1. Paul R says

    I loved the poem and he seems like a great guy. But at the risk of sounding catty, damn his eyebrows must require a lot of maintenance.

  2. Jerry says

    It’s official now, the marginalization is over. The normalization of being LGBT in America is occurring. We all owe a tremendous debt to all those who came before, and made this moment possible.

  3. Jake says

    HUGE misconception going around the media, Cubans are not Latino people, just as the Spaniards are not Latino either. Latino originates from the geographical region of Latin America, it’s culture, and mix of Caucasoid (Spanish), Negroid (slaves), Mongoloid (natives and migrants).

    Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and Dominicans are Caribbean (geographically and culturally) and are the only three Hispanic nations in the Caribbean.

    This is supported by the AAA.

  4. Bill says

    Geez, Jake, I always thought that Latin America just referred to those parts of the Americas where languages derived from Latin were spoken (which, technically, would include French-speaking Quebec). And what does the American Automobile Association have to do with it?
    Translation: Lighten up!

  5. Geoff says

    Someone else mentioned being a “size queen for eyebrows”. Har! Me too!! I live in Maine, also. I’d so love to meet him!

  6. Seattle Mike says

    Let’s try that as a link: [url][/url]

  7. says

    i absolutely loved the poem….and I love this very talanted man. i especially loved his delivery of his lyrical Inauguration poem.

    But what is a “gay poet” ?
    He is a wonderful poet.
    He is gay.
    That’s more than enough.

  8. says

    A gay poet is one who’s life experiences derive from the rich perspective of being gay as well as many other things. This man says his coming out an self acceptance of his sexuality enabled his becoming the poet he is today. His stories of dealing with homophobia with his grandmother, made him the person he is today. He IS indeed a ‘gay poet’ and that’s a title he reigns with pride. Believe it or not, some of us owe something to our coming out and being gay folks, and aren’t apologetic for that. If that bothers you— that’s your issue, and you may want to ask yourself why that is. I make no apologies for being a proud gay man, and neither does Blanco.

  9. Dynex says

    @ Jack,
    If you can’t grasp the significance of his being reffered to as a gay poet, in this era, at this venue, in this generation, than A.) you’re not very familiar with his work and B.) you’re not very familiar with the LGBT plight in this country.

    It’s similar to many persecutions faced by other demographics, and just as there are many Chicano poets, there are and will continue to be LGBT poets. Thank Goodness for that!

  10. David Hearne says


    If you will check Craiglist or Dudes nude for Florida you will see that Cuban Americans and Puerto Ricans list themselves as “latino”. As a rule, Cubans identify as caucasian, but call non-latino caucasians “white boys”. They call blacks “black” regardless of their ancestry. Meanwhile, Mexican Americans in California identify as latino on sex sites, but apparently have decided that the term is politically incorrect. This is especially true of Mexicans and Mexican Americans who follow the fad of identifying as “indigenous to this continent” or being Nahua. As a rule neither group considers itself to be at all Negroid and both are known for their animosity towards Blacks.