1. NullNaught says

    This guy is just honest about what every straight jock thinks. He shouldn’t be punished for telling the truth. The only way in which he is not typical is he has said what he did publicly. If you are to punish him, why not just eliminate sports; because to eliminate homophobia from sports, one has to eliminate sports. They are to intertwined to be separated at this point.

  2. RyanInWyo says

    @Nullnaught: Homophobia is too intertwined with sports to be separated? Ridiculous. The same could have been said about racism in sports pre-Jackie Robinson.

  3. NullNaught says

    The locker room isn’t a place where race is going to matter, but sexual preference to homophobic players (all the straight ones) does matter in the locker room. It isn’t something they will get over.

  4. iowan says

    quote: which, at this point means they condone Culliver’s homophobia.

    No, no and no. I don’t agree. What it ‘may’ mean is they are considering options and taking time to make a rational decision. Why look to the negative? Knee-jerk responses are almost always regretted to some extent. I think a few days to mull things over, gauge reactions, thoughtfully weigh in, … is a good thing.

  5. Fensox says

    It’s unfortunate that he is so stupid. When he made the remarks it was very easy to see that he believed in them. He spoke comfortably and off the cuff.

    He is stupid because he can’t step outside the situation and evaluate his own position. Lets face it the homophobia position is one of shame and embarrassment, that’s why there is no good argument for it and that’s why homophobes are so damn defensive and dismissive of it when ‘caught’. This guy needs a person he respects to break down his own views so that this dummy can find his own way to enlightenment (Which is a terrible word).

    I don’t really care that he is ignorant about gays, that is hardly a crime or an unexpected outcome. I just want him to decide that he was wrong. If that happens he would apologize in a convincing way, which for him could be anything but whatever, as long as he believes it!

  6. MalaysianHo says

    Most of the news outlets reported as Culliver “gays are unwelcomed in the locker“. He actually said “ they[gays] gotta get up out of here“.

  7. Fahd says

    “Caught being honest” captures the situation.

    People can unlearn their prejudices, but it takes education. Why not send him to a training camp for that purpose? Better yet, why not consider these types of trainings mandatory for the whole team.

    There are plenty of “trainers” out there who would develop a team-wide training for a fraction of what is being spent on PR to address the bad publicity.

    Maybe fines collected from players like him could fund these trainings.

  8. MalaysianHo says

    RYANINWYO, you misunderstood NULLNAUGHT. What he meant was that if you want to eliminate racism, you have to execute the human race.

  9. RyanInWyo says

    Nullnaught, I’m trying to figure out if you’re trolling or not, but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt. When Jackie Robinson broke the color line in 1947, race mattered EVERYWHERE. We’re talking segregation of schools, lunch counters, toilet facilities, public swimming pools, and even water fountains.

    Anyway, what exactly do you – or Culliver for that matter – envision going on in an NFL lockerroom? Take off street clothes, put on uniform, play game, come back, take off uniform, shower, put on street clothes, leave. It’s not a Falcon video. Besides, this same ridiculous argument was made about the military and – guess what – that story is over. DADT was repealed. And the military, which is much more serious business than the NFL, still stands.

  10. Ted says

    Glenn I ….Why??? Would you like to be fired from your job simply because you have an unpopular opinion?

  11. brian says

    CS9 – This is a very big story.

    At least we can all get satisfaction out of knowing that–at this very moment–that guy is nervous as all hell. He’s sweating bullets, seeing that his career could be over. All this because he said something anti-gay. It’s nice to see us wield some power, isn’t it?

  12. NullNaught says


    Consider me a troll, like I care.

    I didn’t mean that there wasn’t racism in the locker room… I meant that gay guys like to see other guys nude and homophobic straight guys don’t like that… The racism/homophobia analogy is not apt. You are ignoring the fact that nudity is per se sexual in our culture. Especially because of things like Falcon videos. It is not what happens, it is is what homophobic players think people believe about them that matters. They won’t share a locker room with a gay man.


    The thing to take away from this is that ten years ago Culliver would have been applauded. Times have changed and for the better.

  14. says

    Of course one can eliminate homophobia from sports. ……otherwise you offer a counsel of despair.

    Eliminating homophobia from sports is achieved by education, ( something which has escaped this Culliver clown) and growth… by more and more sports men coming out.
    There must be so many who ought to be courageous enough to put this oaf in his place……..among the bigots.
    @FAHD : I agree with your comment.

  15. Edd says

    If Frank Gore can get fined $10,500 for letting his socks droop, this guy can get fined for his comments, especially after the 49ers are the first and ONLY team to produce an “It Gets Better” video.

  16. Kevin says

    So, gay men are good enough to serve in the military, but they can’t be trusted in a locker room. These homophobic athletes are pampered, overpaid babies. They disgust me.

  17. MATTMAN says

    CS9: because it is a story that is developing. New developments are happening every day, such as today’s press conference. It’s called “following” a story. Idiot.

  18. Post says

    I agree with NullNaught in that sense. There are a few men that cannot help but ogle at women and they women do not feel comfortable with that, which is why women and men have separate lockers. If some straight men feel uncomfortable with gays looking at them, they can have separate lockers but all sexual preferences should be welcomed in sports.

    Culliver doesnt have to be fired or suspended, but should to be fined and that fine should go directly to GLBT cause. He also needs to volunteer to work/interact with GLBT groups. I dont think he hates gays that much unlike other people who works their butt off to dehumanize gays and make sure gays dont exist.

  19. Jono says

    @nullnaught – seriously? These guys have been showering with other men for pretty much their entire lives. They are used to it and they have done it in front of gay dudes plenty of times and they know it. These are guys that are risking their lives every time they go out on the field. If they are willing to do that, pretty sure they can handle showering with dudes they know are checking them out.
    To generalize all of sports as a homophobic atmosphere that is unable to change is naive. Things are changing for the better and every conversation and every incident of this nature helps that change. It keeps the discussion alive. The progress that has been made in sports in the last few years has had an almost exponential pace to it.
    Try and live in a world where you have hope for change rather than thinking change will never occur. It’s a much better way to live life.

