1. kukima says

    @MARC C: Chill out Markie! I know you’re the ones who cry foul for no reason but for the reasonable ones. However just so that you know, I’m Japanese myself. Now, chill your f*cks down!

  2. jeremy says

    @Kukima: I’m sorry but I failed to see the connection you make between this guy’s driving and his race. I’m Asian myself but it doesn’t give me a privilege to link every “driving joke” to Asian. You sit behind a computer, how do we know you are Asian or not? And even if you are, then one, your comment is not funny, and two, you are being self-racist.

  3. Toro Castano says

    @MARC C, I will admit it falls into a grey area but it could just as easily have been cultural observation. Granted making such observations in this community/forum raises other issues. I give it a pass in this instance.