Westboro Is Left-Wing In The Fox Nation: PHOTO


Fox Nation, a Fox News spin-off site self-described as “a new community where all Americans are encouraged to share, discuss, and debate,” last week featured a story in which Westboro Baptist Church, the fringe congregation universally loathed for spreading its vile “God Hates Fags” lies at high-profile funerals, including those for students murdered in the Sandy Hook shooting, is described as a “left-wing cult.”

This Fox Nation is a truly scary place, and while it doesn’t exist in our reality, many of its followers have crossed over to our realm.

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  1. Caliban says

    Hmmm, the 2nd time the word “Orwellian” leaps to mind today.

    But not really surprising since Fox News has always played fast and loose with the facts. There have been MANY instances where a GOP politician brought up on ethics charges has been identified by Fox, either verbally or in on-screen graphics, as a Democrat.

    What’s amazing is that people still watch them, but they deal in easy-to-digest simple messages that don’t require much thought- even when they’re outright lies.

  2. Diogenes Arktos says

    While I don’t mind following the Religious Right, I cannot imagine follow a group like Fox Nation which thinks WBC is left-wing. I’ll gladly let others keep tabs on them. I’m sure in their reality they really do intend for all to “share, discuss, and debate”, but I just don’t buy it.

  3. steven lucas says

    Isn’t Fox News owned by that Australian octogenarian Rupert Murdoch, a man who allegedly became an American citizen so as to be able to own media in this country?

  4. anon says

    WBC isn’t politically easy to pin down since while their cultural attitudes are right wing, they don’t get into political debates on policy issues. Their message is just too limited. However, there is little to suggest they are left-wing, politically.

  5. kpo5 says

    Yes, and they still think they are the Party of Lincoln and that, if the year were 1863, THEY would be the ones fighting to free the slaves.

    And in 50 years, they’ll tell their children how THEY were on the front lines of the LGBT push for equality.

    Eff them and their disgusting ability to contort history and facts.

  6. Bernie says

    I guess my reading and comprehension skills are lacking as I don’t understand Fox Nation and Westboro Church in the same sentence as left wing….can someone ‘plain this alleged left wing connection?!?!?!?

  7. TonyJazz says

    This is hilarious!

    Reminds me of when right-wingers use the “Hitler” attack on the left—as if the left preferred dictators in power (or, as if socialism was equal to nazi-ism)…

    At the very least, it helps us understand why some people have no sense of history– to justify the nutty positions that they have taken….

  8. MajorTom says

    Orwellian is exactly right. They don’t want acknowledge that Westboro represents an extreme version of conservative values–all evidence to the contrary be damned. So, not wanting to own their own lunatic fringe, they call them “left-wing” and push off responsibility for Westboro’s reprehensible actions on their political enemies.

  9. Caliban says

    Oh, the Right tries to blame the Left for everything, even when it’s clearly right-wing. Like with the Nazis. “They was called the National SO-SHULL-ISTS and that there proves they were Socialists just like Obama!”

    Uh-huh. Except for being:

    Rabid Nationalists
    Socially Conservative
    Racist and Anti-Semitic
    Rabidly ANTI-Communist

    They were JUST LIKE the Left!

    And you can forget about Fred Phelps’ so-called “civil rights” work. Like everything about him, that is complete and utter bullsh*t! Look into his history for more than 5 minutes you’ll discover that Frad Phelps ENTIRE purpose in life is to be a thorn in the side of EVERYONE. For a short while he exploited the laws regarding civil rights toward that end but ANY benefit for anyone other than Fred Phelps was entirely accidental. Why do you think you’ve NEVER seen a black person or group speak out about what a great guy ole Fred really is? He soon found that the laws protecting religion were the best way to get the negative attention he craves and he never looked back.

    He’s a wife-beater and child abuser who has been dis-barred for years, a mentally ill bully who has been abusing everyone around him since the doctor first slapped him on the @ss after birth. He didn’t do sh*t for “civil rights.”

  10. MichaelJ says

    There have been way too many times that Fox has tagged someone doing something despicable as left-wing when in fact they are right-wing, or a Democrat when in fact they are a Republican, for me to think that this was an accidental mistake. I believe it was a deliberate lie.

  11. Merry & Gay says

    Fox Nation provides grist for the comedy mills of Stewart and Colbert who unfortunately are on vacation for a few weeks. But that’s OK this little gem can be kept on ice for a while.

    What’s even more deliciously funny is that Fox employees don’t even get how funny they are. They have perfected a dead pan delivery for their little jokes.

  12. Diogenes Arktos says

    @KP05 & Shelley: The Religious Right already prints textbooks that have the conservatives supporting the Civil Rights campaigns of the 20c, not the liberals. It’s truly amazing what they teach and then hope people only factcheck via the “right” internet sites – like conservadepia.

  13. andrew says

    @Diogenes Arktos: Please give us the names of those textbooks and the publishing houses who print them, so that liberal/progressive teachers can be warned not to purchase them. That would be a great service to the progressive community.

  14. Yupp says

    I don’t think the Westboro clan/scam is either Left or Right, really. Yes, they were involved in Civil Rights, yes they claim to be Democrats, but……I think they could easily follow Hitler or Stalin.

  15. Yupp says

    I don’t think the Westboro clan/scam is either Left or Right, really. Yes, they were involved in Civil Rights, yes they claim to be Democrats, but……I think they could easily follow Hitler or Stalin.

  16. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Andrew: This should get you started in your quest for book titles and publishers.

    Here’s a quick start:

    More frightening detail:

    Texas state standards:



    Look at the works of thoroughly discredited
    pseudo-historian David Barton, especially his recent “The Jefferson Lies”. Among other scholars, his arch-nemesis is William
    Throckmorton, a conservative Christian (i.e. to the left of the Religious Right but right of center) who wrote “Getting Jefferson Right” as a devastating rebuttal.
    (Throckmorton is especially significant precisely because he is a conservative
    Christian. The Religious Right demonizes him because he no longer believes in
    reparative therapy for gays. They say he has thereby lost his “moral compass”.)

    If you know some mathematics:
    (The Mother Jones article above is one of the links in this page.)

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