  20. RyanInWyo says

    Nullnaught, two things:
    1. Do you really believe that racist whites were not disgusted by sharing space – particularly nude in a lockerrom – with black men? I think you underestimate the depth of race hatred that existed in this country in the middle of the 20th century.
    2. We’re in a transitional phase. Despite what you say, pro sports will not always be populated by homophobic straight men who are terrified that a gay guy might see their d!cks. In fact, we’re in the process of creating a generation of athletes who won’t freak out about that at all. That’s part of what’s going on with this Culliver case. It’s a (sometimes clumsy and messy) process of communicating to younger people that homophobia is unacceptable.

  21. disgusted american says

    So, gay men are good enough to serve in the military, but they can’t be trusted in a locker room. These homophobic athletes are pampered, overpaid babies. They disgust me.

    I agree with Kevin 100%

  22. janice says

    Overpaid ego-driven bigot. Of course he “felt it in his heart.” That is exactly what he felt. How lame of an “apology.” He was talking from his bigoted heart, not from his head, obviously. Shame on him.
    I now hope the 49ers get their butts kicked on Sunday!

  23. Moi says

    The guy raised a valid concern whether you like it or not. These guys worry about the potential for sexual objectification, harrassment or even assault – clearly different from racial mingling! Agree to separate changing rooms and end this mess forever.

  24. sean says


    Why so quiet? Hmmmmmm?

    And yes, this is just another overpaid manchild with a 3rd grade education who is totally NOT sincere with this “apology” that he was forced to make. He can go to hell.

  25. Post says

    Then instead of eliminating all sports, he should have said to suggest different changing rooms.

  26. Eddy says

    OH COME ON NOW. Just because the NFL hasn’t responded to this remark does not equate to “condoning” what this idiot said. The NFL has a history of dragging it’s feet on all kinds of incendiary remarks and god knows they can’t respond to every player’s ignorant remarks/tweets/facebook posts.

    However, given the forum this was said in, I’m sure they’re figuring out how to respond. ALSO, it falls upon the media to put the fire to the NFL to respond.

    I’m tickled that all these gay men, are incensed that a football player, modern day gladiator, would say such a thing, really, you’re surprised! This is the status quo in the locker room. For all the talk of a gay player to come out, FIRST we need more straight allies like Chris Kluwe and Brendan Ayanbadejo to step up.

    I’m glad Chris Culliver said this. If anything, it will move this discussion further in the NFL and in the locker rooms.

    GO NINERS!! (says homo fan)

  27. NullNaught says


    I believe you underestimate the degree to which sports figures depend on a masculine homophobic image. Nothing will happen to this fellow as it would be pointless because the rest of the straight athletes agree with him. What they may know in the back of their minds must stay there secret and unknown. It is one thing to think there may be a gay man checking you out. It is quite another thing to know that a specific player is gay. Again, a poor analogy. Sex and sports and homophobia are seen by everyone straight who watch sports in this culture as inseparable. Straight guys aren’t going to watch gay players any more than they will watch women players. It doesn’t fit the image the avid sports fan wishes to project. Sports will die of a general lack of interest once you force them to accept openly gay men into teams.

  28. George F says

    I would cut the guy some slack after watching the video of how the statement came about:

    And yes..the guy is ignorant and bigoted… But he was practically cornered into saying this…

    Still: it is great that such a casual homophobic statement gets so much publicity nowadays..A few years ago it would have totally been under the radar.

  29. MATTMAN says

    NULLNAUGHT & MOI: guess what? There are already gay men in lockerooms in professional sports right NOW. I have not heard of a rash of attacks on straight athletes. Why do some straight guys think every gay guy is going to check them out or try and sexually attack them? Talk about egos! Oh, and the argument that one gay athlete is going to try and make a move on another guy in a lockeroom is laughable!Because you know a gay guy is just dumb enough to try to get it on with a 300 pound football player surrounded by a room full of 300 pound football players. As if. Give your head a shake.

  30. RyanInWyo says

    Nullnaught, what a dead-ender you are. I have two names for you to Google:
    Brendon Ayanbadejo
    Chris Kluwe

    They are the face of the future. Culliver and his ilk are the past. You can Debbie Downer yourself all day long if you want, but the trend is obvious and it’s toward fairness and inclusiveness. If everyone had your attitude, gay men would still be getting arrested for sodomy, gays and lesbians would still be banned from military service, and there wouldn’t be a single state or country where same-sex couples could get married. All of those issues were once seen as intractable, but change came anyway.

    I’m not sure if you just have a chip on your shoulder about sports – which, believe me, I can understand if you had the same experiences in high school sports as I did 20+ years ago – or if it’s more of a general pessimism about progress. Either way, it’s probably time to reevaluate your view of sports. Like it or not, it’s an important social institution where change is vital and there are plenty of encouraging signs that it’s coming. For example, have you seen anything from the You Can Play project?

  31. sara says

    @nullnaught This excessive fear of showering with naked gay men & guys checking them out was used against having gays in the military and now DADT has been repealed and I’ve yet to hear a peep about this.

    Women have put up with men checking them out since forever and most don’t take to their fainting couches over it. I’m pretty sure the big macho NFL guys can handle it.

    Facts are there were gay men all along in the military and there are gay men right now in the NFL. The military hasn’t collapsed after DADT repeal and sports will do just fine once they acknowledge the gay people already in sports.

  32. Derrick from Philly says


    Why so quiet? Hmmmmmm?”

    I no feel like playing wit’ you today. I only got a 3rd grade edumacation, but you got a fourth grade one. That aint fair.

  33. Geoff says

    Yeah, right. He acts like he’s being punished…damn it! This is a creature filled with fear and hate. His ‘team’ bosses want the money. It’s P.R. That’s all. Bad P.R.

  34. NullNaught says


    The military is also a poor example. The involvement of the legislative branch made that possible; not education in the military. The homophobic people in the military are forced into their situation by Congress and their contracts with the government which they can’t buy their way out of like athletes can. As for the rest of your argument, I believe you don’t have very good reading comprehension because I covered those points already.


