Westboro Baptist Plans Sandy Hook Picket


The Westboro Baptist Church, the hateful congregation known for picketing high-profile messages to spread their tired “God hates fags” message, plans to picket outside Sandy Hook Elementary, the elementary school where Adam Lanza senselessly murdered twenty children last week.

Just when you think Westboro can’t sink any lower – well, they do.

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  1. says

    Many years ago, literature’s super villain Fu Manchu had an evil daughter who carried on his diabolical work. Google “Daughter of Fu Manchu.” That’s what Shirley, daughter of Fred Phelps, reminds me of.

  2. UFFDA says

    So glad to hear that the Westboros intend to sacrifice their lives. When they arrive at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, that’s the day to exercise some reverse retribution.

  3. Maguita says

    I just screamed at the monstrosity that someone would THINK to do such a horrendous abomination of an act, let alone seeing them truly put word to action.

    I cannot believe we have repugnant trash such as this within our civilized nation.

  4. Lars says

    These sickos want one thing more than anything else: Attention. They are media whores, and unfortunately we all go along in their game. They are small (not even 100 members, mostly from one family) and the amount of ink spilled abou them is utterly disproportionate to their size.

    The best tactic is to drown them out — and to the extent possible, IGNORE them. They feed off our attention and our righteous indignation. Starve them of that.

  5. Brian says

    I grew up just a few minutes from this school, and my family still lives there. I know this won’t be popular here, but it would be great if these morons could just do their thing in peace. I’d much rather have a handful of crazies making idiots of themselves then have this descend into a mob scene/media frenzy etc. It would also piss off the WBC much more than a huge counterprotest, since they thrive on confrontation. The WBC is absolutely vile, but the circus we create around their stupid protest can be really soul destroying.

  6. Paul says

    It’s unfortunate that the Westboro Baptist Church tries so hard to hurt people. And it’s unfortunate that the rest of the country has to learn what it is like to feel their hatred in the way that we have felt it in our community for so many years.

  7. Bernie says

    I cannot even imagine that even Westboro church could or would sink to bring their particularly sick brand of hate to this tragic event that includes the murder of innocent children…the idea that they praise god for his judgement physically sickens me…..I just hope the grieving parents and families are shielded from these insensitive boars

  8. SoLeftImRight says

    I know this is a totally inappropriate response, but why can’t the crazy Lanzas of the world do their dirty work in places like Westboro “Church” instead of an elementary school? Sorry, just my visceral reaction, but how can anyone actually do what they are proposing to do and call themselves human, much less “Christian”?

  9. ratbastard says

    These people must be stopped and finally exposed for what they really are. This is the time and place. Enough is enough. Beyond evil.

    And no one with an ounce of balls would ever allow them to mar and demonstrate at their loved one’s funeral, especially children. I just railed against violence in our society on another post but sometimes it’s full justified. Men and women need to step up to the plate and drive these mother effers out of town. To hell with political correctness.

    I am convinced there’s FAR MORE to this group than meets the eye, and it’s real ugly. The truth will come out eventually.


    And TR is getting effing ridiculous with it’s load times. Absolutely the most painful website I check out on regular basis. I had to delete cache repeatedly to finaly get this effing page to fully load.

  10. john patrick says

    Westboro says god executed his judgement in killing these children. Brian Fischer and Mike Huckabee say god withdrew from the school because they didn’t pray.

    All these hucksters are of the same mindset, sloshing through the slime, using the misfortune of others to peddle their petty, vindictive gods.

  11. thom says

    …I have posted several times when these pieces of trash plan to or actually protest at tragic events usch as this…They do it for more than one reason and none of them have anything to do with God. Primarily they want the attention, but right upo there with that they are looking for another lawsuit so they can continue to exist. The want someone to strike them in anger or throw something at them that will “injure them’ They usually put their devil-spawn children out in front of the fray just to punctuate their filth. They know the laws (Shirley. Queen on the trash is a lawyer as is ol’ Man Phelps). they know how to tweak and go through loopholes. They have NO OTHER real source of income..they are inbread and filthy people.Filth begats filth.Try to ignore them. They are maggots.

  12. Bernie says

    I just read that Westboro blames gays getting married for this tragedy. The thought that god could be blamed for this horrific tragedy is INANE. This is NOT god’s judgement, but rather the illogical and irrational judgement of the Westboro church. Anyone who places their own agenda ahead of the deep and intense grief and loss of these parents and families is sub-human.

