1. SoSeriouslyY says

    Goodness, I do love geeky men. Smart geeky men really make me smile. Fortunately, I’ve got one at home. :)

  2. Zlick says

    Sexy nerd notwithstanding, I disagree with his premise that a species’ “success” is determined by, essentially, it’s footprint. Perhaps that’s some kind of accepted scientific method, but I would think a more pertinent one would be a position on the food chain. Or its effect upon the physical world in which it exists.

    In that last case, you could almost say that for the species having the most effect on the physical environment, increased population at some point (which humans have likely passed) is actually a measure of decreasing success.

  3. will says

    You guys are mauling and harrassing this nerdy guy just like straight guys do with women they don’t know out the car window. It’s just a new form of sexism!

    Seriously, this isn’t isn’t “smart”. This is simply reiterating data. “Smart” is being able to put data together into a cohesive theory and see the connections that nobody else can like Darwin did in his “Origin of Species”.

    You know, on a primal level we gay guys ARE like those sexist construction workers ogling the passing women. Except we say, “I bet he’s got a big, thick hammer.”