    I have no belief in “progress.” Technologies come and go. New things aren’t necessarily better; they are just different. You have avoided my point about the fact that avid sports fans aren’t going to watch gay players any more than they watch women players. It doesn’t matter whether you think I am a pessimist or not; my pessimism isn’t an argument against the facts that I have pointed out. Chiefly that gays don’t fit the masculine image necessary to keep an audience. Have you seen any success by the You Can Play project? Whoever those 2 fellows are, they make no difference as they are an insignificant percentage when compared with the total number of straight homophobic players. They haven’t got a chance at changing any attitudes. They are much more likely to get injured because a team mate let them be. If they play a very dangerous sport, I’ll bet they die of an “accident” very very soon.

  35. Oliver says

    This guy, and all of this homophobic friends disgust me! Ignorance and stupidity (both of which this a**hole can raise his hand to) are very sad personal traits, imo.

  36. MATTMAN says

    NULLNAUGHT: on behalf of gay men everywhere, you can relax, we are not checking out your little penis. We are not going to jump you in the shower. Get over yourself. Your “accident” comment is the stupidest comment today.

  37. Not that Rob says


    You don’t believe in progress?! That’s as idiotic as people saying they don’t believe in homosexuality. Just because you don’t believe in reality doesn’t make it not exist. Similarly just because you call things “facts” does not make them so. Quit talking out of your ass and eating your own sh%t.

  38. Oliver says

    @NULLNAUGHT: I, for one, have never been interest in having sex with someone who is not interested in having sex with me. I’m pretty sure that’s the case with most people (so don’t flatter yourself)…

  39. NullNaught says


    I am gay. I am not speaking for myself of my own feelings; I am referring to what straight homophobes claim to fear only. You don’t seem to have read what I have written. Teammates have been known to let unpopular team mates get injured. In a dangerous sport, why not killed? You don’t think they would have many players on the opposing team jumping at the chance to kill one of us?


    Uh, what exactly is your argument for progress? I haven’t stated I positively believe progress does not exist. I am undecided about it. There are a lot of ways of looking at it and I haven’t concluded yet. I simply state I have no strong belief in it; as a student of history, I speak mainly about progress in human culture. I see no evidence of progress. I see evidence of change only. If you want to stop committing the fallacy of ad hominem and come up with an argument for progress, I will consider it.

  40. Derrick from Philly says

    @ Tom’s “Bigoted N word”

    Oh, my that w-trash f-word said the n-word.

    Oh, my.

  41. ToddKnows says

    Media whore always go for that pound of flesh.

    And truly insecure people always over react to stupid remarks.

    Just sayin’.

  42. hypocrisy galore says

    @Tom. No, YOU are the defination of bigot. @Moderators. Wake up! Do your damn job and clean up the racist shyte. Or should we infer that you approve of dropping the N..Word but not the F… word?

  43. Luke says

    This guy is almost illiterate. Tragic that the South Carolina Gamecocks claim he was an “honors candidate”. Maybe he has received more education in the last day than he ever got at SC.

  44. RyanInWyo says

    “whoever those 2 fellows are” LOL

    Ayanbadejo is a linebacker for Baltimore Ravens who, in case you don’t know, will be facing off against the 49ers this Sunday in the Superbowl. Chris Kluwe is punter for the Minnesota Vikings. Both guys are straight and have been incredibly outspoken in favor of marriage equality and gay rights generally. Both are examples of exactly what you refuse to acknowledge: Change is coming to pro sports. In your mind, those guys don’t exist because all pro sports athletes are straight and homophobic. But these guys do exist, Blanche, they do.

    Again… “whoever those 2 fellows are” LOL

  45. MCnNYC says

    Sorry to pile on NULL but straight men like to see other guys nude as well….they love to compare and show off.
    and that comment a bit homophobic (or self loathing)
    This whole Chris Culliver basically threatened any openly gay team mate…”they gotta get up outta here”…or what?
    You gonna do something about it? Sorry that’s sh^t talking and someone who is looking to get his balls kicked in.
    And the 49ers have dropped the ball on this situation.
    I’d like to see this guy go down on the field Sun and get is ass kicked hard.

  46. FakeOutrage says

    Why does noone talk about the GAY PLAYERS who already are on the team who are still too cowardly to come out? Everyone wants to run around screamng out over paid, coddled athletes and then turn around and scream how there are gay player already, yet those same over paid, coddled GAY athletes are still given a pass to be COWARDS. Yes, let’s jump on this guy but say nothing about the gay players who make MILLIONS themselves yet for some reason are scared because someone doesn’t like them and therefore they get to stay in the closet and we all pat them on the backs. Then again, this is the same community that bent over backwards excusing people like Anderson Cooper, Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Bomer, Jodie Foster and others who stayed in their comfortable closets for years while we made excuses….but let’s attack the black athlete because it makes us feel powerful. When this fake outrage is directed at the cowards who still cower in the closet then then back to me….just fake outrage…and Signorile and Savage and their ilk can bite me….too busy kissing up to closeted celebrities while pretending to be activists. Pathetic.

  47. NullNaught says


    You made my point for me. You can’t name a singe team member who is out. Your reading comprehension is very poor. I said the straight athletes are all homophobic. I never said there were no gay athletes. I implied they exist and are in the closet. Those two are obviously in the closet but would like to come out. They know better than to do that because they know how violently straight athletes hate them. So what if I didn’t know who a couple of football players are, or that they play the “49ers” whenever. I don’t rot my mind with that cr@p. Sports are for mentally retarded @ssholes. The fact that those two won’t ever come out of the closet is proof that athletes don’t change. Sports are mentally corrupting.

    your reading comprehension is also very poor. I never said straight guys DON’T like to see other guys nude. I said straight homophobes hate the fact that gay guys would check them out in the locker room. They do. It They have said as much.

  48. truthteller says

    It is stupid and egotistical to think that because a man is gay he must be checking you out. The gay athletes, and there are a lot of them, are PROFESSIONALS. They get paid millions of dollars and can have all the sex they want with men who idolize and sexually desire them. Do you seriously think they will jeopardize their career and millions of dollars for a peek-a-boo at a teammate? Even your hottest coworkers become unattractive once they open their mouth or their hotness becomes the norm.

