1. Houndentenor says

    No idea if that’s what he said, but we’ve all heard Boehner enough to know that whatever he said, he deserved more than an eyeroll from FLOTUS.

  2. james says

    Mrs. Boehner is sitting next to her husband. Please note she is not smiling.

    One would hope the President responded with, “Well, I love my wife and children so much I decided not to kill myself with cancer sticks like you’re doing. Just another reason I’m better than you.”

    But it looks from the video that something happened that needed them to applaud.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I still don’t see an eye roll, epic or otherwise. She looks toward Boehner, then out front, then back at her food.

  4. Geoff says

    As most of the American people have just done: a quick eye-roll…then smiling wisely into the future. The GOP is dead.

  5. Oliver says

    Boehner’s personality is so unattractive and his smoking just further completes the package to make him so off-putting

  6. Lee says

    I can’t believe no ones noticed the point when he taps her on the arm and she pulls her arm closer to herself. LOLS!!! She obviously does not like him.

  7. ratbastard says

    You people are too funny. It was a harmless joke…small talk, chitchat…it lightened the mood. And her body language and response is exaggerated, which indicates she found it amusing ,also.

  8. ratbastard says

    I notice the two men seem to get along fine…it’s the ‘ladies’ who seem to have attitudes. Same as in the real world outside the white house, women tend to be more sensitive and easily offended and ‘hurt’ than males. Yes, I KNOW…I said something un-P.C., it doesn’t fit the ‘progressive’ narrative.

  9. ratbastard says

    Yes, I did, Polyboy. It’s a GENERALIZATION made to make a point…I’m sure no ‘progressive’ would not understand making generalizations to make a greater point.

    Males and females are different [this is generally not a good or bad thing]. We generally think, feel emotions, etc., differently. The reason there’s often conflict between the genders [aside from various ideologies that encourage conflict and radicalization, and marketing/advertising techniques] is some females and males simply refuse to acknowledge [for whatever reason[s]] our differences. This makes me ‘Misogynist’ to think and say this, Polyboy?

  10. Alex Parrish says

    …so maybe it’s not the spray-tan that makes him orange; maybe he’s smoked — like a ham…

  11. AriesMatt says

    @Lee, not only does she move her arm, but she repositions it in a more defensive manner blocking Boehner. There are just too many gems in this little clip! LOVE HER!

  12. SFRowGuy says

    Three years? Good for him. Michelle made him stop? Good for her, and him. Why doesn’t Boehner’s wife make him stop?

  13. AG says

    So which is it, Ratbastard? She got the joke or she was incensed? If you’re going to troll for a response, you could try to be consistent. Or don’t, and keep bringing the lolz. I actually agree with your first take, that she got the joke. Looks like she found it as about as funny as lung cancer.

    And it’s really, really rich of you to generalize women as being hypersensitive when you have John “I have multiple Tumblrs dedicated to pictures of me crying” Boehner at the same table.

    Frankly, I think the FLOTUS exhibited a significant amount of restraint given that she was groped by a soggy Oompah-Loompah. I’d have jumped out of my skin faster than Angela Merkel being shoulder-rubbed by George W. Bush.

  14. Gry says

    The tool is famed for freakin’ passing out checks from the tobacco industry on the House floor.

    He has all the class and bearing of an ashtray.

  15. MoMo says

    She is at an event honoring her husband’s inauguration and the boner is making jokes and popping her on the arm like they are sitting in an elementary school cafeteria. Eye roll justified.

  16. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    Boehner’s lucky she didn’t slap him for that disgraceful act of familiarity.

  17. andrew says

    If that is what Boehner said, it was a joke. The kind of shot guys take at each other when making small talk.

  18. says

    Maybe someone’s said this already (I didn’t read all of the comments) but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the First Lady eating! She could be picking her nose and I’d still think she’s pretty damn awesome.

  19. says

    After 20+ years standing at a styling chair, over 300 clients and a full 1/3 of them Black women, I can say with expertise and confidence that that moment is as close as the public will ever get to seeing the First Mom deliver an ass-whoopin’. Ask any juvenile deliquent child of a Black mother what follows that face… if they can stop their teeth from chattering in fear they’ll tell you in low, awed and fearful whispers.

    GAWDS!!, I loves me some Michelle.

  20. Markt says

    These comments have been fun. Thanks.
    It’s had job to be First Lady especially when sitting next to the one man who could make it a little easier but doesn’t. It probably doesn’t matter really whether they get along but If she could find a way to break some of that ice, there is one snowball in hell that it could be helpful in the future.

  21. Art says

    He did not just said that in front of her. He didn’t just deserved and eye roll, but a hand to the face and a shaking of the head.