1. SayTheTruth says

    You reap what you sow. But when you allow a lot of Muslims into your country without integration, what you reap is poisoned. Enjoy and expect much, much more.

  2. terry says

    A gay free zone? WTF? Go back to their own country if they don’t like the people in the neighborhood. Kmoss, I agree a predator drone bombing their a—- off would be funny!

  3. Joe says

    Paul R’s right. It is a bit suspicious how this appeared online with an intro from an anti-islamic group. I think it’s worth remembering that the anti-gay stickers mentioned turned out to be a ‘divide and conquer’ style campaign by right-wing nationalists. I admit I’ve had trouble from islamic men in the area but let’s look at this particular case objectively, chaps.

  4. Francis says

    I like how the gay man didn’t flinch or start running away and talked right back at the bigot. That’s someone whose confident, to not allow themselves to be traumatized by random idiots.

  5. Paul R says

    Clearly a lot of commenters hate any type of immigration anywhere even if it has no effect on them. Do you not realize that many Muslims in London were born there?

    Should we also be making efforts to ship out from the US all hateful Christians? The airfare costs would spiral us back into a massive recession. Religious fanatics and antigay sentiment are global.

  6. Dan B says

    I agree with Joe’s analysis. Pitting gays against Muslims is a strategy that works to the benefit of racist, nationalist, and anti-immigration groups. Until we know who these “Muslim patrols” actually are, jumping to conclusions will just make matters worse. To gays in London I say: be cautious, be vigilant, but do not be closeted or intimidated, and above all, BE SKEPTICAL. Rationality, not reactionism, is the key to living securely.

  7. Mike B. says

    Dan B, Occam’s Razor, and any knowledge of how Islamic countries treat gays, suggest that the conspiracy you’re implicating is much less likely than simple: religious nuts are harassing gays.

    And most practicing Muslims are pretty much roughly equivalent to our own evangelicals: certifiable and a danger to us. You pretty much have to stray into “non-practicing” territory before you can find Muslim-identifying individuals who would be equivalent to the moderate religious people here in the U.S.

    In sum, I think I’m okay with being anti-Muslim. Sorry, we’re not all in this together, mostly because of how the Muslim world treats gays. To be fair, I’m anti-religion generally to begin with.

  8. David Hearne says

    Islam is a cancer, and from what I have read the majority of British people simply do not know why the British government is allowing this immigration and cultural aggression to happen. The same as the US and our illegal alien population- the government allows it to happen, left wing idiots endorse it philosophically and right wing business people exploit it because our welfare system keeps our own poor out of the fields.

    Having said all that, as another poster noted it’s quite possible that these assholes are British subjects by birth. I realize that the UK doesn’t have the same respect for Free Speech that Americans do, and that the behavior in this video is illegal in the UK, but here in America it would be and should be legal. We don’t want this cultural pollution but if they are here legally then they are entitled to First Amendment protection.

    However, since the Muslims of London are also known for their physical violence and vandalism directed at both English people and Afro-Caribbean people, we here in the US can expect it to happen here as soon as they have a little more saturation. And that’s where the Second Amendment comes in. Call me anything you like from a distance, but physically attack me and I will gladly send you to Allah.

  9. Bill says

    It’s worth noting that a religious institution called the “East London Mosque” soundly condemned these “Muslim patrols” – that statement is in the BBC article that Towleroad linked to.

    It sounds like we have some young thugs who formed a street gang and are trying to use “Muslim” in its name to make it sound more respectable.

  10. Bill says

    I’d probably get in trouble over the “Allah is severe in punishment” thing if someone tried to harass me with it – my reaction could be, “So why the ##&*$#& are you butting in? Allah can take care of himself and doesn’t need your help.”

  11. Dan B says

    @Mike B.:
    I also am generally anti-religion. However, being anti-Islam and being anti-Muslim are two different things. One is a set of beliefs, the other is a set of human beings. Two right-wingers with a camera going out to stir up sh*t against Muslims hardly qualifies as a “conspiracy,” and I fail to see how Occam’s razor makes that any less likely than two Muslim agitators. Now they may easily be Muslims, but my point was that people should let all the facts come out rather than jumping to conclusions. Diversity is something that benefits gay people everywhere by making people in general more tolerant towards different lifestyles, so I think it’s a mistake to jump right on the anti-immigrant bandwagon out fear. Give the truth a chance to come out.

