Fantasia Barrino’s Anti-Gay Remarks Ruined Her Week: ‘Middle Finger Up to Those Who Seak (Sic) to Destroy Me’


Former American Idol contestant Fantasia Barrino, whose remarks about gay marriage and The Bible made headlines last week, took to Instagram once again to express her anger (see the image she posted, above).

Said Barrino: "My whole team is gay, my manager is gay, middle finger up to those who seak (sic) to destroy me. It won't work."

Said Barrino in her original posting: "I Rise ABOVE IT ALL!!! THE WORLD IS GONE MAD. KIDS, THE GOVERNMENT THE church House… Everybody Trying!!!!!!! Its a lot that going on that the Bible speaks about we should Not be doing. Weed legal in some places, Gay Marriage Legal BUT YET IM JUDGED!!! I'm not doing Nothing for you… My Life!!!!"

She later released a personal statement, saying "I don't want to be judged."


  1. will says

    The Bible talks about weed? Really?

    I myself give her room to grow & evolve. Her heart’s in the right place I think. So many in our culture has had anti-gay stuff shoved down its throat since childhood. It’s difficult to overcome that conditioning within a few years. It’s like being indoctrinated with religion — anti-gay sentiment IS part of most religions — and hard to break the chains. She’s trying. So, props.

  2. MarkRocks says

    Umm.. if you don’t want to be judged, two suggestions:
    1. Stop posting crap judging others. To go back to elementary school: “You started it”.
    2. Go back to high school and finish some sort of English class – or get a GED. What you write is often unintelligible, poorly written, and full of spelling errors. It just makes you an easier target!

  3. Pete N SFO says

    In her defense, you really can’t hold an idiot accountable.

    She footnoting the thousands years old words of men who would have seen her as a slave or less.

    Yawn… is anyone else tired of hearing about dimwitted bible-thumpers?!

  4. danswon says

    No idea who this moron was before this blew up but she is SO STUPID. It is very clear that her original statement was anti-equal marriage.

  5. Mark says

    Now she’s getting desperate and it’s pathedic.
    She was VERY clear with her original comments, no one took her statement out of context. She clearly made a connection with “gay marriage” (marriage equality, get with it sweetie) and the Bible, saying the world has gone mad going against His word with things like gay marriage. Clearly she believes this book of nonsense. Slavery is rampant throughout the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments, how does she feel about that?!

  6. Dastius Krazitauc says

    It got *blown up* because she allowed it to. She should have explained what she meant, instead of citing her gay manager and supporters. If she is seriously interested in putting out the flames, she should sit down with someone who can write, and have them help her explain it well instead of continuing to blame the people who *misunderstood* her.

  7. Chadd says

    It always makes me laugh when (semi) famous people make stupid statements in public forums and are then surprised by the public backlash. If you want to live your life on stage, then you have to be prepared for the audience reaction. Poor English aside, will someone please tell her that you can’t fix a stupid rant by continuing to rant and that the “but I have gay friends” defense doesn’t work.

  8. Eric says

    She was completely illiterate during her run on Idol. Afterward she admitted it and learned how to read. Regardless of your reaction to her initial statement, getting all nasty towards her because of her lack of education makes you all look nearly as bad as she does.

  9. Sean in Dallas says

    This is PRECISELY why punctuation and composition matter–without it, you have a close to zero chance of being understood the way you intended.

  10. darkorient says

    I actually understand what she is trying to say. Don’t be too harsh on her, she was illiterate before and the fact that she learned how to read and write at her age is commendable.

  11. Alex Parrish says

    For better or worse, she is in the public eye and she WILL be judged by her actions and her statements. Perhaps she made the initial statement in a pique of anger and it doesn’t represent her rational self — but she is no more immune to criticism for her outburst than someone like Charlie Sheen. If you hold your tantrum in public, you’re going to be called-out for it; count on it. She needs to understand the reasons so many people found her words objectionable and I don’t think she gets it. “My best friends are gay” does not excuse “but deep in my heart I know this is somehow bad.”

  12. rjp3 says

    How sad – I respect her for respecting the gay community. I do not doubt that. It is just this immature ghetto behavior that is far to rampant in the pop stars of today. She has unpleasant victimization issues.

  13. Matt says

    Ugh! Everyone’s a freaking victim! Why does anyone care what this illiterate drama queen thinks anyway?

  14. Rob says

    I’ve been bemused by those who try to explain this kerfuffle (which is all it is – she’s not THAT important) by saying she didn’t know how to express herself. I can’t replicate her unique verbal stylings but there clearly was a statement “doing things the bible tells us not to – weed, gay marriage.” That linking cannot be put down to to difficulty with language. Sure she may be gay friendly – to a point. But when anyone uses my right to equality as an example of the world gone mad; they’re not my friend.

  15. fafad says

    It’s not that she only loves the gay community, she loves everyone. She tries to be as humble as she possibly can and the minute she does something people take it and run with it. Anything to make a good person look bad. And people know that gays are hypersensitive and they saw that and was like HELL NO. And she was speaking up for herself.

  16. fafad says

    It’s not that she only loves the gay community, she loves everyone. She tries to be as humble as she possibly can and the minute she does something people take it and run with it. Anything to make a good person look bad. And people know that gays are hypersensitive and they saw that and was like HELL NO. And she was speaking up for herself.

  17. T.s. says

    I hadn’t even heard of her until Towleroad posted multiple times about her, and I am horrified by her lack of literacy, but two things:

    1) Adult illiteracy is an enormous problem in the US. I only recently learned about the breadth of it by speaking with artists who are working on projects to combat the problem. I have compassion for her and hope she takes some time to improve.

