1. Disgusted American says

    the LCR’s might as well just have thrown thier money in the wind…the GOP HATES THEM

  2. says

    I’m having a problem understanding how these people supported Romney and 2 moths later are public supporting gay marriage.

  3. says

    I’ll try again, with corrections, I’m having a problem understanding how these people supported Romney and 2 months later are publicly supporting gay marriage.

  4. says

    Sounds to me very much like :
    “Paris is worth a Mass”.

    The Republican party is a party that has waged war on women, is seeking a “personhood amendment”; is funding a Brief to support DOMA; opposes equality for gays……some even seek to reinstate DADT.
    It is a party of bitter old men and lunatics such as Bachman.
    Turning a spotlight on “core issues” will not make us all love you, GOP, we will not forget what you have done and what you are.
    Even Ken Melman would have us believe that things will change inside the GOP.
    But as your Great Dear Leader, George W. Bush said;
    “Fool me once , shame on you; fool me twice….eh, eh, you won’t fool me again….eh eh.”

  5. BRAINS says

    Now these whores are being used and sold by the Republican Party; guess what LOG CABIN fools, we are not buying!

  6. says

    you gotta hand it to the LCR – they do love to prove gay liberals right.

    what are the LCR? white boys who apologize for being gay. what better way to suck up to their fellow bigots by turning “gay marriage” into “sexy pretty young lesbians in dresses!”

    Now, in no way am I saying that the face of marriage equality cannot, nor SHOULD not, be lesbian couples. of course it should. we’re all family.

    it’s just very telling that this anti-gay gay group chooses to avoid anythign that will remind their chosen party that they engage in buttsecks.

    it’s either canny and savvy of them, or another reminder of their own neutering.

    you know, the whole “gays are gross unless it’s two lipstick babes grindin’ beave for straight men to stroke off to”

    anyway. it’s still better than GOProud’s nonsense. but that’s like saying Segregation was better than Slavery. Sure it was. But that doesn’t mean it was something to be proud of.

  7. Rick says

    The usual predictable and pathetic comments in this thread from the usual Far Left ideologues

    Great to see the Log Cabin Republicans doing what needs to be done to bring around the still large percentage of the US public that is not on board with gay rights yet….because until they are brought around, our lives will continue to be very difficult.

    As any of us actual adults know (as opposed to some of the adolescents who post comments here), virtually no Democrats or liberals were on board with gay marriage even 20 years ago, and 30 years ago, virtually all of them were in favor of the ban on gays in the military.

    Change only occurs when you engage people and some people are slower to change than others–especially in the Heartland and in smaller towns and rural areas….which just means it will take a little longer with them, not that they should be villanized for not having bought in completely just yet, which is totally counter-productive

    But if you are a Far Left knothead, all you care about is being obnoxious rather than bringing about real, lasting change, right?

  8. says

    Actually, Troll-Rick, you’re the one who can only comment anonymously because you’re a closeted adult with no balls, no spine, and no courage to speak of. Care to provide the URL to show what specific pro-Equality work you’re doing in your every day life?

    Let’s be real – there’s a problem with LGBT Youth suicides. There is not, however, a problem with self-hating insecure grown-adult homosexuals offing themselves.

    Oh, the irony. Yes, we dont’ care about bringing about lasting change. And you do. Riiiiight.

    NO JOKE – the greatest gift you could give the gay community is to deepthroat a shotgun.

  9. Fensox says

    Kiwi, how can you not think you are a bully? You are telling a gay guy to kill himself. Can’t you see that you are one of the people you hate?

  10. says

    Fen, suck it.

    Rick the Troll coming on here every day to slander liberals, demean “effeminate gays” and blame everyone else for not doing the work he himself refuses to do. No. I don’t think I’m the bully. There’s a world of young people that need to be empowered. And Trolls like Rick don’t help one bit. If there’s an epidemic level of grown-adult closet cases who hate other gays suddenly offing themselves in high numbers, I’ll first have a glass of champagne, and then take you seriously.

    Learn to discern, ya dunce.

