1. UFFDA says

    Oh great. Another racist complainer doing her duty to make something, anything, wrong, inadequate, poorly imagined, not good enough etc. Get a life. Pull up the shades. Turn on the lights. Fill up your empty glass, at least by half, and start again.

  2. says

    y’all are free to start your own webseries.

    hop to it!

    there are people who are creating series’ based on what has been relevant to them.

    so some of you should absolutely pitch and/or create a webseries about closeted grown adults who hate everything that openly-gay people do.

    it would be remarkably cheap, too. no actors needed, as nobody will show their faces. it’ll be an entire series consisting of text on screens.

    yay! you’re being represented!

    that said, i do hope more gay and LGBT-themed series and programming contains more ethnic and cultural diversity.

  3. Ken says

    I understand why everything like this has to take place in LA or NYC because they live there and it’s cheap, but it gets really boring. There’s a whole wide country out there, you know.

    And… Clancy??

  4. gwynethcornrow says

    I don’t really care about representation. All I’m saying is that this is boring. In fact, I’d rather NOT be represented. But thanks for playing.

  5. Morty says

    Little Kiwi: “y’all are free to start your own webseries.”

    Your rhetoric is just fantastic as always. God forbid anyone is ever critical about anything ever because they may not be able to create a more pleasant work.

    Can you record your own album? Then you can’t say a song sucks. Can you make your own feature-length movie? Then you are not allowed to get angry at who gets all the awards.

    You are very tired.

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