  12. millerbeach says

    This is why I laugh out loud when I see one of those “We Support Religious Freedom” signs in yards here in the Midwest, even though they lost the election months ago…I just wonder if they would be so vocal with Islam? Would their efforts to support religious freedom continue IF Islam were the majority religion in this country? I just wonder….

  13. Josh says

    US blogger Razib Khan had quite an interesting post looking at the results of Pew attitude surveys:

    “As you can see, Western European Muslims are much more conservative than the general population. Or, more accurately they’re much more reactionary and culturally alien. The reality is that the status quo in Western Europe is toward acceptance of homosexuality without the sort of debates we have in the United States. Interestingly you can’t even calculate a real ratio for British Muslims to the general public, not one British Muslim surveyed would admit to homosexuality being morally acceptable.”

  14. anon says

    The dirty secret is that the British are horrible at controlling street crime. There may be no guns but there’s plenty of disorderly conduct, petty theft and assault, mostly because they have few police in many areas and there are gangs, organized crime and lots of poverty. They also don’t jail a lot of the petty criminals, since that’s too expensive, either.

  15. Amir says

    Islam IS an intolerant religion full of violence toward anyone different, and I say this as an Arab gay. I love white Manhatten liberal gays. They live in this fantasy of tip toeing around everything. My entire family and our family friends growing up were muslim…. If you could hear some of the things they said about gays, you’d not only be disturbed, you’d be frightened. And my families not even THAT heavily muslim. Those who are truly believe gays are the devil and must be destroyed. That may not sound so peachy and rose colored glasses, but sometimes you gotta know who your enemies are. 90% of my family doesn’t know I’m gay because they would literally violently hurt me if they knew. Yes, islam and many muslims DO hate gays.

  16. Duration & Conexity says

    Amir brings up a good point. We’re not allowed to judge religious people, even though the religions they practice is a belief they chose. Not an innate trait. So if someone chooses to align themselves with a belief that supports many negative aspects- we’re not allowed to look unfavorably on them?

    There may be a few good things that come out of organized religion, but there’s also many bad things and this notion of agreeing with everyone’s religious views, because somehow as a society we decided to treat religion as sacred, is so flawed to me.

    Religion is a choice. And when you act in a militant manner in the name of your religion, both you and your religion are fair game for criticism.

  17. USC Trojans Fan says

    Wait, hold up…………… We judge Mormons all the time on here (rightfully so, often) why are Muslims immune to detractors?
    Because Islam is so tolerant toward gays?

  18. BritishGayBay says

    In some parts of Europe, unlike the states where you all are witnessing a gradual mental shift in attitudes in favor of gay rights, it’s kind of going backward here. There’s less and less tolerance of LGBT and a lot of it is due to immigration from very religious parts of the middle east and Northern Africa. And for those saying they were all born here. That just says you’re not living in Europe. No, many immigrated. No one’s against all immigration, but if the migration we witness is at the cost of the safety of an entire demographic like LGBT, that community has a right- if not duty- to respond to it. And say that if you do move here, learn to aculturate with the tolerant views.

  19. billmiller says

    This is going on in Holland as well. Sadly as most feel, send them BACK where they have NO FREEDOM! Most of the clowns born out of their native element have no idea how good they have it! There are as many Gay muslims as there are non-muslims, they need to get over themselves!

  20. Sylvatica says

    The English Defence League were not responsible for the “Gay Free Zone” stickers. An Asian man was arrested and prosecuted for posting those stickers.

  21. Collin says

    I live in London. It’s bad. Not ‘we’ll just have to deal’ kind of bad, but a culture war with people immigrating here and demanding we change our openness in our culture based on their refusal to adjust with the culture of the country they moved to. It’s going to take the gay community making a collective statement and loudly so, for this to change. As it stands, people can hide behind their religion an background and think they can pull the race card. Well, guess what? We’ll pull the gay card and call you out for your bigotry. And push is coming to shove here.

  22. JeffNYC says

    To Michael, who said “Go Back to Your Own Country…???’ Sorry, but it’s THEIR Country once enough of them move in.”

    If that’s true for Muslims in England, is it also true for Jews in the West Bank?

  23. says

    @ Paul R

    I’d be more willing to find your argument credible and objective if in an earlier thread, coincidentally also involving religious intolerance toward gays, you didn’t seem completely flippant toward the firing of a gay ally by a religious entity.