    Homophobia is not only rampant in sports, it is also covertly seeded in some gay men on this forum.

  49. MATTMAN says

    FAKEOUTRAGE: You are the one with the “fake outrage”. How do you know there are even any GAY players on his team? You are blaming others who have nothing to do with this. He made the comments and he has to take the heat. Nice try with the “black athlete” overtones. He is not being criticized because he is black…he is being criticized for making stupid remarks. Stupidity comes in every color, sex, nationality and sexual orientation. You have a beef with these other celebrities and are trying to put the focus on them. Yet, they came out publicly. I don’t see you putting your name on this website and standing up for the cause.

  50. MATTMAN says

    @NULL: what do you think goes on in a lockeroom at a regular gym? Should we ban gay people from those too because they may leer at the straights? You make no sense.

    “Sports are for mentally retarded @ssholes.” You sir are a misinformed fool and I feel sorry for you.

  51. FakeOutrage says

    MattMan, it doesn’t matter whether there are gay players on HIS particular team, but there ARE gay players in the NFL. Why aren’t we outraged that they come out? Why do they get a free pass? You can go crush someone’s skull at 300 pounds but you’re afraid someone may call you a name? That’s pathetic. And yes, I named those celebrities as an example of the hypocrisy within the gay community…we want to get this fine fired from his job, yet not a word is said about other high profile gays who cower in the closets with nothing to lose. And yes, I do think race plays a LARGE part in who we direct our “fake outrage” towards.

  52. says

    It’s a new world @Nullnaught (where’s Mary?), you’re just behind the times. Straight athletes aren’t all homophobic. It’s very uncool. Many straight guys love being ogled. Have doubts, surf the web, dude. And gay men have plenty of ogle material without ogling their colleagues. The straight guys who worry about being ogled by every gay guy on the planet are usually the least ogleable and most insecure. But you seem set in your fantasies.

  53. NullNaught says


    Of course such beliefs are stupid and egotistical. I have been ascribing those beliefs to straight athletes. I hope you understand I do not hold those beliefs myself. But as long as straight athletes hold those beliefs, it doesn’t matter what the truth is; they aren’t going to allow them to be out in the locker room.

  54. MATTMAN says

    FAKE: actually it does matter when YOU made an issue of it. “Why does noone talk about the GAY PLAYERS who already are on the team who are still too cowardly to come out?”

    Those celebrities came out. Period. Move on. What do they have to do with this? You want players to come out, yet you keep harping on celebrities who actually did come out and still criticize them. You can’t have it both ways. You criticize for not coming out and still criticize when they do have the courage to do so. I think you just want to b*tch.

    Not everybody wants him fired.

  55. NullNaught says


    Hi. I hope you are well. I hope you know I don’t hold those beliefs myself. If you bothered reading what I write carefully before you comment you won’t ascribe to me beliefs I do not hold. I said straight athletes hold those beliefs. They do. They say as much.

  56. MATTMAN says

    No, actually it was your “retarded” line that struck a sore spot. It shows what little class you have. I have never played sports, have no interest in sports and I love to read. But thanks for playing. I suggest maybe you do some reading and actually learn a thing or two.

  57. Rick says

    “Straight guys aren’t going to watch gay players any more than they will watch women players. It doesn’t fit the image the avid sports fan wishes to project.”

    Analogizing gay men with women is the core of the problem with some of you.

    Start thinking of yourselves as men, behave like men, and demand that other men respect you as men….and all our other problems will solve themselves.

    Continue to think of yourselves as being “like women” and nothing will ever change, nor should it.

  58. FakeOutrage says

    Do you really think there is a substantive difference between a gay player on his team coming out and a gay player on ANY team coming out? I don’t think you do.

    And clearly you are not understanding the point of “fake outrage”. Sure, these celebrities came out, after years of hiding. The gay community wasn’t at all outrage, yet some random ball player makes a homohobic remark and everyone demands his head on a platter.

    I think you know exactly the point I’m making, but to admit to it requires an honest dialouge in the gay community and we have proven time and time again, we are not up for that. So continue on slaying paper dragons

  59. MATTMAN says

    No, I don’t know what point you are making because you aren’t making one. You are pointing fingers at celebrities who have nothing to do with a man who made stupid comments about gay people.

    Apparently you weren’t paying attention because Anderson got nothing but flack by gay people for not coming out. Same with Jodie Foster. Yet when they did, they STILL got criticized with their “faux outrage”. Don’t believe me? Do a Towleroad search and see some of the childish and mean things that were said about them when they came out. THEY CAME OUT. GET OVER IT.

    Again, YOU made the point about there being closeted guys on his team. You did.

  60. NullNaught says


    You know way too much about the subject of sports and who the players are and what teams exist to claim a lack of interest. You are a substandard liar. You are obviously interested in sports enough to know who these people are and debate with Fakeoutrage on the subject of what teams have out players, if any. I have no idea of such things because I actually have no interest in sports. Me thinks you doth protest too much…

  61. MATTMAN says

    I don’t think somebody should be fired for being a homophobe. Just as I don’t think someone should be fired for being gay. Should he keep his bigoted remarks in his head. Yes. Should he be reprimanded? Yes. Should he have to spend some time volunteering at a gay shelter or at a place where he could actually learn about gay people. Yes.

  62. NullNaught says


    I agree with your last remark entirely. It won’t do any good as far as changing this guy’s attitude. It won’t change sports.

  63. MATTMAN says


    “You know way too much about the subject of sports and who the players are and what teams exist to claim a lack of interest.”

    What are you freaking talking about? Where did I ever show I know too much about sports? Re-read my posts as I have not shown any knowledge on players and the teams. Excuse me for reading the stories posted here. Just because I comment on this subject, doesn’t make me an expert or a sports fan. It just proves I can READ a newspaper. I could care less about the Superbowl.

    Really, calling me a liar? Nice try. You need help.

  64. Bill says

    @George F: it is also worth remembering that Culliver made a fool of himself while being interviewed by a “shock jock”, who probably knows how to bait people into saying outrageous things.