  11. MichaelJ says

    To a limited extent, I agree with Rick. As much as I loathe Republicans and what they stand for, I can’t get worked up by any LCR effort that aims to get Republicans to change their homophobic stances (even though I doubt that LCR will have much success). This ad is different than the truly offensive efforts by LCR and, especially, GOProud to defend Republican policies, even the homophobic ones.
    I would remind Rick that the people you call Far Left ideologues in the gay community are the ones who have been ahead of the curve historically. They have been the first to envision, advocate, fight and make sacrifices for a world in which gay men and women can live their lives as fully as possible, and they were the first to challenge homophobia within groups of otherwise like-minded leftists and liberals.

  12. says

    The LCR would do well to also thank, you know, the DEMOCRATS who are largely (wholly?) responsible for whatever Equalities LGBT in the USA currently have.

    I’d like to see some grassroots work done by these groups. Would it be so hard to get “Gay Republicans And Their Families” to talk and share and show what LGBT Inclusivity can be, as Republicans?

    Where are the Republican PFLAG families?

  13. UFFDA says

    Don’t read KIWI when he responds to RICK who with no effort at all simply shoves him up against the wall so that his pie hole is contorted into the repetitious rage of a scorned whore. RICK has his number and KIWI has his tantrums, it’s a minor win.

  14. says

    does anyone remember those girls from highschool who always complained about how lame the school dances were, yet never joined the committees that organized them?

    just sayin’…..

  15. Rick says

    @MichaelJ Certainly, every movement needs its flamethroweres and any attempt to change a long-standing status quo such as the taboo against homosexuality is necessarily, at the outset, a radical proposition by its very nature.

    But if you look back at the early history of the gay movement, the message to straight society was basically “we are like you, we are of you, we are as “normal” and mnainstream as you are, we are not mentally ill, we are not phsycopaths hanging out in trenchcoats trying to find opportunities to molest your children, we are not all a bunch of “sissies”….no, we are your brothers and sisters and sons and daughters and aunts and uncles and even your parents in many cases, your doctors, your lawyers, your pharmacists…and yes, the guy sitting next to you in church on Sunday” and the guy playing first-base on your company softball team”

    Americans do not generally respond well to “in-your-face” activism; they respond much better to attempts to “bond” with them and find common ground

    Granted, there may be situations like the AIDS crisis where being “in-your-face” is the only option that will work, but, generally speaking, the more gay activists align themselves with political extremists and bizarre ideologies like “gender-non-conformity”, the more they are going to alienate much of the mainstream population and find it difficult to change their attitudes.

    Beyond that, though, this sort of extremism simply does not represent the views of the vast majority of gay people, themselves, so it is counter-productive on that level, as well.

    You get far more in the way of progress by building bridges to people than you ever will by making enemies out of them.

    That is not to say that out-and-out homophobes should not be confronted for their bigotry, of course, but we should always take the high road and not stoop to the level of the Far Right, whose adherents are just as obnoxious, unreasonable, and out of the mainstream as adherents of the Far Left are.

    The great majority of people in this country are middle-of-the-road, not extremists at either end of the spectrum….and we would do well to remind ourselves of that periodically, that’s all.

  16. says

    and those who complain most, the Rick Trolls of the world, also only ever give pathetic cowardly excuses to not stand up to be counted.

    show us the work you’re doing. oh, right. you can’t.


  17. says

    @ RICK:
    Well good luck if your ambition is to bring around that percentage of the public that is not supportive of gay rights……but supporting the Republican Wingnut Party is not the way to do it.
    I’m afraid that some people whether in the “heartland” or elsewhere are still not supportive of racial equality never mind gay rights. I don’t believe we should “engage” with them by distracting attention from the anti-gay policies of the Republicans with their facade of concern for fiscal responsibility.
    The ad above says they are right on Health Care. Did the Republicans not hear the Supreme Court and the people in the recent election.
    No, they are delusional as usual and the only real point you are making RICK is that your comments are as boring as usual and supportive of the Republicans who still have their stelth anti gay agenda.