    Your response to a man getting fired by a religious based company because of his support for our LGBT was essentially: “why would someone non religious work for a religious based company?” THAT was your initial reaction to a story so emotionally rooted. You all but excused discrimination when it involves a gay ally, and actually question the motives of the gay ally, and give a free pass to the religious narrative. Moreover, ignoring the fact that many people in this sensitive economy don’t have the luxury to work anywhere they desire and have to take any job made available to them. As for not working in a faith based company, move to the south! Most companies are vocally faith based.

    For someone trying to paint yourself as a fair voice of reason for everyone to respect one another, you sure were dismissive of the gay angle of a recent story and chose to only see things from the lens of a religious entity. That spoke volumes about where you yourself come from.

    And that couple with your commentary here, and I think you’re just resentful to LGBT and their allies expressing their convictions and being reactionary at all.

  24. 2 Dads says

    If a group of gay people created a “gay patrol” attacking (insert) segment of population, every single last comment on here would bash the entire gay community, rip apart every gay person, and make all kinds of blanket statements against gay people. Seen it more times than I can count.

  25. disgusted american says

    99% of religions are a Cancer on EVOLVING into the 21st century…….amazinig aint it, that these Muslum Thugs…go around doin this crap…Im sure they wouldn’t like it – IF a Group of Anti-Muslums went around threaening them……they make me sick

  26. M.J says

    2 Dads:
    Amen!!! Someone said it!!!

    observe any old post on here with a gay individual who done something wrong and 80% of the comments will be about making negative sweeping generalizations about allllll gays, with ignorant comments to back them up. and aint no on stepping in those times and saying said posters shouldn’t be throwing us all under the bus based on the actions of a few. people let it slide or join in on the gay bashfest. now any other minority group doing shady things and we’re told to treat each people as individuals, and how they don’t represent the entire community. Oh really? so then next time there’s a story about a gay porn star catching AIDS remember that when y’all go and bash the crap out of all gays. the self loathers are only capable to sympathize for other groups.

  27. NYer says

    My Dad is from Lebanon and Muslim, my Mom is Puerto Rican and Catholic. I can’t comment on everyone in those backgrounds, but based on my experiences, there’s a good deal of homophobia in both religions. At the end of the day, it’s religion at the problem of so much ignorance. But to say there isn’t a correlation between some religions and intense homophobia is just silly. I’m the biggest democrat you’ll ever meet (I’m a gay multicultural mutt- how could I not be) but I’m also a realist and refuse to stiffle change because of a silly desire for political correctness. It’s via acknowledging where there needs to be room for improvement and by whom, before you can make change happen. Pretending things don’t exist for fear of offending or burrying head in the sand is lame. I know I made the changes in my family by acknowledging there was a problem with ignorance and lack of free thinking with my Catholic and muslim relatives, and it was through starting an honest convo about that with them that we could have an open dialogue. Glossing over it doesn’t help no one.

  28. thepolarbeast says

    The worst religion is the religion that others try to press you into believing. When they think what is right for them is right for you. When they think their religion is an absolute truth rather than a guide for self-development.

    It never works and it has left deep, deep scars on innocent people and through the pages of history.

  29. ratbastard says

    Anti-gay attitudes is WORSE in non-western societies, almost without exception. I laugh when I hear ‘progressives’ complain about how bad western [North American, western European] are, especially of course the U.S., when it comes to being gay, how intolerant, and so-on. Then they need to follow the ‘progressive’ narrative and ALWAYS blame ‘right-wing nationalist’, ‘white supremacist’ or some other bogeyman [NEWSFLASH: IN no western country, U.S. included, is ‘right-wing fascist nationalism’ a major problem, neither is white supremacists, who’re very small in numbers]but ALWAYS refuse to criticize ANY ‘minority’ group, who they like to portray as alway being oppressed by white [males], cowering in their homes at night for fear of being randomly beaten up by roving gangs of white guys. The truth is most non-westerners are in general very anti-gay, and many ‘oppressed’ so-called minority sub-cultures within the U.S. and other western countries are very anti-gay, even worse than the average southern evangelical Christian. But the truth doesn’t fit the ‘progressive’ narrative.

    And Whitechaple is definitely a Muslim dominated neighborhood, in case anyone was wondering.