    For example, an interviewer could set a context by first talking about how he would react if a gay teammate grabbed his @$$ (a word Towleroad might filter), and then take that part of it out. You’d have to be a lot smarter than Culliver to notice the shift in context, and you might need some experience being interviewed.

    Of course, it’s also possible that Culliver really did say what he thought without any prompting.

    Regardless, after sitting through a media frenzy, he’ll probably watch what he says in the future. I’m sure the media frenzy was pretty difficult for him given his limited ability to express himself.

  65. Mary says

    Null, it’s good to see you back on Towleroad again. You’ve been missed!

    I don’t know much about sports or what goes on in locker rooms, but I think that as time goes on sports players and sports fans will become more liberal and accepting of gay players. However, this will take time to happen. Right now it’s possible there may be some serious backlash if a number of players come out of the closet. Natually, we should do all we can to reduce homophobia, in sports as elsewhere.

    As to the fear men have about sharing a locker room or showering with someone of the same sex, I can understand. No one wants to fear that someone is looking at them with lust in this kind of close situation. This doesn’t mean, however, that most gay men or lesbian woman are horndogs with no self-control or manners. People are probably not worried about the AVERAGE gay person, but the small number who (like straights in a tempting situation) will have trouble dealing with their attractions/responses. It’s a difficult situation with no easy answers. I guess that in time most straight players will see that they have nothing to fear from gay teammates and the worry will vanish.

  66. says

    I’m well, thank you for asking, NullNaught. And I’m glad you’ve been reunited with your dear friend, Mary!

    I didn’t ascribe anything to you; my point was that you really have no idea what goes on inside the heads of straight athletes since you aren’t one. Just because they say something doesn’t mean it’s an accurate “reflection of thoughts in their heads.” If brainiacs like Chris Culliver were as horrified about the idea of being ogled as you seem to believe, they’d probably spend less time distributing pics of themselves in states of undress–oh, the irony! Don’t be too gullible, Null.

  67. Food4Thought says

    NFL has a responsibility to do more I feel. If it’s not suspension, that’s fine. But the NFL should say something that finally addresses this severe issue of homophobia within it’s bracket.

  68. Steve-ATL says

    Apologizing to the press is beneficial for him. It doesn’t help those who are going to be physically hurt one day due to his commentary. Anyone can apologize, but you gotta prove you mean it.

  69. says

    I love when people making horribly homophobic comments then back it up with:
    “but I got a gay relative”
    well, that makes it WORSE not better. That when you uttered those words, that loving relative and their respect and rights didn’t even come to your mind is even more careless.

  70. Jordan J. says

    To go from “I don’t want to be around gays” to this seems a little too convenient for me this short period of a time, knowing everything that lays on the line. Learning a lesson is one thing, but it takes a real man to showcase true compassion for a community that is struggling to find it’s equality in society.

  71. Amir says

    The NFL isn’t really actively involved in the issue of homophobia with their players for some reason, and they know the long term effects the actions of the homophobia has on gay youth yet aren’t really proactive in dealing with it. Some training programs and just basic common decency of telling these players they are in the public eye, and for the time they are being paid millions as an employee, they should be mindful of their words would go a long way. I feel like these players are treated like untouchable gold, and get away with wayyy too much.

  72. Boston Dude says

    There’s players making offensive anti gay comments every day, players beating their wives, players beating dogs, players getting in bar shootings, players selling drugs, and all are still allowed to play while getting paid an insane amount and endorsed by the NFL. You really think the NFL has much morality standards or much of any standards for their players? their bottom line is money and they’ll go to any means to attain it.

  73. Manchester says

    Would you apologize if you weren’t caught? if it weren’t made a big deal? or would you still keep mouthing off anti gay bigotry?
    If your bigotry needs to be pointed out to you as a grown man, then you probably didn’t have much understanding to begin with. And yeah- it takes more than 15 hours to have a change of heart like that. From blatant homophobe to a peace maker.

  74. Amy says

    I guess we as a community just have to sit through these apologies. I mean, it can’t be that these people would think before they speak, and be apologetic before they made the comment. They have to make horribly insensitive comments against us, then apologize, then demand of us to get over it.

  75. LazerLight says

    I find the whole “Get over it gays” notion flawed at best, and hateful at worst. No other group of people would be demanded to get over continued ignorance they faced, yet it seems people feel the gay community doesn’t have a right to demand justice and more than an apology. Other segments of the population can be as outraged as they want when their people are disrespected by pure prejudice, but the automatic response to gay people is “get over it” and if you don’t think homophobia has something to do with that, then you’re sadly 40-50 IQ points short. Enough is enough. The gay community is just as worthy of respect as any other community, and just as valid to be angered by disrespect as any other community is when they are disrespected. Regardless of those who want us to adopt a complacent attitude.

  76. Bamaman says

    Meh. You’re sorry you got caught.

    I just read his original quotes for the first time (all of them) and they were way too intense to go from that to this in a matter of a day.

    Actions speak louder than (forced) words. Show us, better than tell us, that you sincerely have understanding for a community that faces enough crap as is.

  77. CollinsWorth says

    Here’s a thought maybe someone can explore better with me——-

    *How about NOT making the offensive comments to begin with?*

    Instead of the apology tour, and claiming how the comments are sooooooo against your actual beliefs, uhmm—- why’d ya say them to begin with?

    If I had a dollar for everytime these people go on an attack against gays and not wanting to work around them, then suddenly it’s a “I actually didn’t really mean that at all” Well, you either said it or you didn’t.

  78. says

    ‘Women are worthless, and vile. I honestly don’t want to be around them’
    (10 hours later)
    ‘No, no. That’s not what I mean. It’s not how I feel. It’s just something I said’

    Apparently being gay means we’re also dumb as rocks? Ok.

  79. Mikey says

    You’re a hetero priveleged homophobe and your sh-t deserves to be called out. and it will. in 2013. don’t ever think you’ll freely get by with your homophobia. we’ll call you and your type out on it consistently. You’re just mad that gays are everywhere in society today. get used to it!

