Former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey Has Given Up Quest for Priesthood, Wants to Get Married

The Daily Beast sits down with former NJ Governor Jim "I am a gay American" McGreevey, who muses on New Jersey politics — Chris Christie's presidential ambitions, and Cory Booker's senate ambitions. He also reveals that after an initial rejection from the Episcopal Diocese of Newark in his bid for the priesthood back in April, he has given those ambitions up:

Mcgreevey"For me, being gay—and the [Catholic] Church had taught—was 'abominable sin.' It was worthy of hell," McGreevey says, explaining why he fled the religion of his Irish-Catholic upbringing. "That's also what's sad about me and my friends who are Catholic, whether they're gay or straight, or straight and divorced. It's just that religion and faith ought to be a place of support, of nurturing, of transcendence, as opposed to condemnation … In many ways, religion can become paternalistic, regimental, rigid, patriarchal, and be stifling as opposed to ennobling." As for his ambition to be a priest, "for now," McGreevey says, "I've put that up on the shelf."

And despite the hell he was dragged through in his divorce with ex-wife Dina, he wants to marry again:

McGreevey and O'Donnell would like the option of marriage, but "we don't have gay marriage in New Jersey," McGreevey says—because last February, his friend Chris Christie vetoed the bill that would have legalized same-sex marriage.

"I look forward to the day when marriage is accepted fully," McGreevey says. "There ought not be gradations of marriage; all persons ought to be treated equally. We passed domestic partnership when I was governor [and in the closet]. I was not publicly in favor of gay marriage then … But there can't be one status for straight America and a lesser status for gay America … My sense is that the public is far ahead of the political class, and especially for the next generation, it's a yawn. The shelf life of those who would oppose it is diminishing rapidly."


  1. Rich F. says

    “We passed domestic partnership when I was governor. I was not publicly in favor of gay marriage then…”

    Because you’re an opportunist and a bloody coward.

  2. mike8787 says

    You know which NJ Governor also didn’t work to pass any marriage laws for same-sex couples? Jim McGreevey.

  3. Jack M says

    It’s funny when other people see where someone’s life is going and that person doesn’t see it himself.

  4. Ginway says

    The linked article, being the post on The Daily Beast, was so horribly written, in my own personal opinion, because of the fact that it was ridden with run on sentences that seem to go forever due to the fact that the writer seemingly lacks proper enough command of the English language to realize that, while elementary, punctuation usage is essential to the conveyance of ideas in a manner that your intended audience can easily and conveniently digest since that is the purpose of journalism.

  5. anon says

    Hopefully he won’t marry another woman. And, hopefully he will fade from the limelight. His opinions aren’t original enough to merit attention and he hasn’t really talked about the bad things he’s done or good things he’s neglected to do (to and for others) when in office. In his interviews, all he ever talks about is the harm he did to himself. Golly.

  6. Jay says

    McGreevey seems like a parasite to be honest. He doesn’t seem to be willing to do anything for all the rights and comforts he would like to enjoy.

  7. simon says

    He has his place in US history as the first gay governor and first highest ranking public official who is gay. Of course we are excluding rumoured ones like Lincoln or James Buchanan.

  8. ratbastard says

    Joking aside, he’s a nice looking guy for his age range. He shouldn’t have problems getting laid.

    Other than that he’s a typical politician. I don’t necessarily hate or dislike politicians, they just have to play within a broken system. The average citizen is just as much to blame as politicians for our problems.

  9. Contrarian says

    Why use a photo-shopped picture, Towleroad? He is not nor has ever been an Episcopal minister/priest. As long as I asking questions, why Towleroad readers are you so unforgiving? Yes, his administration was troubled and he was one messed up dude. But isn’t redemption and forgiveness in the vocabulary here, or must many play to stereotype and be heartless bitches.

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    A minor correction, it’s April 2011, not 2012. Apparently you haven’t gotten used to the year change yet.

    More to the point about the photoshop – why did you repeat it from the April 2011 post, where you were at least very clear what you had done?

    @Ginway: ROFLMAO

  11. Thomas Cardellino says

    In reference to LUVURLIVR’s understandable by faulty comment about “most” of the people who seek public office being “broken,” I beg to differ. Never having run for or held an elected office, I am saddened for the sake of our democracy when I see people buy into the decades-long echo chamber rants denigrating public service. For some Republicans and self-styled Libertarians, the constant drumbeat these past few decades has been similar to what I consider the treasonous rhetoric of Grover Norquist who once said that he’d like to shrink the federal government of these great United States of America to a size where he could thereupon drown it in a bathtub! How would we have fared after 9/11 if little self-mighty Grover had had his way? How would the millions of children, human beings also known as Americans, born into poverty not of their choosing have fared (even though their plight in all too many cases is tragically desperate still) with a federal government impotent to help them receive life sustaining nutrition and citizenship training through federally assisted programs to educate the less fortunate in this, the wealthiest nation EVER to exist on Earth? I could go on and on about just what it is the federal government does to foil terrorist activities even though I worry about the federal wiretapping and Guantanamo and the federal protection of criminal Wall Street Banksters and other multi-millionaire grifters. But this is our America still, and to casually denigrate the vast majority of federal workers (of which I was one many years ago) and those elected politicians who fight the good fight daily against the moneyed lobbyists, is to cave into the kind of Koch Brother funded destruction of America’s reputation for their calloused personal financial gains. These scoundrels can afford the kind of personal security needed by the wealthiest Russians, Chinese, Sheiks and dictators worldwide who amass 100’s of billions in ill-gotten gains to live wherever they want. We loyal and dedicated Americans, however, must have faith enough in what does remain of our democracy to quell the rise of immense proportions of the “untouchable” class of the super wealthy Americans who’d rather call any other country home, were it not for our effectively low income and capital gains taxes, as well as their ability to ship by the billions dollars overseas beyond our IRS and solely for their insatiable greed.
    Most politicians are not “broken” but the corporate media would have us all believe so in order that even less than the present rate of 30% of eligible voters go out to exercise their fought for and died for franchise and regain control over Capitol Hill, The White House, and subsequently, The Supreme Court on behalf of what is in the best interests of almost all Americans, rather than the moneyed classes.