1. Rrhain says

    @OLIVER: Showing that you’ve never actually lived in Vegas.

    You don’t honestly think people live on the Strip, do you? Yeah, you can these days, but nobody actually does. The beauty of living in Las Vegas is that there is a nice, small town surrounding it. You never have to go there if you don’t want to and the tourists never leave that area so you never have to deal with them if you don’t want to. They come, spend their money, and go.

  2. Jerry says

    I live in Las Vegas in a beautiful neighborhood that Im sure is at least as nice as yours OLIVER, its called Summerlin and I bet its at least as nice as wherever you call home.

  3. Paul R says

    I love Cirque, but unfortunately after 5 or 6 shows some of them can seem a bit repetitive. Not to mention expensive! But anyone who has never gone should definitely go.

    I’d go see this guy…

  4. Darrell says

    Since Cirque du Soleil is based out of Montreal and Canada has a huge population of Scottish descent this is not a total suprise. And to be honest Canadian-Scots are far better looking than alot of them in our mother country (Since they settled here after the clearances) and for the fur trade centuries ago. As when I lived in Glasgow for a while lots of people in that city looked rather “inbred” to an extent….

  5. Contrarian says

    @Darrell. Well as long as we’re doing ethnic slurs and stereotyping entire countries, why not add bad teeth and slovenly drunks. Glasgow is not the entire country, mate.

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