  80. OKC Jay says

    I do hope he gets the education he needs to change his heart. He isn’t there yet. But this IS an important issue that can’t be glazed over (unlike how CS9 wants it to be)

    Our gay children are taking their lives, are being mistreated, bullied by peers and to even suggest it is completely unrelated to homophobia role modeled by these public figures is choosing to be ignorant to the problem because…well, frankly, you couldn’t give two sh-ts gay kids are dying.

    Give me a society that is actually more welcoming of our presence, and then we’ll talk about overlooking an NFL star saying he doesn’t think gays should be allowed to play on his team. Until that day, and until the day my small town doesn’t paint f-g on my car (which I’ve had to deal with three times in 2 years) then these conversations are worth having.

  81. L.C says

    The debate about gays being turned on by straights, hence having to eb separated is pure evil and segregation being promoted. It could literally be used in every aspect of life. Because with that logic, gays should have separate bathroom stalls, not serve in the military, not play any sports with heteros, and heck, gay kids should not ever be invited to sleep overs with straight friends. Because of our uncontrollable urge to hit on straight people.
    Heteros flatter themselves in the same sentence they want to deny us equality. It’s intriguing stuff.

  82. Real Talk says

    NullNaught: you filthy heteros need to go back to doing what you do best…divorce and cheating on your wife. You’re not qualified to comment on gay men or gay athletes. We have more class in our left testicle than you machismo facade driven buffoons will ever have in your two brain cells. Know that.

  83. says

    NULLNAUGHT sounds like Mary to me. Anyone else observe how their writing styles and general points are the same?
    same hetero privilege sniffed out in both their commentary.

  84. Jumpedtheshark says

    Nullnaught is both homophobic and mysoginistic

    Trolls have literally invaded this site, and unless registered users are mandated by the website, the comments section will continue being a plague, with so many people gone and visiting more civil gay blogs, where you actually have to have a handle and be accountable for the crap you write.

  85. says

    No Nullnaght equals Rick guys.

    Come on now. We know this!

    Whenever you see a poster play devil’s advocate, subtly side with the homophobe, take an irrational position that is anti gay, then make longgggg winded comments, coupled with making sure they know that you know taht they are “gay”……IT’S RICK.

    We’re a so much better community on here when we can spot Rick and one of his alias, call it out, and move on.

  86. Scott JoJo says

    Seriously, how many handles does Mary have on here?

    I swear, she’s behind every trolling post. I’m going back and and studying some of her comments and they mirror pretty much every ‘devil’s advocate’ who post here, down to the style in which they are expressed.
    Go get laid, lady. And I use the term lady loosely.

  87. LionsGate says

    He needs to do more than an apology. Homophobia is real and is really horrible in society and does great damage. He needs to right this wrong, and all bigots should examine their bigotry. Thats the only way they’ll truly overcome it.

  88. andrew says

    I think that one of the major causes of homophobia among pro football players is that many of them have been raised in homes without their biological fathers. They are often raised by single mothers and so they don’t really have a good male roll model and may feel insecure in their own masculinity. I think that we know that males who are not confident about their own masculinity are often the most homophobic.

  89. Mary says

    Only one handle, Scott. Once or twice I posted as “Kiwi’s ghost” to poke gentle fun at Little Kiwi. Once I spoofed my own former opinions as “Homophobic Mary” for which I got called out by Uffda. And once I posted as “Penny Lois Lane”, Kiwi’s adorable pitbull. I always admitted those were me and that it was jokes. I’ve never actually posted as a real person that I’m not.

    I’m flattered by the comparisons to Uffda and Nullnaught, both of whom are intelligent people and excellent writers. But I am neither them nor the woman-hating Rick/Jason/Ratbasrard who-ever-he is.

    I’m also flattered by your desire to go back and “study” some of my posts (“Mary101?”) But I’m sure there are more important things you could be studying.

    And what makes you so sure that I’m not getting laid already? And since I kept my virginity until I married at age 34 I damn well earned the title “lady.”

  90. Brian says

    No way Nullnaught is Mary, and I believe Mary is (almost) always Mary. Her point of view is very distinct from the other, usual multiple-name suspects. I’m pretty sure Nullnaught is Jason, who I also think is Rick. The giveaway for me was when Nullnaught said sexual preference rather than sexual orientation. That’s almost exclusively used by straight bigots, so he may just be a straight troll. But jason is hung up on, among many other things, his belief that everyone is a bisexual, and that seems to be more aligned with sexual preference than sexual orientation. Jason has also been clearly caught using multiple names in the past, so that’s my answer. What do I win?

  91. Bill says

    @LC: While I’m sympathetic to your idea that “The debate about gays being turned on by straights, hence having to eb separated is pure evil and segregation being promoted,” if you watch the video that George F provided it seems the interviewer set the context by saying “did any gay guys approach you?” So actually, it seems that the interviewer brought up the idea of gays being turned on by straights, and Culliver ran along with it out of stupidity. He could have replied by saying that they they have to work together and not make each other uncomfortable, so in practice the issue would almost never come up, and hasn’t to date. That sort of answer, however, takes political/PR skills that he obviously does not have. You don’t get in trouble for suggesting that your teammates act professionally when at work.

    Whether he meant gays in general or gays that might be inclined to hit on him, his wording strongly implied the former, hence the highly negative public reaction.

  92. Duration & Convexity says

    @ Brian
    You nailed it. Sometimes when observant posters like yourself ‘out’ people who use multiple handles and back it up with concrete anecdotes, it becomes so obvious that it’s that person. In this case, Rick/Jason/Ratbastard. Wish we had a moderator on here who enforced some consistency with posts (like sticking to one handle).

  93. Sports Fan says

    The NFL has been trying to do some positive things to repair the image of their athletes and I think they should do more of the same in this situation. Be it PSA, or press release, or even a training program to avoid these things in the future, the NFL can take a leadership role as a result of this incident and promote more inclusion. That way they are not only educating their players but the public as well.