  30. ratbastard says

    ‘The dirty secret is that the British are horrible at controlling street crime. There may be no guns but there’s plenty of disorderly conduct, petty theft and assault, mostly because they have few police in many areas and there are gangs, organized crime and lots of poverty. They also don’t jail a lot of the petty criminals, since that’s too expensive, either.’

    ——–Very well said. Yes, England and the UK do have A LOT of ‘petty’ street crime, including assaults. In my opinion from experience it’s actually worse there than it is even in the average U.S. city. There’s a huge amount of generalized anti-social ‘hooliganism’ type of behavior, people harassed , beaten up. It’s especially bad on weekends, and like I said it’s actually worse comparably than the U.S. But their government and police keep a tight lid on real crime statistics, they low ball figures, don’t report accurately on things like assaults, even intimidate citizens from reporting crime. But yes, as we all known, they have few murders with *guns*. It’s pretty clever fudging of crime statistics: murder rates really can’t be fudged, they are the most accurate of all crime statistics…but every other crime statistic is easy to fudge, low ball and alter to make yourself look good, or to lower over-all crime rates on paper. British police do have their murder rate under control, especially their ‘gun crime’ rate, but everything else is out of control.

  31. Derrick from Philly says


    thanks for you thoughtful comment. The problem that those of us who are labeled “politically correct” or “knee jerk liberals” have with those who criticize whole groups of people (Muslims, Arabs, Africans, etc) is that they tend to have this attitude about their own superiority. They think they are better and intellectually superior than those “not like them”. Often they are nothing but a bunch of bigots–no better than the people they are criticizing. The only thing that stops them from committing acts of violent bigotry are laws enacted by the very “liberals” they despise.

  32. gwynethcornrow says

    I’m heartened to read such thoughtful comments (Francis, Dan B, Joe, etc.) in the midst of the racist drivel I’ve sadly come to expect from commenters on this site.

  33. ratbastard says


    ‘Racist Drivel’? Do you mean anybody who says anything negative about SOME members of an ‘oppressed’ so-called minority group? But I bet it’s OK in your book to make sweeping generalizations and talk smack about, oh I don’t know, white males, about ‘Irish’ people, or ‘Germans’, or WASP, etc.? Because as we all know those ‘Nordic’ people are all racist and bigots and are oppressing ‘brown’ people. At least that’s what hardcoew ‘progressives’ say.

  34. David Hearne says

    @ Bill Of course the Muslim officials denounce this sort of thing. That’s the game. They denounce it and claim that Islam is “a religion of peace” while all but the blind and deaf clearly take in what is actually happening. It’s rather like CAIR claiming to be hard working Americans and students (exactly how old must you be to stop identifying as a student?) while sending money to the jihad groups which ultimately supports killing Americans and Israelis.

  35. David Hearne says

    @ Nick Name

    “Wow! The racists have totally taken over Towleroad today. Many of the comments here are absolutely disgusting.”

    Islam is a religious, economic, and political philosophy as well as a symbol of worldwide oppression. It’s not a race.

  36. Minky says

    My UK patrol area is anywhere where the smelly, unwashed MUSSERS live… follow these rules: No stupid looking beards, wash before you leave the house of 500 relatives, oh…..and if you don’t like it jog on and take that fat f**k Qatada with you!!!

  37. Sean says

    Send these people back to the 3rd world $hitholes they and their parents came from.

    England, like France, is doomed with the cancer of people like this in their society.

  38. Bill says

    @David Hearne: this was not “Muslim officials” as some equivalent of a UK-wide political spokesperson but a statement from the mosque in the area where the crimes occurred. If these hooligans don’t listen to their own local religious leaders, why assume that religion is their primary motivation?

  39. Derrick from Philly says

    “Send these people back to the 3rd world $hitholes they and their parents came from.”


    it was only a short while ago that some very Ugly Americans had the same sentiment towards East Asians immigrating to the United States. I use the term “East Asian” because those Ku Klux Klan American idiots couldn’t tell the difference between Chinese, Korean or Japanese.

    In fact, the Chinese were the only nationality that bigoted Americans enacted a federal statute to halt their immigration to the United States.

    Being a child of Korean immigrants, Sean, I know you don’t really approve of telling immigrants to go back to where they came from. You’re a better American than that, aren’t you, dear Sean?

