1. Moz's says

    the NRA pulled the ad last night due to push back from even their supporters

    anyway; pre their pulling it, it was a false equivalence

    1- non POTUS children do not face the danger of foreign governments potentially trying to kidnap and or assassinate them

    2- non POTUS kids do not have face the potential of crazed US citizens trying to kidnap or assassinate them every day

    The NRA has also upped the ages for their app that has you shooting at coffins from 4 and up to 12 and up due to their own supporters being upset by it

    slowly the Gun Manufacturers Lobby group called the NRA is being dragged kicking and screaming into reality

  2. Stefan says

    I’d love to scoff at this, but I think we all might be surprised at how much traction the “armed security in schools” idea might have. Even the latest discussion coming out of the White House favors beefing up security though without armed guards (whatever that means…). The NRA may be small and have fairly limited resources, but it has the ability to reliably mobilize voters and has a membership that is heavily involved in local politics. I can’t think of one other group on the side opposing lax firearm laws whose support can sway politicians. I wouldn’t be surprised if the end result at the federal level is 90% changes to the mental health system and public schools, and 10% meaningless nods to gun control.

  3. says

    This ad is disgusting, disrespectful and downright treasonous. I can’t wait to hear what the law-abiding gun owners have to say about the NRA after this.

    The NRA doesn’t care about the Constitution, your rights or your safety … they only care about money and power. They’re a business plain and simple. A disgusting, disrespectful and downright treasonous business that must be put in their place.

  4. Jon B says

    Yes, the President’s kids are more important than most people’s kids. Is that wrong to say? Whereas if a standard One Direction obsessed twelve year old gets kidnapped, the ransom is probably asking for money. If Sasha or Malia are kidnapped, the ransom could be Nuclear codes or freedom of political prisoners. What a stupid question.

  5. melvin says

    It is far worse. To a deranged and well armed gun nut, this is an invitation to assassination.

    An elitist socialist muslim atheist now?

  6. HadenoughBS says

    NRA = No Rationale Attempted with stupid, idiotic PR like this vile video. NRA’s Wayne LaPierre will be used to teach how NOT to gain positive traction for an organization.

  7. HadenoughBS says

    NRA = No Rationale Attempted with stupid, idiotic PR like this vile video. NRA’s Wayne LaPierre will be used to teach how NOT to gain positive traction for an organization.

  8. Moz's says

    yeah Hadenoughbs

    this morning Joe Scarborough (was a repub congressman from Ga) and Mika this morning basically said the NRA leadership are fools and with stunts like this hurting their cause

  9. says

    well, the difference being that the racist gun-toting idiots of the country are after Obama, and thus his family, with a fury that no sane person possesses.

    that said, i hope there’s a big gun-rally. a BIG one. and someone gets spooked and chain-reaction is set off, and we thin their ranks a little, if y’all knows what I means.

  10. TonyJazz says

    Yeah, let’s cut the teaching staff and replace them with security guards. (sarcasm intended)

    And we know how the NRA has offered to allow a big tax on bullets in order to improve mental health support in this country, too.

    Is there anyone in the NRA with moral and intelligence greater than a 6 year old?

  11. bobbyjoe says

    So the NRA expects its followers to be so incredibly 100% stupid that they believe that Obama personally and selfishly asked for his daughters to have Secret Service protection, and not that the protection is an automatic part of being a US President– and has been for ages?

    Yes, I guess they do.

    Seriously, I have to think that anyone who is brain-muddled enough to think that ad makes a logical argument not only shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a gun, knife, or motor vehicle (unless it’s white, they’re riding in the back, and it has a big flashing red siren on it), they probably even have to be told which end of the spoon goes in their mouth.

  12. bambinoitaliano says

    But that’s the American Dream. Not everyone is created equal. If everyone entitled to have bogy guards, wouldn’t that be communism? I thought them people frown upon any social welfare?

  13. Jack M says

    The NRA fails to see the irony of their statements. If mentally unstable people did not have access to guns there would be little need for all that Secret Service protection. Thanks to the NRA, the President and his family need protection from them.

  14. Gry says

    Do you think that the NRA already has a prepared response for the first time a child dies in a school due to friendly fire from armed staff?

  15. Roy says

    Ask the millions of Jews and Homosexuals who were murdered by the mad man Hitler in Nazi Germany by Nazi Catholics who were following orders to kill them if any of them wished they had a gun to fight for their lives if they knew what was going to happen to them in the concentration camps. For those who do not know history repeats itself Hitler and his Catholic Nazis murdered million of gays and Jews, just because he did not like their religion or sex. Today the anti-gay Christians are pushing the Uganda government to kill gays and they are also talking about building concentration camps to kill LGBT people today in America. Wake up people with out a gun they can do it again and they will if you give up your rights to own a gun and protect yourself. A gun is our last line of defense against these insane anti-gay Christian Nazis.

  16. BETTY says

    Dear Roy:

    No matter how many rounds of ammunition you have, no matter how many semi-automatic weapons you have, no matter how many grenades you have: if the government really wants to turn on it’s citizens, (eyeroll – why is it the nutbags only think this is going to happen when the Democrats are in power – like Bush didn’t take away a lot of your freedoms already) I guarantee, no matter what you have, their guns and weapons will always be bigger. They have figther jets and missles on their side. They win.

    Quit trying to win over us gays with your Uganda comparisons. This is not at third world dictatorship. The teabaggers and truthers really need to stop acting like they have it so bad here. Obama is not Hitler. If you really want something to complain about, try living in one of those third world countries and see how rough life really is. Geeze already.



  17. Dback says

    I’m a full-time substitute teacher in middle and high school. All of the schools I sub at have a security person (though only high school has an armed security officer). I support schools having a trained security officer on staff at all times; these days, it just makes sense. It doesn’t necessarily make sense for all teachers and staff to be trained in shooting, but if staff members have their own concealed weapons permits, more power to them.

    I also support beefing up the mental health system, tightening first-person shooter video game sales, and enforcing current gun laws.

    Now, NRA, will you meet me even 1/5 of the way, and support mandatory background checks on all gun sales, liability for gun owners whose weapons are used in crimes, and limits on ammo rounds? Is that “too much” to ask? (I”m not even touching the assault weapons ban proposal.) And can you please can the hateful and inflammatory rhetoric?

    And yes, my dad was a military man and a huntsman, and I grew up with two shotguns in the house.

  18. FunMe says

    The NRA is a disgusting bunch. They have no shame with those ads. But then what do you expect from them. Just look at the current NRA Board of Directors and that explains a lot. Check out the link below from Mother Jones.

    Here are a few stats about NRA board of directors:
    – 87% are men. 93% are white.
    – 25% are current or former federal, state, or local lawmakers or officials.
    – 64% are hunters. 71% are sport or competitive shooters.
    – At least 71% were nominated, endorsed, or selected by the NRA’s Nominating Committee.

    Directors include Tom Selleck, Oliver North and Larry “wide stance” Craig.

    And about the current NRA President David Keene: “The current NRA president is the former chairman of the American Conservative Union. In 2003, his son was sentenced to 10 years in prison for firing at another driver during a road rage incident.”

    Check out more of their Directors. They sure look pretty sleazy to me!

    Thank you Mother Jones.

  19. JT says

    If the NRA wants guns in every school…then let the NRA pay for the salary of these people who will do pretty much nothing all day long, all year long, in every school in the nation. Taxpayers can hardly foot the bill for teachers and others in a care-taking capacity. Come on, put your money where your mouth is!

  20. David Hearne says

    Jack M – Not everyone who wants to kill people is mentally ill. Certainly not all mentally ill people want to kill others. Take Kiwi, please.