  94. Ain't it Funny says

    A lot of people are being disingenuous with the whole “gay men don’t want straights” when all know gays fall over themselves to claim “all straight men fool around” or “straight men don’t care who gives them a bj” or the “gay for pay”, “straight trade” and other bullcrap that we tell ourselves to hide our own self-loathing. I’ve been in locker rooms in normal gyms are am appalled at the behavior of some gay men, completely disrespecting others privacy and treating the gym like a bathhouse. So pretending that gay men don’t act inappropriate in locker rooms and/or try and seduce straight men is bull. We, as gay men, must take responsibility for our crap. We aren’t fooling anyone.

  95. Sabian says

    If locker-rooms were coed, straight men would be checking out women in the showers who they thought were attractive. So don’t tell me that gay men don’t check out other men in the shower. Yeah they do. Why wouldn’t they?

    If a gay player comes out of the closet then it is what it is, but there should be an option for the other players to have a more private changing area if they’re uncomfortable being around them.

  96. truthteller says

    That is why we have anti-discrimination, anti-sexual harassment and anti-hostile work environment laws; it is no excuse for the vile vitriol coming from a co-worker.

  97. Kate in NY says

    Chris Culliver is entitled to his views and I agree with him 100%, as does at least half of America. It’s a shame he was forced to backpedal.

    Homosexuality is absolutely disgusting and unnatural, and saying so isn’t “hate speech” or a sign of phobia. And I’m not afraid of offending others when I speak my mind on this, nor should I be.

    From some of the sick comments here, it would appear a few of you would love to treat Culliver as Matthew Wayne Shepard was treated. Sadly, that’s not surprising.

  98. MATTMAN says

    KATE: You are a troll. Well, good for you, you spoke your mind. You have shown what kind of a mind you really have.

  99. NullNaught says


    Tell that to the homophobic players; not me. I know what you say is true, they don’t much care about that. They are not going to accept a gay teammate. Ever.
    I don’t mean to be excusing his behavior; I just don’t see the point to singling this guy out for being honest about his feelings and saying what ALL the straight players are thinking.

  100. MIKE says

    “ALL the players are thinking”. Quit painting everybody with the same broad brush NULLNAUGHT/JASON. Just because you think something is true, doesn’t mean it really is true here in the real world.

  101. NullNaught says


    When you quote someone, it is traditional to include their words… I said “ALL the straight players are thinking.” For the proof of this statement, see the last sentence in today’s article on the closeted player who is actually publicly FOR marriage equality. He tells it like it is. Culliver’s comments reflect the common feeling among straight players. They all hate us.

  102. MIKE says

    “Straight/All” you are still painting everyone with the same brush. But if you want to nitpick on symantecs: “ALL the straight players are thinking”. Feel better? It still doesn’t negate the fact that you are painting everyone with the same brush. You do that a lot. All straight players are homophobic. Just as all gay people aren’t twits like you.

  103. MIKE says

    He said it was common. That doesn’t mean ALL. You said all, he said common. That is your opinion, not fact.

  104. NullNaught says


    You are wrong. Whether or not all the straight players do think that is a matter of fact, true or false. If I am wrong, I am citing a false fact, but it is still a matter of fact, not an opinion. I would say that I mean ‘all’ in the scientific sense. If you took a straight player at random and knew what they were thinking, you would find more than 95% time they agree with Culliver… it is therefore a scientific ‘certainty.’ You only need 95% accuracy for scientific ‘certainty.’ You see, so seeing this in a scientific, rather than an emotional wishful thinking way, you will see that Culliver reflects the feeling in the locker room. Straight players will never accept a gay teammate.

  105. MIKE says

    NULLNAUGHT: you are rambling and making no sense. My point stands. Not ALL straight players are homophobic. Not ALL straight players would never accept a gay teammate. Your facts are just opinions and please cite a poll of all football players saying 100% of them would never accept a gay teammate and that they all hate us as you claim. I am not going to debate your over generalizations of groups anymore Jason.

  106. NullNaught says


    You never started debating; debating involves reason rather than insult. You have displayed only the latter.
    Yeah, that’s right… I have to personally take a poll to determine what they say publicly over and over. If it is too complex for you to follow it is rambling; and if someone disagrees with you no matter how well reasoned, they must be a troll and all trolls are one and the same evil person out there making your paranoid little mind all brain confused. If I subscribed to your reasoning, you and everyone else who disagrees with me I would believe to be littlekiwi. But I don’t. I am adult enough to understand that you may sincerely disagree with me. You don’t understand that a matter of fact is not a matter of opinion. Just because the fact I cite may be false does not make it an opinion. It is either true or it is false that all (and by all I mean within scientific accuracy – 95%) the straight players feel the way Culliver does. It is a matter of fact. If I do not have hard numbers, it may be false; but it is still a matter of fact. An opinion would be something immeasurable such as ‘athletes and the people who watch them are scum.’ This is immeasurable, and so it is my opinion, rather than a matter of fact. Can you tell the difference yet?

  107. MIKE says

    NULLNAUGHT: You are claiming that ALL straight players are homophobic. ALL. You are claiming ALL players would never accept a gay person in the lockeroom. ALL. You have not spoken to each and EVERY player. So you DO NOT KNOW that ALL players in the NFL are homophobic or would never accept a gay player in the lockeroom. So, that makes it YOUR opinion. Do you UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE? You cannot say that 100% of ALL players are this way if YOU DON’T KNOW THIS AS A PROVEN FACT! Again, do you understand what I am saying? If not, please have someone with a Grade 5 intelligence explain the difference to you. While you are at it, please point us to the “reasoned” portion of your ramblings. It just comes across as a bunch of over generalizations without any facts.

    “I have to personally take a poll to determine what they say publicly over and over.” Who are they? Have All 100% of NFL players have spoken publicly about gays in the NFL? No. Again, not ALL 100% of NFL players are homophobic. Yes, there are a lot, but not 100% as you keep claiming. So, unless you have asked all 100%, quit making the claim.

    I’m done trying to explain this to you.

  108. MIKE says

    OPINION: In general, an opinion is a belief about matters commonly considered to be subjective, i.e., it is based on that which is less than absolutely certain, and is the result of emotion or interpretation of facts.

    FACT: A fact (derived from the Latin factum) is something that has really occurred or is actually the case. The usual test for a statement of fact is verifiability, that is whether it can be proven to correspond to experience.

