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Towleroad Talking Points: People are Still Awesome in 2013



A look back at today's top stories


A day after Obama's second inauguration and despite the fact that the White House clarified that Obama believes gay marriage is not a federal issue, people worldwide are still buzzing about the major statement the President made for in his inaugural address. Unsurprisingly, Peter Sprigg (head of the hateful FRC) was not very happy about Obama's pro-gay statements. Even though Stephen Colbert was displeased about the lack of rhymes in his poem, openly gay poet Richard Blanco was still honored to read his work at yesterday's ceremony.

Also Jon Stewart takes a look at the most important story from yesterday, Michelle Obama's bangs!




While in Sundance to promote his two new films, James Franco told MTV News that he has been dealing with gay rumors since he was a teenager. In a rare candid interview, Prince Harry compares killing real people to playing a video game. Yikes. Also watch Rachel Dratch run a Julia Roberts themed obstacle course. #DrinkYourJuiceShelby.



In 2010 a YouTube video touting the awesomeness of people got 55 million views. Turns out people are still just as awesome. And Karl Lagerfeld made a statement at the close of his show at Paris Fashion Week today by sending esbian brides down the runway

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'Muslim Patrol' Vigilantes Harass Gays in East London: VIDEO


London's LGBT community has expressed concern about a couple of incidents in which self-appointed "Muslim Patrols" have harassed gays in East London. Last week two men were arrested in connection with the incidents but a new video posted to YouTube is doing little to alleviate concerns, the BBC reports:

In the latest video, a man is approached in Whitechapel and asked: "Don't you know this is a Muslim area? What's wrong with your face? Why are you dressed like that for? You're walking through a Muslim area dressed like a fag, mate. You need to get out of here quicker. You're dirty mate. Look at your shoes. Get out of here you fag... Don't stay around here any more."

Stonewall said: "YouGov polling for Stonewall shows that every year one in eight lesbian and gay people are the victim of crimes or harassment simply because they are gay. We urge victims of all homophobic crimes and incidents to report them to the police and for the police to take action to protect gay people from these disturbing crimes."

Scotland Yard responded to the original footage posted saying: "We are aware of incidents over the weekend of 12/13 January where a small group of people had harassed members of the public, and of YouTube videos showing this. "In response to this incident officers on duty are being briefed as to what has occurred and what to be on the look out for."

Watch the clip, AFTER THE JUMP...

In 2011, arrests were made in East London over stickers declaring the area a "gay free zone" and warning that "Allah is severe in punishment".

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HRC President Chad Griffin Reacts to Obama Inauguration Speech: VIDEO


HRC President Chad Griffin spoke with Andrea Mitchell about Obama's inaugural address:

"The President really has begun his legacy on this issue. This civil rights moment in our history. He has done that in his first term and it's now time to take it to the next step and to really fully bring about full and complete equality under the law. Because as long as our government discriminates, it gives license to everyone else to discriminate."

Griffin also talked about Chuck Hagel:

"We've accepted his apology with regard to what he said. I look forward to hearing how he plans to fully implement the repeal of DADT and bring about equal benefits to all our men and women serving in uniform in this country."

Mitchell also asks about DOMA, Prop. 8, and the Supreme Court.


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Prop 8 Proponents File First Brief with the Supreme Court

Proponents of Proposition 8 have filed their opening brief with the Supreme Court, reports Buzzfeed's Chris Geidner:

Prop8Arguing that the case brought by same-sex couples seeking to marry was unlike past gay rights cases where the court struck down anti-gay restrictions and also unlike Loving v. Virginia, in which the court struck down bans on interracial marriage, the proponents of Proposition 8 argue that there is no historic reason "for invalidating marriage as it has existed in California for virtually all of its history, as it was universally understood throughout this Nation (and the world) until just the last decade, and as it continues to be defined in the overwhelming majority of States and Nations."

SCOTUS is scheduled to hear arguments on March 26.

Read the brief, AFTER THE JUMP...

Hollingsworth v. Perry - Petitioners' Merits Brief by

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1290

ASAPSCIENCE: The guys behind the popular YouTube channel had a Google+ hangout the other day.

MARRIAGE NEWS WATCH: Matt Baume looks at the latest from Rhode Island, Colorado, and Virginia.

FALLING IN LOVE: Vlogger Sinister304 on relocating, serodiscordant relationships, and falling in love.

MEGAN RAPINOE: Olympic soccer player speaks out against homophobic language.

For recent Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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Rhode Island House Panel Advances Marriage Equality Bill in Unanimous 11-0 Vote

The Rhode Island House of Representatives has voted 11-0 to send a marriage equality bill to the full House, which could vote on it as early as Thursday.

RiIt is expected to pass the full House but faces a tougher battle in the Senate.

Governor Lincoln Chafee released a statement:

I am pleased that, with the House Judiciary Committee’s vote this afternoon, Rhode Island has taken another significant step forward toward marriage equality.

As I noted in my State of the State Address last week, there are a number of reasons why we should bring marriage equality to Rhode Island this year. It is a civil rights issue, it is an issue of basic fairness, and it is an economic development issue. We are at an economic disadvantage with our neighboring states when we do not ‘have the welcome mat out’ for all those who want to work here and contribute to our economy. Rhode Island already lags behind all of our New England neighbors on this issue; we should swiftly remedy that for the good of our economy and the rights of our citizens.

With this afternoon’s vote, we are one step closer to the day when gay and lesbian Rhode Islanders can enjoy the same fundamental rights, benefits, and privileges as all other citizens of our state. It is my hope that that day will come soon. I urge the leaders of the House and Senate to call the roll, and I will be proud to sign this important legislation when it reaches my desk.

It's time for all Rhode Islanders to contact your lawmakers....

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