  13. MalaysianHo says


  14. Caliban says

    Eh, I’m not really surprised. It doesn’t matter what it is, if ANY event or news story grips the nation you can bet your bottom dollar the WBC will attempt to insert themselves into it somehow. They’re attention wh*res and that’s just what they do. You might just as well get angry at the weather because that’s not going to change. They feed on pain and grief the way carrion birds feed on roadkill.

    The good news is they probably won’t show up. They SAY they’re going to protest all sorts of things but they only really show up at a few. And if they do? The silver lining, if there is one, is that their despicable actions and “God Hates F*gs” signs actually make people more moderate about gays because they don’t want to be associated with the WBC.

  15. EchtKultig says

    “I am convinced there’s FAR MORE to this group than meets the eye, and it’s real ugly. The truth will come out eventually.”

    Well, there is of course. People who have escaped the cult have said that Fred physically beat his children, and probably beat his grandchildren and taught his children and step children to beat their children. But he’s brought lawsuits against media outlets who have tried to publish insider accounts, much as scientology does.

  16. says

    Shirley Phelps, as we all know, is merely doing an even more extreme version of the Maggie Gallagher thing – she’s making “anti-gay” her life-cause in order to “make it up to God” for having a *bastard son out of wedlock*….which is how a non-progressive culture would have (still does?) see their sons.

    the WBC do our work for us. they have no influence on culture. they exist as a beautifully extreme reminder of what the american christian right claims to want, and defend, every time they scream about their religious christian persecution.

  17. says

    Joseph L. gets it.

    for all the want to demonize them, the WBC actually articulates exactly what the anti-gay bigots of America think and feel. This is not different from Jeffy Falwell, Anita Bryant, Pat Robertson, Rick Santorum, and the rest of the right-wing bigots. Huckabee. Brian Brown. Fischer. NOM.

    Fox News only gets angry at the WBC when they protest “heterosexual things” – straight soldiers’ funerals. Massacre sites.

    They don’t hate the anti-gay hate, they hate when it’s used against straight people.

    There’s a lot of worth in having the WBC around – they’re the fun-house mirror of the american christian right wing. but it’s not really much of a distortion – it’s more like a magnifying glass.

  18. says

    just remember: the WBC didn’t convince any americans to vote for Prop 8. their church is no more than like 80 people, comprised of two families.

    they have no actual effect against LGBT people on american culture.

    the real enemy? the sweetly-smiling “Christians” who utterly believe the exact same things as the WBC, but do a better job disguising it.

  19. Mike B. says

    lol, god bless these clowns… I hope the media shows them next to brian fisher and huckabee 😀 Do a sort of “all the crazies together” bit. RACHEL MADDOW CAN WE COUNT ON YOU?

  20. Shawn says

    They are a scam. They do this in hopes that local authorities will shut them down. They will in turn sue and be awarded money and that’s how they continue to live. They hate America but all of their money comes from the government. They refuse to have religious debates with scholars because this is not about religion for them. They.Are.A.Scam.

  21. Yupp says

    Archie : What’s getting old is the whole “The Westboro Baptist Church actually helps the gay cause by making homophobes look like vicious idiots!” Uh….no kidding? In the U.S. we’ve been saying that for years now. (In fact, some believe the Westboros are so good, in the long run, for gay rights that they are actually a fraud, a group of actors secretly financed by wealthy gays. I don’t believe that, but some do- quite seriously).

  22. mark says

    …and there it is…I hope they know to print up an extra sign for Mike Huckabee…I am sure he’ll join right in. Disgusting. I do hope whomever can, get’s off their collective couches and surrounds these fools with a counter protest.

  23. Oliver says

    Anonymous hit Westboro Baptist Church over Sandy Hook picket plans

    Hackers publish private information about church members following news that it would picket the Newtown school

    The ever-hateful Westboro Baptist Church have not failed to deliver in the wake of the Newtown school massacre. The Church, notorious for picketing the funerals of fallen troops with “God Hates Fags” placards, announced Saturday that they would picket Sandy Hook elementary school, where 20 children and six adults were shot dead Friday. Tweets from the Phelps family suggest they believe the horrors in Connecticut are a punishment from God for gay marriage.