    2) Because her sentence is so poorly constructed, it can be taken many ways. It wasn’t taken out of context (her PR person needs to be fired), but PERHAPS it was misinterpreted. I think the image accompanying the original message provides a clue: It is salacious by Biblical standards and bound to provoke judgment from more religious sorts. Read in that light, she seems to be saying (terribly ineptly) that the world is not operating by Biblical standards anymore, that there is plenty of madness out there, but people take time to judge her behavior that doesn’t affect them.

    I honestly think that’s what she was attempting to say, and it is sad and ironic that her statement only provoked more vitriol. As a public figure, she needs to be better at communicating…or get a better PR manager. Furthermore, she should leave gay rights out of it. It may be a hot button issue that illustrates her point in an oblique way to the bigots out there (and frankly, the oppression of gays and women both stem from the same root of patriarchy), but it was asking for trouble from the start when her mention of it here almost seems to want to redirect scorn toward her behavior back toward gays. Even beyond the poor writing, the logic is not well considered there…

  18. Ken says

    All she needs to do to make this controversy go away is to make a clear and coherent statement that she supports equality for gay people. But she seems to be unable or unwilling to do that.

  19. jamal49 says

    Dear Fantasia, you’re baked, honey. Done. Over. At this point, I’d go back for the GED and work on your spelling and stuff.

  20. says

    helpful hint – when you’re making a ‘mea culpa’ it’s good to point out that you’re most upset with yourself for being inarticulate and causing a message to get mixed.

    just sayin’

  21. Steve says

    She’s performed at “to many” [sic] gay clubs and pride events, which reminds me of something I’ve been thinking for a long time: we REALLY need to raise the bar for who performs at our events. Somewhere along the line our event organizers all decided that straight female dance artist = gay catnip. At last year’s LA Pride Lil’ Kim did a set. Huh? She’s not really that interesting, her music is generic, she’s never done anything to advocate for gay issues, and she’s a lowlife who went to jail for perjuring herself in connection with a shooting. I know I’m going off topic here, but it happens every year and it’s so disappointing.

  22. Troy says

    Steve is right. I suppose statements like this, however, let us know where the artist stands in terms of equality. I doubt she gets booked at many gay venues in the future. Her star has long faded (if it ever sparked up in the first place). I doubt she can afford to be seen as bigoted.

  23. vini says

    Maybe if she’d learn to express herself in grammatically correct and coherent sentences she’d have less people ‘misunderstanding’ her ramblings.

  24. jjose712 says

    I believe her.
    Unfortunately she is not very articulate and her message didn’t sound the way she wanted. That’s one of the risk of twitter

  25. Mike B. says

    There are a lot of comments about her English. But she’s doing pretty well for someone who was illiterate not so long ago.

  26. GregV says

    Marijuana is legally permitted in only very restricted circumstances in a very small number of states, while thousands of Americans have been charged or imprisoned for using it on their own time.
    As for married gay couples, they have limited limited (not equal) rights in a select small number of states.
    There are no legal sanctions against Fantasia. She is not being threatened with prison (like marajuana users in most states) and she is not being denied access to equal rights like gay couples are.

    If gay couples had to face only the type of disapproval that Fantasia does then we would have already WON every battle that every major gay rights organization is fighting.
    And if every pothead out there only had to worry that his mother-in-law and some Twitter followers might furrow their brows and shake their heads at him, then he would no longer have any substantial thing to worry about in regards to his pot habit.

    I realize that Fantasia is uneducated and virtually illiterate. But that is a reason that she should not be attempting to support any argument by citing literature that she has never read or understood (such as the Bible or the law books).
    The Bible does not mention “weed” or “gay marriage” at any point in all its books. It does denounce “adultery” quite a lot.

    Neither her legal comparisons nor her Bible-referencing comparisons to her situation and others’ make any sense.

    Maybe now that she is learning to read, she will start to slowly realize the inconsistencies in all that she has been taught (probably by other barely literate people) about what is purportedly written (but which they’ve never read).

    And now that she is learning to write, she will slowly realize that she needs to stop trying to bolster arguments by citing writings that she has never read or understood.

  27. says

    Fantasia –
    I, too, am very upset. Being friendly with gay people and having gay people on your staff isn’t the same as believing in Equality; there was a sad time when white households use to employ black folks who they were fond of, too — doesn’t mean they saw them as Equals. And for the record, performing at gay events and rallying the Gay Fans to buy your albums doesn’t mean you support us, and saying “I don’t judge anyone” is a cop-out statement; refraining from passing judgment on others isn’t some big favor you’re doing. Even your statement of not caring “who we marry or how we want to be” is offensive as hell. How we WANT to be? OK, lesson time: being gay is not an affliction, it’s as random and inconsequential as being short or dark-skinned or blue eyed or talented. And sexuality is not a thing we decide we want, no more than you decided that you want to be a singer, you were born a singer – a great singer actually. Your ignorance however, is a choice.

    I’m tired of hearing everything BUT a sincere apology coming from you, so I think we are done. I had hoped you would come correct and own your statements, and maybe ask for some help on learning more about these Gays you say you love but whose marriages you feel are destroying the world you live in. So that’s that. You’re just like a pill instead of making me better you keep making me ill. Oh wait, that’s a song by P!nk — she’s a terrific example of an artist who values and truly supports her fans EQUALLY. You should take a lesson from her, she’ll be around for a LONG time.

    Chris, a homosexual