Vatican-Allied Historian Compares Marriage Equality To Communism

CommunistposterThe Vatican really knows how to make good use of hyperbole, what with their constant warnings that LGBT equality will destroy society, devalues humanity and invites God’s wrath.

The latest example of such histrionics can be found in the Vatican’s semi-official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano.

As the Washington Post points out, Vatican historian Lucetta Scaraffia penned a piece this week that claims those fighting for equality are simply charlatans who, like communists, want to dupe an adoring public into following them on a death march.

Historian Lucetta Scaraffia compared proponents of gay marriage, with their championing of “marriage equality,” to 20th-century communists who wooed millions with their promise of perfect social and economical equality.

In her L’Osservatore Romano article, Scaraffia echoed and developed Benedict’s argument [offends human truth]. To equate a traditional marriage between a man and a woman with a union between homosexuals amounts to a “negation of truth,” which would undermine “one of the basic structures of human society, family,” she wrote.

In the long run, she concluded, societies will end up paying “a very high price” for destroying family, “as it happened in the past with the attempts to create a complete social and economical equality.”

Man, I never ever thought our opponents would figure out our plan, but there it is, in black and white. The jig is up…


  1. says

    Like Frank, I have to take my parents to Catholic mass on Christmas. I will not donate to that parish in the collection basket ever again. I feel like taking money out of the collection basket instead.

  2. says

    “Negation of truth”……it’s such a bull$hit phrase.
    It sounds as if could mean something ; then you realise it is just another pompous word catchy piece of garbage.
    Dressing up their hateful bile in pretentious language will not save Benedict/Ratzinger from the condemnation of being among the last of the myopic racist sexist homophobes….who were too small and insular and sexually repressed to really give a $hit about their “flock”.

    Can you imagine this person is supposed to be the shepherd of his people.
    Such hypocricy cries out in disgust.

  3. Yupp says

    As if the Belonsky gays could figure out such complicated ways to hurt people. All they do is post stuff about them on blogs and then run and hide in dingey Manhattan apartments. Not too hard to figure out and very unlike the Commie threat.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    All the Gay folk I know volunteer with the Gay Agenda Mafia to destroy families. They take baked goods to homeless shelters, they volunteer and donate to food banks, they tutor reading and math to school kids. They are SO evil it’s hard to imagine. So the next logical step is to want social equality. It’s all so EVIL

  5. AKConstant says

    We mustn’t forget that the Catholics were patrons of the Nazi party and helped set the war criminals free. And we must also not forget that Ratzinger was in fact Hitler Jugend. (Hitler Youth).

  6. Yupp says

    Akconstant : But gays started the brownshirts, and millions of Catholics wound up in concentration camps too, so…I have no love for the Catholic Church but let’s not go there.

  7. Yupp says

    Jack : If you identify as “a Celt” then what are you doing on this blog where Towle, Belonsky, and most of the readers would wish you dead, or at least in prison..? I mean…you guys….where are your standards??

  8. says

    @ YUPP :

    If anyone wishes me dead,or in prison ….well, bring it on.

    I like Towleroad, I like the content of the news items, I like what Andy and Mr. Belonsky post and I enjoy reading and occasionally responding to other posters.

    But yes, I am a Celt and I speak a Celtic language. I don’t know what twisted meaning you assign to that. And, no offence, I don’t care.

  9. Esther Blodgett says

    If all the gay men and women who serve in and work for the Roman Catholic Church worldwide were to leave, to quit, the church structure would collapse.

  10. Esther Blodgett says

    If all the gay men and women who serve in and work for the Roman Catholic Church worldwide were to leave, to quit, the church structure would collapse.

  11. bookish says

    Communism? Really? That failed ideology of the last century? Is that the best thing that they could come up with?

    Something is going down the drain, but it isn’t society, it’s Christianity. It’s in rags and tatters.

    Too bad they can’t preserve a little dignity as they go down. All that kicking and screaming! Oh, my!

  12. Yupp says

    I MIGHT have the hots for him if I ever saw him. I do like a lot of Irish guy’s looks (from the black-haired to the red-headed). But I never saw him, and don’t know if he’s even Irish. And if he IS, why is he on this Eirophobic blog????

