1. nn says

    This made my day.
    MY DREAMS ARE SO AWESOOOOOMMMMEEEE. love It and now, the song will be stuck in my head

  2. Matt26 says

    Joe M. is super hot even with those clothes. Being part of that he is even hotter, if it’s possible.

  3. Diogenes Arktos says

    So what if they’re dumb. It’s at worst a 5 minute break. I was wondering when Manganiello was going to appear.

  4. A says

    I think that Colby Melvin from the Andrew Christian underwear ads is in the bottom right hand corner at 3:02! So cute!

  5. mike says

    How much for Joe’s pinapple muscle shirt? And yes I mean the one he’s actually wearing in this clip.

  6. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Dreams can be so bizarre. A gay man dreaming of Joe Manganiello and he’s wearing a shirt?

  7. iban4yesu says

    “David Burtka needs to play Roddy McDowall in a movie.”
    Yap, the resemblance is uncanny, although David is better looking.

  8. Paul R says

    Hmm. I’ve been told several times that I look like a young Roddy McDowell, yet I look nothing like David Burtka. Gay guys seem to love Roddy, perhaps because he was gay?

  9. jakeinlove says

    Ha ha! So going home to watch this on the big screen. Joe’s surfboard stance is giving me crazy fantasies about a certain political party. Tea bag anyone?!

  10. Dback says

    Liked this one more than the restaurant one (fewer bad puns, plus David, Joe, and lots of cute guys in Speedos). Unfortunately, most of my dreams resemble Neil’s, minus the puppets (just barren desert or lots of searching for trivial things).