  18. Randy says

    I’ll believe the LCR Is serious when they actually refuse to support a GOP candidate who is anti-gay. So far that has not happened — instead, they bend over backwards to support the likes of Mit Romney and Paul Ryan, both of whom made clear they are against marriage equality in any fashion.

    They were smart in this ad, however, to not include any blacks or hispanics in the photo. They know their demographics quite well.

  19. WOW says

    Really UFFDA (Yupp/Jason), anyone who defends Rick has no credibility. While Kiwi can be a twit, at least he offers some good arguments on topic every once in a while. Rick on the other hand is nothing but a bitter man who hates women, lesbians, effeminate gays, black people, the left and everybody who isn’t a white male (kinda like a Republican). He has proven his stupidity whenever he types something on his venom stained keyboard.

  20. MichaelJ says

    @Rick I agree that building bridges is important. But one of my point is that whereas the LCR ad can been seen as building bridges to other Republicans, which would be good to the extent to which it can reduce the anti-gay policies the party supports, GOProud and sometimes LCR rhetoric aims at making gay people support Republicans, making a bridge that most of us believe would lead people to the wrong so of the river, if I may be permitted to extend and torture the analogy in thie over-extended sentence.

    My other point is that whether or not they are or have been “flamethrowers,” gay leftists and liberals have been far more successful in building bridges to their others with similar politics than gay moderates and gay conservatives. And I don’t think this is by accident. Leftists are generally more interested in progressive change, making gay leftist more likely to advocate changes affecting gay people, and more likely to find support from others who understand the need for change, rather than accept the status quo or be timid about changing it.

  21. Mikey says

    I for one am glad they did this. Isn’t this (supposed to be) their whole purpose? Good on them.

  22. shane says

    @LITTLE KIWI, excellent point about the choice of picturing two pretty women…hadn’t even thought of that…the rest of your words (except for the “deepthroat the shotgun” part) are spot on, as usual. I see hints in RICK’s comments/facade that he is cracking/bending a little. You might be the reason, LITTLE KIWI, you might be working your magic!

  23. allergic_to_kiwi says

    Wow, I used to applaud Kiwi’s comments on here a year or two ago. But it look like he’s slowly going off the deep-end with hateful and bullying comments. I don’t pity someone so young to be so hateful.

    As for LCR: Don’t agree with them politically, but I applaud them for this. Republicans aren’t going anywhere, and we won’t change their minds from the outside, but only from within. Why don’t people get that it’s easier to convince someone/the GOP on this one issue (GLBT equality) if they/LCR agree on everything else (taxes, healthcare, etc)?

    Now I’m sure I’ll get attacked and name-called for daring to have a different point of view than Kiwi. Gasp, diversity of thought!!

  24. says

    simply put – where was this ad a couple months ago? OH, that’s right. You can’t bring up anti-gay Republican bigotry during an election.

  25. says

    i like different points of view. i think most people do. what most people, myself included, loathe however are misogynistic, anti-gay, racist and hateful diatribes spewed by grown-adult closet-cases who don’t have the orbs to be the Example that they demand others be.

    oh yes, my hateful bullying comments. RIiiiight. that’s like running to a teacher and saying “this whole fight started when Kiwi hit me back!”

    *elegant curtsy*

    funny thing about the GOP – their anti-gay stance isn’t even my biggest issue with them.

    and the reality is this – the GOP isn’t about to drop their bigotry any time soon. Do you think Romney talked about gay marriage when in a room full of multi-millionaires? no.

    that’s what low-ranking republicans do when in a room full of, well, the GOP’s base: bigoted, uneducated, bible-thumping dunces. a GOP leader can’t talk to those people about the specifics of the GOP’s fiscal, tax and healthcare platforms, because their policies in NO WAY aid their base! so they instead have to rely on those wedge-issues.