  13. says

    But back to Ratzinger; he is seriously deranged……he seems totally obsessed with homosexuals.
    So much so that the extraordinary platitude that had been used as a cloak of invisibility for the bigots, that “love the sinner/hate the sin” crap, is no longer used to hide their naked hatred of us.
    Now the deliberately orchestrated campaign of a united front of Evangelicals/Catholics/Baptists are much more emboldened in their desperate attempts to stir extreme right wing bigotry against us.
    It may be working in Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Uganda….and some of your red states.
    But in real life Ratzinger has missed the opportunity to be a reformer. He will be remembered as an old man without a vision or a plan.

  14. Jay says

    Hmmm…as a historian of the Catholic Church…

    I wonder how she interprets her god’s reaction to pope who have secretly married or carried on affairs and fathered children with mistresses throughout the past two millenia? I thought the Popie was supposed to remain celebate, per Paul’s instructions, in order to best lead the faithful. If marriage equality is an untruth…how do you define the church’s leadership in turning away from doctrine…and yet the church…and society…or still viable entities?

    Gloom and doom! Sit, stand, kneel, sit, stand, knee! Recite, recite, recite…all together now…on the beat! Wear your ashes on your forehead, carry your cross made out of palm fronds, clutch your rosie bead-thingies…all in direct conflict with your big book of myths that tells you to keep your faith to yourselves.

    Catholicism…what a joke! Clean your moral puddle before you start talking about how muddy other’s waters are!

  15. ...and then there's Jesus says

    Maybe the Pope is so virulently anti-gay because he is afraid many of his acolytes might step out of the closet and ruin the whole game.

    At least half of the priests are gay. If they all came out the Roman Catholic Church would be the gayest religion of them all.

    He has to crack the whip to keep those ‘mo’s in line! Tough job.

  16. Dan B says

    Would Jack or another of my fellow Celts please explain Yupp’s obsession with us? He was ranting the other night about how the “mainstream” gay community excludes Irish guys.

  17. DD says

    Aaaaaannnnnddd what’s your point? How do these even relate? Connect the dots for us. Why are you so creepily interested in Jackfntwist’s heritage? Lastly, how does it relate to your constant bitterness on here?

  18. Yupp says

    DD : If you can’t see how that makes it all clear, then…you purposely want to dismiss the evidence. So forget it./////// Anyone else who just genuinely didn’t know, I’ll link you to more showing the Towleroadies involvement in the case.

  19. Dan B says

    Wow! An entire TWO PEOPLE make racist comments about the Irish on an anonymous blog, most of their fellow readers call them out on it, and Yupp concludes from that all gays hate the Irish! Painting with a broad brush much, Yupp? And what “involvement,” exactly, did Towleroad readers have in the case?

  20. Yupp says

    Wow, Dan B, where do I start ? Firstly, how familiar are you with the case? Did you read any of the books on it? I’m not challenging you here, I just don’t know how much you know already.

  21. Dan B says

    I know nothing about the case and am not interested enough to delve into the details, but WTF does that have to do with Towleroad? Was someone from Towleroad brought in as an expert witness? Was text from Towleroad entered as evidence? TO REPEAT MY QUESTION, what “involvement,” exactly, did Towleroad readers have in the case?

  22. Yupp says

    Okay, it’s a famous case in the U.S., and later affected Gay Marriage Laws in NC. Involvement was that Towleroad’s Belonsky and Towle were part of the gay Manhattan clique (ferociously anti-Irish) who did what they could (even joining with North Carolina black homophobes) to assure (innocent) Finnerty’s conviction, as well as the conviction of half-Jewish Seligmann (another defendent). The main book on the case (Until Proven Innocent) called it the Strange Bedfellows syndrome. There’s the summation as best as I can put it, and if you research it on YouTube, Wikipedia, or anywhere else you’ll see how really ugly the details get.

  23. Yupp says

    I’ll also admit, Dan B., that although I’ve stated anyone of Irish descent who’d spend time on this blog can’t think much of himself, I know non-Irish me shouldn’t either. And I don’t intend to as we come to the new year. No one of good conscience should.

  24. Yupp says

    DD : You could look at the footage of visiting gay Manhattanites right there in NC screaming for the crowd to “Burn the house down” (the lacrosse house) and you still won’t “get” the connection because you’d…just rather turn a blind eye.

  25. DD says

    Alrighty then….maybe you shouldn’t wait until the new year to stop coming here. Take a break from your computer dude, or at least consider upping your dosage.

    Are you by any chance related to Funinsnow/Snowfun, your conspiracy theories sound familiar?

