1. Matt26 says

    I’d like journalists to learn to ask questions, no long introductions, but simply asking questions.
    I like James Franco because he doesn’t explain too much, there is a mystery and it is good for an artist.

  2. Sam says


    Pretty outside, horrible inside.

    Unless the dude comes out as bi, he’s just pandering to us for money. At least Daniel Radcliffe gets involved with LGBT causes.

  3. Troy says

    People are all ways making things up to attack rich and famous people in show business like James Franco and John Travolta and others to bring them down and try to destroy their reputation and the funny thing is they never succeed in doing that but they do make themselves look like nut jobs when they say lies about people.

  4. stephen lucas says

    It surprises me that most of the responses to this topic are along the lines of how good looking James Franco is. What about the effin teasing he sustained as a kid?

    I just get the feeling that a lot of gay men don’t want to broach a painful subject – and that is that young women can be extremely homophobic. You like to pretend that every young woman is a fag hag. Maybe they are but they’re not fag hags because they respect our sexuality. They’re treating us as an accessory.

  5. Gabe R L says

    Yes, it is true, many young girls can be just as cruel about male homosexuality as young boys, if not worse. Paradoxically, though, many can be a gay boy’s greatest support system, more so even than other gay boys.

  6. Fahd says

    I like James Franco because he’s attractive and sexy.

    There was some page six blind item about a closeted gay actor flying across country and “raping” his ex. Some outlets implied it was him. Has there been any clarification about this?

    In reference to this MTV clip, answering that “big” question by reference to his minor high school thing is consistent with excessive marijuana consumption and falling asleep in class – where you miss the part about when they are teaching you to develop your critical thinking skills.

    I wish he were (had been) (would be) my lover.

  7. Dan says

    Can we PLEASE stop with the “cock tease”? Has he ever come on to you and then had second thoughts? No? Then your choice of words is POOR!
    Also, no matter male, female, gay, straight, bi or anything in between, no matter how far you’ve gotten into the action, you’re allowed to not want to go any further! If not, we might as well legalize rape!
    So let’s all fight for stopping the use of cock tease NOW!

  8. anony6 says

    Love James Franco and can’t wait to see these upcoming projects. The guys an artist. Some say his projects aren’t avant garde, but tell that to all the hollywood stars closeted or straight who are not willing to challenge gender or sexuality rules. Tell that to the studios who are also afraid to touch such topics which may offend the “sensibilities” of middle america. Truth is, almost no one in mainstream hollywood is doing what Franco is doing on such a public stage.

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