1. says

    Great story. Great delivery. Great performance.
    I wish I had that confidence at his age , or at any age.
    What a great example this kid is for anyone trying to come to terms with issues of insecurity and vulnerability.
    I loved it.

  2. Caliban says

    Great story and great delivery, and I’ve got to say, yeah, I teared up a little too. His mothers obviously did a good job with him to be able to write and perform that piece, but I couldn’t help but think they also exposed him to a *little* too much of their relationship dramas. I mean Jesus, according to his account he was sure this was IT, stressing over this being THE END, but it just so happened to be the celebration of a milestone.

    What kid needs to deal with that sort of unsureness and insecurity? So while it was a touching story and all that, part of me was thinking, “Ugh. That poor kid!”

    Sorry, but I had to point that out, and I’d say the same no matter the gender of his parents.

  3. Fancypants says

    @Caliban: how lucky for you to apparently having grown up in a family that never fought. My parents spent 42 years together before my father died unexpectedly. They loved each other dearly and loved me more, but I assure you, there were moments where I wondered if they were on their way to divorce.

    I think what is so beautiful about this is that his parents are no different than mine. Or most.

  4. Caliban says

    @Fancypants, perhaps I was lucky because my parents, for the most part, kept their arguments private. Maybe it was because they were older, late 30s and early 40s when I was born, which comes with its own drawbacks. That’s not the same thing as never fighting, just not exposing their children to it. The few time those arguments DID take place in front me, with harsh things said and even on one occasion things thrown and broken, are some of my most miserable, painful, and indelible memories of childhood.

    No parents are perfect and we shouldn’t expect them to be. They’re just people too, with their own faults and weaknesses. All I’m saying is that my reaction to Noah’s performance was divided by appreciation of that family milestone AND some sadness about the insecurity he felt because he’d been exposed to so much of their relationship drama.

  5. Paul R says

    Some parents actually don’t fight. I remember one argument between my parents. I’m not bragging—it would have been healthier if they had been more forthright. But both are fairly passive people.

    I followed their lead and dated a guy for 17 years, and for the first 13 we never fought. Then all hell broke loose.

  6. wds says

    Damn, I’m now a complete puddle … >grabs another Kleenex< What a GREAT story … what a GREAT story-teller … what a GREAT family ….

  7. Rick says

    Not to rain on the weep-fest, but when are we ever going to see a son or daughter get up and “testify” on behalf of their two dads rather than their two moms?

    In parenting, as in just about every other area of society, lesbians simply do not face the level of hostility or difficulty that gay men do, not even close. Because the mother is still regarded as the primary raiser of children in this culture, that lowers the barriers for lesbians even more compared to gay men in the parenting area, particularly if one of the women actually gave birth to the child in question.

    So as is the case with most issues, trying to equate the experience of lesbians with that of gay men is not valid, except in strictly legal terms.

    Cute, cute boy, though–what is the age of consent in the state he lives in, I wonder? (LOL)

  8. Mike says

    @Rick: You mean like Abigail Garner who has two dads and wrote a book about them? She also started a network for families like her’s. Or the children of Steve and Roger Ham who have made videos about how wonderful they are? OR the Depfox family on YouTube whose kids have made countless statements on how wonderful they are?

    I think the real question is when are you going to open your eyes and look around?

  9. Rick says

    OK, Mike, maybe you are right. None of those has gotten anywhere near the media attention that Zach Wahls has (speaking at the Democratic Convention, for example) or won awards like this kid, did…..but point taken nonetheless.

    The issues are still different, though, and lesbians still face far fewer obstacles–and suspicions–than gay men do.

  10. Dw says

    If there was ever a posting/video that should just be cause for celebration, that should be haggling/carping/sniping -proof, this should be it.
    Everybody drop the nonsense.

    This was simply beautiful. His joy, intensity and talent are cause for celebration. Thanks so much for posting him!

  11. JShep says

    This should have a NSFW warning… I’m wiping away tears at my desk. Thankfully nobody around to witness. :)

  12. says

    A tear jerker for sure. Please share this video on your social media. It’s family stories like this that will make a difference in the fight for equality. BRAVO!

  13. MichaelJ says

    This brought tears to my eyes. What a great young man. I wish I were that together, that articulate, that confident.

  14. says

    Incredibly moving!!! His Moms are fortunate to have such a loving and talented son, and he is blessed to have such loving parents,married for 20 years …
    This is SUCH a JOY to watch …Big Hugs to all members of this family!

  15. fritzrth says

    What a great story, and so different from my experience. My mom tells the story of how I came to her as a child and asked her why, oh why, didn’t she divorce that man. Where this kid was afraid his parents would split up, I lived terrified because I knew mine would stay together. This is unadulterated envy talking, and it wasn’t just one tear being shed over his performance.