  109. NullNaught says


    Ask a logic teacher to explain to you the difference between a fact and an opinion. A fact can be wrong or even not easily determined and remain a fact. That it is a fact does not make it a confirmed fact. That it is a fact does not make it a true fact. That it is a fact only means that it has a truth value; true or false. You are stating I don’t know the truth value of the fact I am citing. I disagree in that enough players have spoken to make the general feelings known. I am speaking of general feelings. Do seriously ask a philosopher about facts and opinions. They are available on line. You really don’t know what you are talking about. Ask a philosopher, then come back and apologize for being so completely profoundly wrong.

  110. MIKE says

    “If I do not have hard numbers, it may be false; but it is still a matter of fact.”

    Wrong, until you have the hard numbers your 100% claim is opinion. The hard numbers are fact.

    For example:

    Opinion: organizers estimate the crowd at the event was 65,000.

    Fact: gate receipts show attendance was 45,000.

  111. NullNaught says


    Don’t take my word for it; ask a professional rather than continuing to make an idiot of yourself in public. That “opinion” you cite is an estimate, not an opinion. An opinion is something that is indeterminate; that does not have a truth value. In this case, the person making the estimate guesses at the fact; it remains a fact whether or not he has the hard numbers. You don’t know what you are talking about and you make yourself look silly.

  112. Bill says

    @Mike: Your “gate receipts” example doesn’t quite work as it only provides an estimate, although one that is most likely far better than that of an event’s organizers (who have an incentive to exaggerate). The problem is that people can sneak in, plus a few might get a phone call for about a “family emergency” and have to immediately leave.

    The difference is that when people who know what they are talking about measure things, whether directly or indirectly, they’ll give you meaningful estimates of the error in the measurement.

  113. NullNaught says


    You miss the point entirely. There is an actual number of attendees, whether known or not known. It is a matter of fact. It is measurable. It is well defined. A matter of opinion is something innately immeasurable like ‘Mike is a bad person,’ as opposed to ‘mike is 7′ 9″.’ Mike is probably not 7′ 9″, but he is SOME actual height. It is measurable and thus a matter of fact. In this case, probably a false fact. Whereas it is my opinion that mike is a bad person but not a matter of fact because the word ‘bad’ is not well defined and is immeasurable.

  114. NullNaught says


    “FACT: A fact (derived from the Latin factum) is something that has really occurred or is actually the case. The usual test for a statement of fact is verifiability, that is whether it can be proven to correspond to experience.” Yeah. The players could in theory be polled. Whether or not they have been polled doesn’t make it a fact; duh. It is a fact because it could in theory be determined.
    You don’t even understand what you quote. How do you even feed yourself without help?

  115. EYEROLL says

    You are a mess. Your post makes no sense to anybody with a brain. Actually it cannot be determined you twit. There are NFL players who are publicly on the side of gay people, gay rights and gay equality. So your claim that 100% of all NFL players being homophobes is wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Your theory has been disproven. Period. Go to bed.

  116. NullNaught says


    get your eyes tested; try reading what I write. I didn’t say there were none. I said most of them are probably closeted and the rest are statistically insignificant. You don’t make a convincing argument and you know it; that is why you have to use invective. If you had an argument you would stick to it rather than personal insults, wouldn’t you? But you don’t. My point has been and remains that there gay players will never be welcomed by straight players as teammates. Jocks are hugely homophobic. A few odd voices spitting in the wind make no difference.

  117. EYEROLL says

    Actually you did:

    “I just don’t see the point to singling this guy out for being honest about his feelings and saying what ALL the straight players are thinking.”

    That was Mike’s point and you missed it. You said all of the straight guys were thinking the same thing and are homophobic. His point was that not ALL of them are. You came back with a bunch of phooey that your “fact” may be right or wrong but you are still right. NOW you say “most of them are probably closeted and the rest are statistically insignificant.” You keep changing the parameters and talking in circles. You were wrong. End of story. Grow up.

  118. NullNaught says


    Read my words. I said that a fact is a fact whether it is a true fact or a false fact. You can argue facts. You can test them, more importantly. I may be right or wrong, but whether it is an opinion or not doesn’t change with whether I am actually right. A fact is something testable. A false fact has been tested and found not to be true. It is still a fact. What I said was ‘all,’ and then I clarified that I was speaking in scientific terms where ‘all’ means ‘all with a 95% or better accuracy.’ I suggest that 95% of the straight players have either reported antagonism, or condoned it while it was stated in their name. An example would be all the 49ers who remain silent in the face of Culliver’s comments. By being silent, they are tacitly agreeing with him. Therefore, they are homophobic scum. I did clarify my original position, but I haven’t changed anything. And on the fact thing, rather than argue with me about it, go to or some site that you trust and ask a teacher about this. I am telling you the truth.

  119. DUDE says

    “An example would be all the 49ers who remain silent in the face of Culliver’s comments. By being silent, they are tacitly agreeing with him.”

    Or maybe, just maybe they were told to shut up and not say anything by the 49’ers head office, you know, their bosse?? They are going into the biggest game of their careers and this has become a distraction so I’m sure they were told to not make it any worse and instead focus on training for the game. Did you ever think about that?

    You really like to jump to conclusions. But anyways, you will still say your claim is fact. It may be a false fact so that means you can still claim you are right either way whether it is true or not. We all see how your game works. You are a very petty and tiresome person.

  120. Dan B says


    Do you notice that you keep having to say “that’s not what I said?” Have you considered that you might not be communicating clearly? Let me help:

    What you mean by the phrase “unverified fact” is what most people refer to as a CLAIM.
    What you mean by the phrase “verified fact” is what most people refer to simply as a FACT.
    What you mean by the phrase “false fact” is what most people refer to as an ERROR or a FALSEHOOD. Have you ever noticed that people very rarely use the phrase “false fact?”

    Thoughts can only be as clear as the language used to express them.

  121. Sean says

    The interviewer is more to blame than the dumb jock. Look at him laughing and encouraging the response. It was a set-up. The interviewer didn’t care about gay
    rights. The questions were rhetorical and
    only asked in order to bash.