    “Now, if you vote for me your taxes will go up, because you’re not millionaires. but those millionaires will create jobs for you! well, they don’t actually, but don’t let that fact stop you from voting. Did you know Obama wants to make it legal for lesbians to give your daughters abortions in church while gay muslims teach your sons how to have anal sex in kindergarten? vote for us and we’ll make sure that never happens! Also, something about guns.”

    the GOP needs anti-gay rhetoric to trick their base into voting against their own interests.

    and the LCR doing this months after the election is proof enough that they have the courage and integrity of a bowl of mashed potatoes.

  26. Derrick from Philly says

    “we should always take the high road and not stoop to the level of the Far Right, whose adherents are just as obnoxious, unreasonable, and out of the mainstream as adherents of the Far Left are.”

    Oh, please. RICK criticizing the Far Right? That’s like Ernst Rohm criticizing Hitler.

    You are the Far Right, RICK. You just happen to walk with a swish to the far left and then a swish to far right…and a swish to the far left and a swish to the far right….

    werk, Miss Rick (snap!).

  27. Fensox says

    Kiwi, you are every bit as much of a problem as Rick is. Intractable is not a good position to be in. You are just the stubborn lump who offers nothing to a discussion. I seriously hope that your existence has helped tons of gay kids (You always elude to actually doing something to help gay people, I will just give you the benefit of the doubt that the help you refer to is tangible aid given to humans who need it, not online bullying for the “right cause”.), because if you aren’t….

  28. says

    i know. it’s horrible that i’m intractable on my position that it’s beyond useless, and indeed damaging, to be a closeted-homosexual who uses online forums to denigrate and demean ‘effeminate men’ and women and ethnic minorities. i’m, like, totes closed-minded to the possibility that i should become more closed minded.

  29. Fensox says

    oh yes, my hateful bullying comments. RIiiiight. that’s like running to a teacher and saying “this whole fight started when Kiwi hit me back!”

    *elegant curtsy*

    WHEN WERE YOU HIT IN THE FIRST PLACE? If you keep taking deep insults to your character every time you read anything you disagree with, yeah, I guess I could see how you got here. But you aren’t playing the victim, are you? The victim-hood that you base your attacks from is really just the safety you add to your attack.

    If someone is being mean to you, sure be mean back. If people are talking, and you run in and insult everyone, you aren’t retaliating, you are acting.

  30. says

    Oh no, gurl. It aint insulting to moi. I’ve been Out since I was a teen, i cower before no one. But as long as hateful anonymous trolls are gonna come online to denigrate others from a place of anonymity, my @ss will call their B.S. Out.

    you don’t seem very bright. good luck in life, sugarpie.

  31. says

    Derrick, it’s that thing – another coward will defend a coward that follows the same cowardly ideology.

    and then they’ll be intellectually-dishonest and pretend it’s about “difference of opinion”

    because, you know Derrick, you and i are like totes intolerant of the Different Opinions of the KKK as well.

    right? 😉

  32. will anyone marry 100 years from now? says

    This is surely a sign of the end of marriage as an institution. If the Log Cabin wants it shared with the gays it must be near its end.

    How many Republicans would marry if it held no tax advantage?

    And, Log Cabin is such an appropriate image for gay Republicans, people still living in the eighteenth century.

  33. Diogenes Arktos says

    LCR may be out of step with the Republican Party on Obamacare. Boehner has flat out stated that it’s the law of the land. period. Bachmann has authored a bill to repeal Obamacare – it has *no* sponsors. Last year the Republicans voted 30+ times for repeal. It looks now like they’ve given up.

    This is the next part of their vaunted ad campaign?

    Again, who is funding LCR?

  34. tom says

    gay republicans…for some reason it sounds like sci fy to me,but it proves that we are a diverse bunch and to steryotype us or anyone is futile and always wrong…

  35. tom says

    gay republicans…for some reason it sounds like sci fy to me,but it proves that we are a diverse bunch and to steryotype us or anyone is futile and always wrong…

  36. P says

    They might be doing it for the wrong reasons. But they might also be able to convince some GOP legislators to vote for LGBT rights. If they do that, I don’t care about the reasoning behind it.

  37. I'm just sayin' says

    First ad: NY Times. Second ad: Washington Post. Third Ad: The Hill. Looks like LCR has pretty much shot their wa….llet.