  26. Dan B says


    Nor have I (at least not for being Irish). So there you go, Yupp; two Sons of the Emerald Isle who have never been exlcuded by gay “cliques.” As for the supposed “involvement” of the two Andys in the case, I’ve tried Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia as Yupp suggested and can’t find a thing.
    Yupp, if there really is any substance to your vague accusations, give us the links.

  27. Yupp says

    Well, Jack, I can tell you that Colin Finnerty was targeted by the gay community because he was Irish-American. There is a lot of unfair (repulsive, really) hatred for them in the Manhattan gay scene, which is …their choice (I guess)..and I’ve watched it for a long time, but this was the FIRST time they thought they could actually GET an Irish kid put in prison (whether guilty or not was beside the point). Zip ahead to today: Colin Finnerty (who really WAS a nice person from a nice charitable family from the beginning) is a grown handsome multi-millionaire (after suing for being falsely prosecuted), living in Manhattan; the DA Mike Nifong went to prison himself and lost his license; and Belonsky’s diva hero is in prison for stabbing her boyfriend to death. Towle and Belonsky hide, as does Andy Humm and Allan Gurganus. You don’t have to read the book on the case, but at the very least familiarize yourself with it on Wikipedia. Or look at the gay protestors in 2006 on YouTube, holding up the “Castrate” sign. AND become a little more aware that you’re a lowly mick to Manhattan anglophile gays (who are probably just secretly jealous, considering how many of them secretly go after bue collar micks). And they don’t reflect on the homosexual, overall, many of who desire “celts” sexually quite a bit.

  28. Yupp says

    Don’t forget, while Finnerty was being ripped to shreds by Andy Towle and Andrew Belonsky, what was going on in Durham? NC’s loudest homophobe, Victoria Peterson (a female of color) was encouraging violence rom The New Black Panther Party (who want the death penalty for gays). They especially targetted the one defendent who was half-Jewish for death threats, then they made sure to make the addresses of all the falsely accused available to every lunatic (these were homes where innocent family members lived, children and everything). Wasn’t the REAL story here : look how repulsive a homophobe would act?? She called for violence against innocent people. But NO, who does Belonsky and the gays side with in that case? The homophobes!! Dancing and chanting with them outside the house. That’s HOW deep the hatred of white heterosexual athletes (especially Irish Catholics) runs in certain gay cliques.

  29. DD says

    Yeah, I looked on Wikipedia….there is nothing about the book there, nor is there anything about “the gay clique”, this site or anything about gay people in any regards to the case of which you talk about.

    You have yet to prove any gay link or any of your Matthew Shepherd claims either Funinsnow.

    There is a hatred for Irish-American’s in the Manhattan gay community? What is this the 1850’s?? What color is the sky in your world? Good grief man, get help.

  30. Yupp says

    DD : The link to the book Until Proven Innocent (the NY Times bestseller) is right below the wikipedia article on the case. And, I agree with you: they DO act like it’s 1855, still thinking hating the Irish will give them a type of “class”. It’s pathetic.

  31. Yupp says

    The chapter on gay complicity is called Strange Bedfellows. (And don’t think it’s homophobic b.s. The author has always been pro-gay and pro-gay-marriage).

  32. Yupp says

    And now to bed : but anyone can ask me any time at all for more info. to confirm anything I’ve stated here, and I’ll do my best to find it. Though you can research all this yourself as well. And do NOT forget..there are some super-vicious gay dudes out there. Don’t get mad at me for being the messenger.

  33. Yupp says

    Oh…lol…you called me FuninSnow above. Better do that little “you” “reality” dot thing for yourself. I have no opinion on Shephard. THAT was a midwest case. The Duke lacrosse case was right here, all around me, and involved people I know.

  34. BETTY says

    You can come up from out of your shelter now, YUPP. The world didn’t end. But keep your tinfoil hat close by and ready for the next crackpot theory that comes along.

  35. BETTY says

    Yeah right. Stalking? Says the guy who replied to my post on an old topic in under 5 minutes.

    Discussing? Uh, you are just throwing out goofy claims and broad sweeping genralizations that make no sense at all. Most of us are just shaking our heads and laughing at your silliness. You must be the guy who clears a room whenever he enters because no one wants to hear your crackpot conspiracy theories.

  36. Yupp says

    People have a right to hate whoever they want. It’s not for me to tell people how to think. But when they actually make the effort to try to cause undeserved harm to those they hate is when they’ve crossed the line.

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