1. Autarchic says

    Riveting. Horrifying. Stunning.

    I’m no fan of Piers Morgan, but this is–to my eyes–one of the most unbelievable snapshots of lunacy I have ever witnessed.

    “…suicide pills…mass-murder pills…”

    The last 60 seconds of this are jaw-dropping.

  2. johnny says

    This guy needs to be in a straightjacket and on meds, STAT!

    This is exactly how the fringe right tends to get their way, they simply railroad over any kind of true give-and-take discussion and think that LOUD and crazy wins.


  3. Critifur says

    THIS is exactly why we need gun control. This guy is a complete nut job, and should certainly not be allowed to own guns. Wholly crap! This man will go even further over the edge, not much further to go, and kill someone himself. Seriously?!?

  4. Jack M says

    Jones is his own worst argument. I can’t for the life of me understand why people like him are so paranoid and hostile. They seem to live in a fantasy world where they believe themselves to be rabid patriots defending their property and family against a menacing government. These people are what medication is made for.

  5. Jonathan says

    Jack M… the reason “why people like him are so paranoid and hostile” is evident. But because you probably avoid listening to right wing radio and television talkers it seems hard to understand. These are the same people who “believe” Obama is an illegal alien. They are told the same lies and propaganda over and over and over. It’s an effective way to control the weak minded. And this guy is the proof.

  6. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “I can’t for the life of me understand why people like him are so paranoid and hostile.”

    I can’t understand it either, Jack M. Over Christmas I learned my 20 y.o. nephew sleeps with a loaded gun within reach and he insists that his girlfriend do as well. They live in a very rural area where crime is almost unheard of.

  7. AJ says

    He had one part of it right. I honestly think the way the news media handles these mass shootings is to blame for there being more and more of them. Other than that, he is a maniac who lives in a constant state of fear and horror at everything around him and he spreads that BS to everyone who tunes in and drinks his Kool-Aid.

  8. TampaZeke says

    Idiocy dangerously mixed with lunacy from the old faithful, “Might is Right” brigade. In their world, he who has the biggest guns and can win in a physical fight is RIGHT.

    “I’ll wear red, white and blue and you can wear your jolly roger!” Let me first point out that he obviously meant “Union Jack” but he’s too stupid to know the difference between a Union Jack and a Jolly Roger. Now that we understand that, please allow me to translate his statement from Teabagistani into English, “I’ll wear red, white and blue and you can wear the colors of your commie, faggot Britishter flag!”

    And he’s one of the more intelligent orators of Teabagistan!

  9. simon says

    He doesn’t need guns to protect his family since they probably have all left. His family members are the ones who need guns to protect themselves from this lunatic.

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    Whatever Morgan was on I’d like to have some of it. One thing is clear: to Jones, no facts are allowed.

    “…why people like him are so paranoid and hostile.”

    They were raised that way.

  11. Natamaxxx says

    This guys (and others like him) are nothing more than a powerless, fat, middle aged heterosexual, white man with a hero complex. He’s realized that he will never be anyone of any importance or signifigance and he is inheriting a country where fat, middle aged, heterosexual white men are losing control of everything to the minority/majority, instead of “coming to their own” sense of power, control and entitlement. The closest he will ever get to holding the “power” his ancestors had is whatever he can shoot out of a gun and into someone else (problaby preferably black, mexican, or gay, you know, the enemy).

  12. brad says

    Jonathon – good point on right wing radio. My dad has turned into a nut job who ruined christmas dinner arguing crazy talking points to prove Obama is not a citizen. Did you know his birth certificate was typed by a different typewriter than all the other birth certificates? My dad voted for Clinton in 92. He started listening to right wing talk radio when a new job added a 2 hour daily commute.

  13. andrew says

    Trying to have a reasonable debate with a 2nd Amendment absolutust is like trying to debate religion and the bible with a Phelps lunatic. It can’t be done. But it probably helps to undermine their cause by allowing people to see just how crazy they are.

  14. N says

    Well.. he sure isn’t mental health to own a gun (let alone 50+). And good job on Piers for completely discrediting him with one question about his beliefs on 9/11

  15. ratbastard says

    You people are funny. Jones of course is an entertainer. Who knows what he’s really all about, nothing would surprise me, including if he was some kind of intelligence organization asset. That said, if you actually listened to him, he made perfectly legitimate points. As for the government poisoning citizens with drugs, his actual point is we have way too many people, especially kids and young adult, all hopped up on dangerous psychotropic drugs, and that this very much plays a major role in many acts of violence and suicides, which are epidemic. This is a bad situation, and it isn’t adequately discussed and no attempt is made to remedy the situation because the big pharma corporations make VERY BIG $ off th drugs [and the federal government helps subsidize this business model]. NO mainstream media source is going to seriously question this widespread drug use because of the huge $ made from pharma advertising. Likewise, their lobbying organizations own politicians in D.C. and state capitals. This is not a wild conspiracy, it’s in fact the truth.

