1. Icebloo says

    I still cannot believe the evil Republicans plan to steal the election didn’t work.

    We are so lucky to have dodged the bullet of a Martian Mitt Romney presidency.

    Now we need to start building for Hillary’s election. We have to start NOW so we have a chance of competing against the vast Republican money.

    ….and everyone should read this –>

  2. bandanajack says

    don’t even start to rest. while the inauguration was still in progress, and one, just one, virginia state senator chose to attend the ceremony, making the 20 20 ratio in the senate 20 19, ramrodded a bill through that would make it impossible for a democrat to get more than 4 electoral votes. it may still hit the courts, or the republican governor could veto it(uh huh)but that is going on in almost every republican governed state, in the dark of night, with no notice.
    if repubicans can win on the merits they will devise a better way to cheat the system…

    rachel maddow explains how this is done on her blog.

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