  40. Sean says

    Nope. We don’t blow $hit up. Don’t even compare my culture to them. It’s offensive. They’d literally like to kill every Western person, regardless of color. They’d do so in a heartbeat if they had the means. That includes you.

  41. says

    I used to live not far from there in London (Shoreditch, to be precise).

    a mixed neighbourhood of immigrants, many Moslem, young artists, gays, queers, and the like.

    I had an elderly neighbour in my building whom i used to help with her grocery shopping. i’d shop for her, deliver it to her flat, and she’d put on a pot of tea and we’d have wonderful conversations.

    she lamented the “new Muslims” in the neighbourhood – women in ni’qabs, burqas. full veil, folks. she herself did not wear the veils, she left Iran in the early 70s. she felt threatened now, as she was a Muslim Woman in the neighbourhood, who was not doing “what the other women in the neighbourhood were doing” in regards to “covering up”. young husbands with their wives fully veiled, and here was an older woman who now had a target on her back for scorn (and fears of something worse) for defying a man-made code.

    generations of young men who don’t want to give up the control over women who are threatened by anyone and everyone who lives a life that defies such attempts to control.

    this woman was an older progressive, yet still faithful and observant, Muslim from Iran. i was a young(er) gay dude from Canada. we got on like a house on fire, and i miss our chats over tea.

    the problem is not what faith you have. but why you have it. and what you do with it.

  42. ratbastard says

    …she felt threatened now, as she was a Muslim Woman in the neighbourhood, who was not doing “what the other women in the neighbourhood were doing”


    Gee Lil’ C*unt,

    She felt she was being bullied to think,act a certain way by ‘advocates’ of her community? Sound familiar?

  43. says

    ratbastard, until you have the balls to post your face, or a video of yourself, you can give up on trying to get my attention. i get it, you’re a coward who can only type anonymously, because you’re a wimp to your core. but obsessing about me won’t make your own life better. off yourself. do your daddy proud.

    and that’s the last thing i’m ever saying to you until you man up for once and show who you are.

    so i guess it’s goodbye forever…

  44. David Hearne says

    Derrick – Your comment to Sean presumes that all immigrants are of equal benefit or liability to America. They simply aren’t and even if they were, as a sovereign nation we are entitled to make whatever rules we want about immigration. We can let in Argentinians and tell the Chileans to stay home. We can prefer Vietnamese over Hmong.

  45. David Hearne says

    “until you have the balls to post your face, or a video of yourself”

    Not this garbage again. Listen up my bipolar little dear, your webpage doesn’t add to your credibility. All it does is remind us of Steve Martin finding himself in the phonebook.

  46. Sean says

    LittleKiwi, Derrick – you should go live in this neighborhood for a few weeks. If you were to leave alive, let’s see if you have the same kumbayah attitude.

  47. iban4yesu says

    @ Sean,
    Erm, actually we “do”! As a first generation Korean in US, I would like to remind you of those Psy’s “controversial” lyrics from several years ago. (Him retracting those angry sentiments does NOT obliterate what was once said, for better or worse…)

    Yes, for me, Koreans getting pissed at being forced by Dubya at the proverbial gunpoint to send the troops to Iraq and Afghanistan and to kill innocent people (Yes, Uncle Sam came to Korea 70 years ago to “liberate” it from the Japanese colonialism but never left and still holds the military command for this client nation!) ring with Islam having been radicalized by Western aggressions.
    No, it’s not a leap of logic.

    (America supporting the propped up dictators in Korea, one after another, led to the attacks on the American embassy and the USIS centers during the 80′ in Seoul and Gwangju.)

  48. Paul R says

    @Art Smith: I’ve been in a church 4 times in my life. Twice for weddings, once for a funeral, and once for Christmas Eve. No plans to attend again anytime soon.

    Maybe reread my posts. I hate religion and apparently that fired guy is also an atheist. So, no, I don’t think that it’s kissing up to religious people to say that I’d never want to work with them or that over 7 years he couldn’t have found a job that better suited him. I’m happy that he’s our ally, but he can’t have been too surprised that if he’s working for bigots, he’s going to lose his job the second they have an excuse to fire him.

  49. Paul C. says

    I live in this area which is quickly turning into a muslim ghetto and intimidation by asians/muslims is nothing new. There have been a couple of incidents here that have resulted in something far worse.
    If they do not like the way we behave in this county leave.

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