1. Hunter says

    I’m not bothered by this goofball in the slightest. The US Supreme Court most certainly *did rule* (in the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas case) that the right to engage in same sex intercourse is protected by the US Constitution. Given global trends, that ruling is not going to be reversed any century soon.

  2. thom says

    ….I think its great that he preaches to the choir. They are just as stoopid as he is. He is plain dumb. Dumb as a box of rocks. He knows absolutely NOTHING about humanity and I would lay even money that he has engaged in sodomy (look up the definition, folks) probably with his wife. But as he says it would be his choice not his right to slam his wife’s pucker from here to Kingdon Come. rock on Brian. You are disgrace to humanity.Stoopis,stoopid man.

  3. Maguita says

    The debasement in that pervert’s mind spews daily under false pretense of Christian love. That is the kind of delusional disturbed twit I would never leave my young boys with.

  4. UFFDA says

    To bad Bryan the sodomites are winning, your taped rants are the perfect thing for getting me in the mood with my big hairy boyfriend: “wicked, sin, iniquitous, evil, wrong, unnatural, filth, wrath, God, Bible,” each word a fiery lick of aphrodisia.

  5. CPT_Doom says

    “Mormons do not have a Constitutional Right to engage in their Satan worship. Our Founding Fathers did not intend to protect the false ‘church’ created out of whole cloth by a con man named Joseph Smith. No one is born Mormon; all men may be created equal, but none of them are created Mormon. It is a lifestyle choice. Therefore President Romney is wrong to equate his immoral behavior with a Constitutionally protected religion.”

    Something we would NEVER have heard out of Fisher’s mouth had the outcome of the last election been different, yet it is the exact same kind of hate he is currently preaching.

  6. Bryan says

    (quickly, indoctrinate the masses with repetition before they recognize all of the stupid that just came out of your mouth)
    it’s not even worth refuting, but it may be worth posting- I was shocked when I first saw a Bryan Fischer clip on this site.

  7. Walt NYC says

    OK, Mr. Fischer is a liar. Despite that, I take great comfort in seeing this. The sheer desperation in his hysteria is priceless. He knows the evangelical right is losing its fear-based stronghold on America. Those of Fischer’s ilk are fighting a losing battle and there is, apparently, nothing they can say or do to stop the inevitable redefining of the American zeitgeist. And, it’s about damned time.

  8. says

    It’s increasingly to everyone (except, perhaps to Miss Fisssure herself) that he wants—nay, is DESPERATE—for peen. I’d almost feel sorry for this self-loathing closet case if he weren’t attempting to foist his hate on everyone else in a vain attempt to rid himself of his own demons.

  9. Jim says

    Mr. Fischer needs to be forcibly and painfully sodomized by a very well hung, very angry black man with about 10 rock hard inches, a nasty attitude and an insatiable sex drive. He needs to turn Mr. Fischer over, on his knees, grab his brilliant shock of gray hair, and make him squeal like a pig. Why not? A girl can dream.

  10. says

    Peter – i hear ya.

    similarly, i keep waiting for Victoria Jackson to reveal that she’s been enacting a brilliantly elaborate “christopher guest”-styled piece of living agitprop theatre with her own persona.

    people who are complete and utter parodies of themselves. it’d be a brilliant piece of satire were it not uttered with a (no pun intended) straight face.

  11. Gestly says

    Not sure what Ms. Fischer’s point is about sodomy — I would estimate that roughly 90% of the cock on this planet being stuffed in assholes is between men and women. So who are the sodomites Brian???

    And Ms. fischer. I DARE you to outlaw blowjobs — your fellow christians will hang you from a tree where you belong.

  12. ccbeach says

    According to Dan Savage, approx 30% of gay men (myself included) do not engage in anal sex, ever. A large percentage of heterosexuals do, however…including straight teenagers who believe oral and anal sex it is not “real” sex, and thereby retain retain their virginity.

  13. Jerry6 says

    Why give this “Thing” any more space? He said all that he can years ago. He has a one track mind.I wonder what kind of people make up his congregation. Are they as dull minded as he is?

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