    Hacker collective Anonymous were swift to respond, releasing private information of Westboro members including email addresses, phone numbers and home addresses. This video, decrying the church for spreading “seeds of hatred.” The video warns, “We will destroy you. We are coming.”


  24. Dave says

    You know, I wish you just wouldn’t post this crap anymore – why give them any voice – please clean it up – I never want to hear another vile thing they do

  25. FIERCE says

    Guns have a place. We now have the street addresses of the Westboro members and their church. Spray same with bullets, then run. Show up at funerals with placards: You Had It Coming, God Loves Fags.

    Never be so silly as to think that violence doesn’t accomplish anything. Ha. It put an end to the Nazis. What works is what counts.

  26. Aron says

    Giving them attention is exactly what they want! Just ignore them! They have no influence on anything or anyone, so why does anyone post about them?? All they are good at is getting attention and this site just feeds right into it. Stop already.

  27. SCOTUS 2013 says

    Must be pointed out that 8 Supreme Court justices upheld Westboro’s 1st Amendement right to intentionally inflict emotional distress. (Alito dissented.)

    I wonder if 8 justices will similarly uphold the rights of GLBT persons to privacy, to the pursuit of happiness, and to equal protection.

  28. says

    Their only goal is to get attention and provoke outrage, and–as with pitiable Internet trolls–the only worthy response is to ignore them. Feeding their egos only encourages them to believe their empty mission has meaning.

  29. says

    I think this could be the protest that will get a genocidal “maniac” to wipe out that church, and I’m not so certain that many people will try that hard to prosecute the person.

  30. anon says

    This is entirely in line with their past behavior. The problem with any of this is that the concept of a non-sequitur is foreign. You can pile up any sequence of nonsense reasoning to get any answer you want, so it’s a pointless exercise. I would guess the concept of a non-sequitur would be the most important thing to teach kids about the day-to-day world of public affairs.

  31. ARCHIE says

    @YUPP’s response: so what the hell does that have to do with yet another swipe by you at Canadians? If you have an issue with Kiwi, address HIS POINT. Don’t cloud it by making a dig at entire country. He is not their spokepserson, just as your whiny, childish and ridiculous posts don’t make you the spokesperson for this country. Thank God.

    BTW your conspiracy theory would be funny if it weren’t just so stupid. You are a sad individual.

  32. ARCHIE says

    @YUPP: do you even read what you or others post or do you just run off at the mouth with your knee-jerk rantings?

    I never said you were taking a swipe at YOUR country. I said you took a swipe at Canadians as a whole (again) when you meant to point it at Kiwi: “You guys in Canada can pull your superiority act…”

    You said: What is my “conspiracy theory” ?:

    “(In fact, some believe the Westboros are so good, in the long run, for gay rights that they are actually a fraud, a group of actors secretly financed by wealthy gays. I don’t believe that, but some do- quite seriously).”

    If you “don’t believe it”, then why are you spreading the theory? Come on, that’s the oldest trick in the book.

  33. ARCHIE says

    From my post: “I never said you were taking a swipe at YOUR country.”

    Ignore that sentence as I misread your post. But where did you say this:

    “How is my saying a country is safe (safe enough to not need a firearm) taking a swipe at it ?”

    I don’t see this posted anywhere in this thread?

  34. Yupp says

    Archie : I’m telling of that conspiracy theory (which others believe) to show the extent to which the Westboro Baptist Church has helped gay rights. ////////I was pointing out that Kiwi lives in Canada, yes./////Now if you think I’m taking swipes at Canada, you SURE as hell better have posts all over this blog taking on all the truly direct insults at America and other countries as a whole.

  35. andrew says

    The Westboro cowards will probably be a no show. They usually are. If they actually do show up lets hope that the men of that conn community know how to respond to this second evil forced upon them.

  36. andrew says

    I wonder what Dynex, 2Dads, genuine corel, A J, Just_A_Guy, Mikel, Jackon, Art Smith, YogabGaba, USC Trojan Fan, Mateom et al have to say about this debate between Yupp and Little Kiwi. LOL!!!

  37. Mikey says

    This is where lst Amendment rights and hate crimes collide. Why can’t these bastards be prosecuted as hate criminals? If you can’t cry fire in a theater, why can you cry hate in public, inciting other morons to hatred — and assuring the rest of the world that these idiots do not represent America.

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