1. will says

    This looks totally cheesy. Will anyone really be entertained by “Interior. Leather Bar”? I don’t need to know more of what “real bondage” looks like. Perhaps James will do actual porn next. And we can all admire his courage and call it art.

  2. Matt26 says

    JF has gut and he dares to do different things, out of our the usual and ordinary, it makes him a fine director, actor and artist. So rare in Hollywood nowadays. (And he is handsome.)

  3. Rick says

    I’m not quite sure of what to make of Mr. Franco. He could either be a truly New Age man who is totally sexually and socially liberated to the point that he is fascinated by how all men will relate to each other once they have all liberated themselves entirely from dependence on women……..

    OR…..he is just fascinated by the experience of being social outcasts, as gays were for most of their existence, in which case he sees our history as fodder for exploring what it is like to be social outcasts…..which could be supportive (is he sympathetic to us?) or could be offensive (does he see us as animals in a zoo?), depending on how you look at it…..

  4. ratbastard says

    I’m a gay man. I’ve NEVER been into bondage, S&M and ‘leather’. I would feel like a fool hanging out in a bar or club in a leather vest, leather pants/chaps and a cheesy leather hat. I’m suspicious of anyone gay or not who gets off on hurting others, who get off on other human beings pain and suffering.

    But that’s just me. I once knew a guy who worked at a non-profit charity organization. He was very ‘mild’, even meek, and very PC. But, he got off a ‘owning’ slaves and was heavily into bondage

  5. UFFDA says

    Franco IS rather obsessed. But he’s kinda fun. I’d have to be placed in bondage to ever see this celluloid ejaculate, but I hope he shot a good one in the making.

  6. MikeSin says

    Ugh, he sucks. If you want to see what Mr. Franco is so desperately trying to achieve watch Ryan Sullivan’s ISLAND. I wish he could keep his cameras and bright lights out of the SF underground; it’s meant to be dark, not dissected. The previews for Kink and Interior look an awful lot like those Real Sex made for cable wankumentaries. Did he really just reference 50SoG?

  7. Pig says

    I’m tired of his “Oh, look – aren’t I being edgy and shocking?!” schtick. Maybe if he just came out of the closet he might actually be interesting.

  8. Sam says

    90 percent of comments on Franco have turned into the most pathetic tall poppy syndrome afflicted illustrations of tragedy I’ve ever seen.

    Here is a mainstream actor, financially successful in his career, recognizable to millions, who is ALSO creatively adventurous enough to take on a multitude of independent films that are outside the norm. Ignore the subject matter for five seconds and just appreciate that this guy could be just a generic Hollywood actor, but has instea chosen to try other things.

    As for the material itself, what is so wrong with it? These criticisms seem to boil down to either you think Franco is a closet case and revile him for it or you question his motives like he’s some rampant homophobe. You might not like his subject matter or style but for the love of god stop acting like he’s flipping us off.

  9. MichaelJ says

    I don’t think his intentions are bad, but I am not comfortable with Franco being a “sexual tourist” to the gay community. (I use quotes because I am repeating a term I discovered in an item on Franco on — see link below.) I felt the same way when Madonna discovered and publicized the old Gaiety strip joint off of Times Square in New York. I would be more interested in films about bondage and/or people into bondage made by people into bondage. Franco should make a film examining why some publicly straight famous people (and I take his word that he’s not a closet case) seem obsessed with gay people.

  10. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Whether your assessment of Franco’s work is thumbs up or thumbs down, judge the work on its merits. I suppose it is also fair to comment on Franco’s fascination with sex between men, especially because he seems to have no such artistic fascination with lesbian sex. In Franco’s work, I don’t see any evidence of hostility or wish to degrade the notion of sex between men. The reason is simple. Whenever homophobes (or even people who condescend) make reference to sex between men, they are always careful to make it look unappealing, that is to say, they strive to repel the audience or listener. James Franco does exactly the opposite, and that is VERY obvious throughout his work. So I would toss out the conspiracy theories about Franco harboring a secret wish to discredit gay or bisexual men and make them look unappealing and unattractive. Throw out the tin foil hats (which don’t work anyway), and use aluminum foil for its intended purpose: to wrap food for storing in the freezer.

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