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Rachel Maddow Says Good-bye to the 112th Congress: VIDEO


Rachel Maddow goes through a list of heinous, famous, beloved, and loathed outgoing members of Congress. Buh-bye.


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  1. I loved her rundown. No surprise, I love her and her show. Maddow, along with Mrs Emma Peel, are the only two reasons I might contemplate turning straight;-)

    Posted by: Diogenes Arktos | Jan 4, 2013 10:10:27 PM

  2. Diogenes while I appreciate and concur in your love of Rachel Maddow and her refreshing wisdom, I do not understand how you could say that you might "turn" straight. Being gay is NOT a matter of choice. Embrace this wonderful gift!

    Posted by: Mike | Jan 5, 2013 9:37:23 PM

  3. Diogenes - why would Rachel Maddow (who is openly gay) make you "contemplate turning straight"?

    Posted by: Guy | Jan 6, 2013 2:41:08 AM

  4. I even included the appropriate emoticon and I was taken seriously! I'm quite happily gay and I totally believe it's not a choice. I know full well that Maddow plays for our team. BTW - I know Mrs Emma Peel is a fictional character. (That should date me fairly well.)

    Posted by: Diogenes Arktos | Jan 6, 2013 9:23:31 AM

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