    Morgan doesn’t impress me in the slightest. Aside from the fact he had to run out of the UK because of nefarious sh*t he did their, his claim that he remains sedate in interviews like this one with Jones is he wants to have a rational discussion. In fact, he simply ignored everything Jones said, and most of what he said was in fact legitimate and rational, if not his delivery. Morgan’s mantra is England has low ‘gun crime’. That’s it. He of course neglects to mention England has high rates of violent crime in general, especially in it’s urban areas, lots of serious assaults, robberies, etc., including plenty of ‘knife crime’ as they quaintly call it. And in fact people do routinely get prosecuted for DEFENDING themselves in their own homes during assaults and robberies. This is all 100% true. Why anyone would take Morgan seriously, let alone as a paragon of virtue and truth is beyond me. The guy is despised in the UK.

  16. ratbastard says

    As for 9/11:

    Is Jones a disinfo agent of some kind or trolling for some group? Who knows, nothing would surprise me in this world. I personally believe the Westboro Church people are in fact mega trolls and this will eventually co me out. That said, who here is absolutely sure they know the 100% truth about what happened @ 9/11? Who reading this believes absolutely the official version of events? I don’t. I think our government, major institutions public and private lie all the time, and cover up all the time. I think a lot of what we’ve been taught about historical events is in fact outright lies or at best very flawed and inaccurate, usually through the sin of omission. We are all fed a steady stream of half truth propaganda from all sides all the time, from the moment we’re born. We’re all brainwashed from birth. And I don’t consider this ‘conspiracy nut’ [READ: right-wingnut sh*t in progressive-speak], I think it’s simply reality.

    I have no hard opinions or feelings about this Jone’s guy at all. He’s most likely just a showman/entertainer [which he has to be to do his job everyday…what he does on radio show day after day isn’t easy to do and requires him to entertain as much as pass on information]. By comparison, I find Morgan to be at best droll, an outright bore. Even if I agree with 99% of what he says, I’d still admit the guy is very dull to watch and listen to. Some people think this translates into sophistication, and it doesn’t. Morgan in reality is a fully exposed sleazebag in the UK. It’s the #1 reason why he’s over here in the U.S. now. Some Americans of course SWOON over anyone with a English accent, which they equate with sophistication; my mom was born and raised in England, so I’m immune to that childish, ignorant cr*p.

  17. Galloping Libertarian says

    What Alex Jones did was make the term Democide go viral. Google it like he said. Track it but most of all spread the word about with the weblinks below. It is our best argument against gun control by far.
    This is the largest database of Democide death/murder by government on the net after disarmament.262,000,000 million slaughtered by their own governments.6 times more murdered by their own governments than those killed in ALL THE WARS IN THE LAST CENTURY COMBINED. Think about for a minute. Are you going to turn in any weapon if they are banned? Anyone that says “Oh but that could never happen here, this is the USA” is historically unaware.
    Democide is the best argument against any kind of restrictions or gun bans of any kind in my opinion.

  18. says

    that was beautiful!

    it’s like having an internet troll on television! since they can’t make an intelligent point to save their life, they yell, move goalposts, make strawman arguments, change the subject entirely, avoid, evade, play victim and then scream.

    this was an hilarious and depressing interview. hilarious because he’s so stupid he proves everyone else right, and depressing because grown men like this actually exist.

  19. Bill says

    Unfortunately, you can’t deport a U.S. citizen. Maybe we can offer him a trip to Venus. Just don’t tell him that the Russians landed a spacecraft there in 1970 and the surface temperature is hot enough to melt lead. Spacecraft that have landed there did not survive very long.

    If Alex Jones hears about the temperature, just tell him its a “global warming” thing, and let him decide whether to believe the numbers.

  20. Mike says

    Oh yeah! That twit is sane enough to own the fifty plus guns he thinks he needs to “protect” his family. Certainly he is! I can sleep so much better now just knowing that him and his ilk are so well armed. Assault guns for everyone. The crazier the better. Sheesh!

  21. V-8 says

    u know, I think this guy is completely insane, and while watching the first video (i could not stomach the second), I went through a range of emotions, from being surprised, to laughing out loud, getting sad, and worried, and angry… so I do not think he has much or any credibility, because of the way he behaved… and I do think his guys should be deported, I mean, confiscated…

    having said all that I also agree with RatBastard’s first message (as I have not seen the second video, I can’t say I agree with the specifics of his second message, bu totally understand and agree with the gist)… I think the guys is onto something, as far as government and industry control, but his delivery is the wrong method… complicated issue… these two, together in a room, makes me saddened and worried about America… maybe I want to deport myself now…

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