1. Lucrece says

    Too bad the state Vegas is in happily banned same sex marriage, so screw them.

    Nevada’s full of sleazy hypocrites.

  2. Michael says

    I’m not sure what’s more bothersome. Their idea that gays and lesbians don’t mingle or that gay people are all thin, fit and attractive with vast knowledge of the proper use of hair gel.

  3. nick says

    The comments above pretty much sums it up as far as I am concerned. Vegas -vulgar, cheap and phony- a destination place —not so much.

  4. says

    people, please. the ad is not perpetuating a stereotype of gay men all being fit and attractive. 99% of advertisements use models who are fit and attractive.

  5. Sam says

    Clearly this “gay” advertisement campaign was thought up by straight people.

    Yes, gay marriage is banned in Nevada so no shotgun gay weddings there either.

  6. Francis says

    I think it’s sleezy, but I don’t find anything offensive in this ad campaign. It’s a good thing they’re reaching out to the community, but that doesn’t mean Vegas is a place to go if you’re gay.

  7. says

    The Vegas Chamber of Commerce unveiled this campaign at the IGRA convention in November. They have been very eager to attract more gay events to town, and I think the way they are positioning themselves as an adult entertainment destination is smart. Based on the thinking of some of the commenters, there are 40 states or so that we should spend money in ( including California). Not really realistic.

  8. snb14 says

    I think the fact that gay men aren’t welcome to see most male entertainment on the strip gives me enough info about their values

  9. stranded says

    Having just spent the weekend there on business I can tell you the place isn’t fit for anyone with any self-respect.

  10. Gmitch says

    I find it fascinating that the straight people are still the focal point of these ads. It still isn’t about the gay man/woman, it’s still all about the straight man/woman…

  11. says

    It amuses me to think the boring middle America het couples whom these ads are targeting (?) would be enticed by these scenes. “We could be that couple, honey!”

  12. Craig says

    Yeah, a straight couple that met an hour ago in a sleazy casino lounge can go to a tacky pink “chapel” and get married by an Elvis impersonator and it’s 100% recognized world-wide.

    A same sex couple together 20 or more years, raising children together… sorry, that would destroy the sanctity of marriage.

  13. Goodcarver says

    Cheap (not inexpensive,tho), gaudy and sleazy. And if I wanted to do the gambling thing, I can do it approx. five miles from my house.

  14. 99% says

    Just ask any of the bastards shoving titty bar fliers in you face where the gay bars are; then tell me again how welcoming this scum-hole of a city is.

  15. alex says

    Writing off or boycotting an entire state because it does not allow gay marriage is incredibly short-sighted. Last I checked, every single one of those states still has millions of people who do support equal rights for lesbians and gays. Economically punishing that minority (which often times is only a few percentage points smaller than the majority) is rather insane.

    If you disagree, how do you feel if the concept is reframed? Since the majority of US states do not have marriage equality, do you believe that people from other countries should unilaterally boycott the entire USA?

  16. Tanoka says

    Such bad marketing! Someone needs to take a class or two.
    But it’s probably the tourist board filled with boring people who decided what the campaign would look like.

    How does this campaign appeal to anyone at all?

  17. OberonOZ says

    Is it just me, or does that guy sitting down in the bottom left of the first ad look like Kirk Cameron. Funny if so, that the gay couple are looking down at him and saying “Even straight people are welcome!”

  18. johnny says

    Sorry, I have several problems with these ads.

    They continue to create a division between straight and gay and foster an “us vs. them” mentality. Rather than being an inclusive situation where it didn’t matter if you were gay or straight, good looking or plain in order to enjoy a specific location, this kind of ad seems to say “OK, come look at us in Vegas” as if gay people were some kind of zoo animal or tourist attraction.

    As well, it perpetuates a totally cliché image of gay people that really no longer exists: groomed to the max, perfect clothing and hair, young and fit (with the added layer of the lie that lesbians and gay men never mix).

    Someone at that ad agency forgot that gays come in all sizes and shapes and most of us are not models.

    All in all, a horribly stupid campaign. And Vegas is truly a toilet anyway that most people should avoid.

  19. Brian says

    Every city has its share of sleaziness (talking to you, NYC and LA). Vegas may not be a model propriety, but just like any other town, it is what you make of it. I’ve always enjoyed the times I’ve spent there.

  20. Jen says

    There is little sense of gay community or even good nightlife for gays in Vegas. I was there this summer around Pride and it was laughable. I will not return and these ads are misleading.

  21. Paul R says

    My ex and I were always treated fine in Vegas. But if you don’t like nature (outside the city) or gambling or expensive shows, it’s not somewhere you want to go. Not because it’s antigay, but because you’ll run out of things to do within a few days.

  22. jamal49 says

    Absurd. Las Vegas is a sh*thole and will always be a sh*thole. Go beyond the glitz and glitter of The Strip and you find a very sad, very dysfunctional city that exists only because of irrigation. Without the wasting of millions of gallons of water a year, Las Vegas would still be a dusty one-horse town, lost in the vast expanse of the unforgiving Nevada desert. Why in the hell would any sane, principled, gay or lesbian person ever think of vacationing in that tacky, tawdry, pathetic excuse for a city?

  23. TB says

    I’ve been to a couple of gay events in Las Vegas. At one the hotel staff insisted on wearing rubber gloves to handle towels at the pool side because gays were in the pool and the staff did not want to catch AIDS. At another hotel security patrolled the halls and stairwells to prevent any display of male/male affection – this from the city that regularly hosts hooker and tailhook conventions. Vegas friendly to gays? That’ll be the day.