1. Diogenes Arktos says

    Palazzo voted no because there was no offset to the supposed $4 trillion added to the debt by the fiscal cliff agreement. Funny, no offset was required for his request in 2012. The $4 trllion addition to the debt is wrong – it’s actually a surplus of $600-650 billion. I’m so surprised;-)

  2. OddBet says

    For once, Republicans were right to not pass the bill. The amount approved by the Senate would have been the largest relief appropriation ever. The current damages reported from Sandy are around 65 billion, only 5 billion more than the approved federal aid. Why is it that the Northeast is the only part of the country to receive this special treatment? Not to mention that many lawmakers have thrown around blatantly false information (see Senator Reid’s comments).

    Personally, I find myself totally disgusted by lawmakers from the affected areas and the Democrats as a whole (which I say as a lifelong Democrat). It shows the unacceptable level of favoritism and inequality in our government. I am all for federal disaster relief, but the special treatment that the governors of NY, NJ, and CT expect, and Reid demands, is just ridiculous.

  3. andrew says

    As usual Jon got it right !!! Fortuntely. the House Republicans are doing such damage to the Republican brand that the democratic party can look forward to a brighter electoral future.

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