanctions are not enough.

  8. DC Arnold says

    Perhaps I fail to appreciate the tabloid’s irony. Are they a tool of the government or pornographers? This country is hellbent on destruction from within and I truly hope anyone with ties and means to assist the LBGT community there (small though it may be)to rescue those they can in the name of human decency.

  9. mmike1969 says

    Is it just me or do these paranoid and homophobic people in this backwards and ignorant place called Uganda have this awkward obsession with gay sex?

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    As Little Kiwi would point out, this bill is sheer distraction from Uganda’s real problems. This bill has an intended consequence of stifling dissent, because it is too easy to charge someone with being gay. This bill specifically legislates that being gay is a choice. As more distraction, one justification for the bill plays the child card: adult gay males (from the decadent west) are flooding the country to recruit young boys into being gay by molesting them.

    @Andrew: No. 2003.

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