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Leaked Comic Page Shows 'Judge Dredd' in Gay Kiss, Suggests He's Coming Out


A leaked page from a new '2000 AD' comic shows Judge Dredd, the policeman from the future (portrayed by Sylvester Stallone in the 1995 live action film), kissing a young man in a gay club, and teases the idea that he's coming out of the closet, the Independent reports:

Reaction to the teaser, which was released online last month, has been mixed, with some fans so hostile to the idea they have threatened to burn the comic.

A spokesman said: "We have had quite an extreme reaction. "Dredd has always been satirical, while touching on serious issues. This is another example of this."

But wait:

There is a twist in the tale, with all not being as it seems, the spokesman said. Writer Rob Williams said Dredd's sexuality - whatever it is - was buried beneath his love for the law.

He said: "Although, can you imagine what would happen if that repression ever fell away, just for an instant? Sure, Dredd could be gay.

Devoted readers will just have to wait and see. Check out the full leaked page,


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Rhode Island House Passes Marriage Equality, the Euphoric VIDEO


Supporters of marriage equality in Rhode Island spoke out and celebrated yesterday in Providence as the House passed marriage equality in a 51-19 vote. Check out this beautiful video of the vote going down.


The AP notes the tough battle ahead in the senate, in its report on the vote:

It could be weeks or even months before the Senate takes up the bill that would make the Ocean State the last in New England to recognize same-sex marriage, but supporters still celebrated the House vote...

...Gov. Lincoln Chafee, who supports gay marriage, urged quick action on the bill in the Senate. The governor, an independent, argues gay marriage is an issue of civil rights and the state’s quality of life, and said some people may choose other New England states over the Ocean State because of its stance on marriage.

“Now that the House has swiftly acted, I urge Senate leadership to ‘call the roll’ — for our economy, for our gay and lesbian friends and neighbors, and for history,” he said in a statement.

Advocacy groups on both sides of the issue will now turn their attention to the 38-member Senate, which has never voted on gay marriage legislation.

Chris Plante, director of the state chapter of the National Institute for Marriage, said he’s optimistic senators will vote to preserve the state’s current marriage laws. He said leaders like Fox and Chafee don’t reflect public sentiment.

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Russian Duma Passes Ban on Gay 'Propaganda' in 390-1 Vote on First Reading: VIDEO


Russia's Duma has passed a bill banning gay "propaganda" in a 390-1 vote on the bill's first reading Russian LGBT Network reports in a press release:

Today, January 25, the Russian State Duma passed bill against so called "propaganda of homosexualism" in the first reading (out of 390 deputes, 1 voted against, 1 abstained). 52 deputes didn't vote. The bill was introduced by the Novosibirsk region Legislative Assembly on 28 March. Its first reading was delayed many times. According to the article 6.13.1 the fine for persons is 4-5.000RUB (132-165USD), for officials -- 40-50 000RUB (1300-1600USD), and 400-500 000RUB (13 200-16 500USD) for companies. Similar laws have passed in 10 regions of Russia.

Now the Committee on Family, Women and Children Matters is to refine the bill taking in account all amendments received and initiate the second reading by the Russian State Duma. The Duma decision states that the responsible Committee should accept the amendments that determine the "homosexualism" term description or to replace it with another term which can be found in the Russian legislation and to specify the set of elements of this administrative offense. The amendments will be accepted for consideration till 25 May.

Elena Mizulina, the head of the Committee for Family Matters, declared that the task team on this matter will be organized. According to her, there will be a representative from LGBT in this team.

Igor Kochetkov, the Chairman of the LGBT network: "The State Duma must pass the laws that prohibit any discrimination. If the task team, Mizulina said about, is ready to change the bill 6.13.1 so that it no more contains provisions offending and discriminating LGBT community, than we are ready to take part in this team and make our proposals. Another question is who will be in this team. It's important to hear not only an opinion of related parties but also an opinion of independent human right defenders. We think that apart from people mentioned by Mizulina, there must be representatives of Russian Federation ombudsman and human right organizations, who have an experience in defending the freedom of expression and right to exercise the freedom of peaceful assembly, in this team. Only if these terms are observed, we can talk about considering this bill not on religious or political grounds but from human right and respect for human dignity point of view”*.

After two more readings, the bill will be signed by President Vladimir Putin.

Russian police broke up another kiss-in protest outside the State Duma in Moscow as it prepared to consider the law, Reuters reports:

KissinPolice said about 20 people were detained outside the State Duma, the lower house, after minor scuffles broke out between rival groups of supporters and opponents of the law. The supporters, some of them holding Russian Orthodox icons or crosses, cheered and threw eggs as police hauled away protesters who started kissing. One gay activist was splashed with green paint, witnesses said.

If approved by the two houses of parliament, and signed by Putin, the law would ban the promotion of gay events across Russia and impose fines on the organizers.

Three dozen were detained in the protest, according to the AP.

Watch a Euronews report on the recent uptick in violence and the Duma's consideration of the bill, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Obama's Inauguration Gets the Bad Lip Reading Treatment: VIDEO


Wow. Obama really flubbed the oath this time. And Beyoncé's National Anthem was touching.



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Polish Parliament Rejects Civil Union, Gay Rights Legislation

Poland's parliament on Friday rejected legislation that would have legalized civil unions and given limited rights to gay couples, Reuters reports:

TuskThe lower house of parliament rejected three bills that would have legalized civil unions, including narrowly defeating one proposed by a member of the ruling Civic Platform that would have given limited rights to unmarried partners, including ability to inherit property.

The motion to prevent the Civic Platform bill from going to committees for further work was backed by 228 deputies, with 211 against.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk (pictured) spoke out in favor of the reform, but 46 members of his own party, including Justice Minister Jaroslaw Gowin, sided with the conservative opposition and voted against all three bills on their first reading.

"You can't question the existence of such people (living in homosexual partnerships) and you can't argue against the people who decide to live in such way," Tusk told the parliament before the votes.

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Gay Climbers Do it with Pride: VIDEO


A new documentary, Climbing with Pride, profiles Homoclimbtastic, the largest LGBT rock climbing convention in the world, how its climbers found one another, and their annual get-together at West Virginia's New River Gorge.



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