Outed Former San Francisco 49er Kwame Harris Denounces Chris Culliver’s Anti-Gay Remarks as ‘Vitriol and Hate’

HarrisKwame Harris, the former San Francisco 49er outed earlier this week after it was revealed he was being charged for assaulting a former boyfriend, has responded to Chris Culliver's anti-gay remarks.

Said Harris to NBC Bay Area:

“It’s surprising that in 2013 Chris Culliver would use his 15 minutes to spread vitriol and hate. I recognize that these are comments that he may come to regret and that he may come to see that gay people are not so different than straight people."

SF 49er Chris Culliver on Anti-Gay Remarks: 'I Apologize to Those I Have Offended' [tr]
SF 49er Chris Culliver: Gays Not Welcome in the Locker Room or the NFL – AUDIO [tr]


  1. EnRanc says

    LOL@this guy attempting to be self-righteous now. Cullivers comments probably wouldn’t have been made in the first place had he not been in the news over Soy Sauce…

  2. EnRanc says

    What other “side” could he be on after being outed (and what “side” was he on before that happened?) The cats out of the bag now, so he can either play the activist gay card or be quiet.

  3. says

    Anyone attacking this guy for speaking the truth against HATE BIGOTRY EVIL spewed by Culliver is a homophobe. Admit it and move on. But don’t try to be middle of the road. Say you can’t stand gays and love when people (like heteros) marganalize them to not be allowed in locker rooms, arenas, BSA, marriage, and anything else. Bigots, we know you. Even if you think we don’t/

  4. Concord says

    He didn’t say a damn thing wrong. He’s right on the money. Chris Culliver’s comments were some of the ugliest things I’ve seen. And in 2013? and in san francisco? He deserves far more criticism than he is getting for his disgusting words.

  5. J.J. says


    You disagree with Culiver’s comments being hateful?

    Judging based on your previous posts, I’m not surprised you would. You seem to sit on that fence with a few other posters who’s commentary I find suspect at best, and bias against gays at worse. Keeping an eye out on your posts to decide for myself.

  6. Carlos says

    If you’re first reaction to a gay man who had a personal/private dispute with his ex, who is now commenting against homophobia- to blast him, and not the homophobe….you might want to step back and ask why? why are you so fixated on running to the defense of the straight man? why are you so quick to target the gay individual in the story and absolve the hetero from their homophobia?
    Questions worth asking yourself.

  7. says

    He’s absolutely right.

    And to the commentators above. This is towleroad. Half the comments are from trolls, usually pretending to be LGBT. A straight athlete could have a press confrence stating all gays should be put to death and more than a handful of responders would justify it, or spin it to somehow not make it homophobic.

    Just the deal with this blog, and the characters it attracts.

  8. Brian in Texas says

    He didn’t have to speak on this matter at all. It’s good to see that he’s using his unfortunate outing as an opportunity to speak out against hate and ignorance.

  9. Ghertokilos says

    What the heck does his dispute with his boyfriend have to do with him commenting on homophobia? He’s absolutely allowed to comment on this matter.

    Unless of course, you feel Bill Clinton should have not formed any other opinions on any other matter after cheating with an intern and lying to the nation under oath. Or you feel only PERFECT people are allowed to comment on topics.

    Thank you Kwame for speaking up.

  10. Polis says

    He has every right, if not a duty, to state his mind on the matter, and is serving as a fantastic pillar.

    Culliver’s comments were about the most prejudice thing I’ve read in decades by an athlete against our community. And that’s no joke. I honestly didn’t believe the quotes were real, and had to go to a couple different news sites to believe they were credible, because they were so ignorant.

  11. Jordan. Kuraro says

    I don’t know. Something about Culliver’s comments really rubbed me the wrong way, more so than the usual run of the mill homophobia we’ve sadly become accustomed to by sports stars. When I sit back and take in his comments, he’s almost threatening any gay athlete into shame. There was something really, reallyyyy ugly about it that quite honestly bothered me more than any other recent related story.

  12. cejo says

    Is this man the only one to come out and speak against the bigotry of Culliver’s comments? Why are there not more people in this field, be it commentators, former athletes and even current, speaking against his advocating of gays be unwelcomed in the sport? It’s pretty big words to use, and I’d think those in NFL who stand up for fairness and equality would all come out more vocally against Cullivers comments.

    Thank you to Kwame for seemingly being the first.

  13. FunMe says

    Wow. In the past week, Kwame Harris was outed after beating his boyfriend. He’ll have to deal with that in the courts.

    But GREAT that his life’s incident and more people knowing he is gay (after being true to himself), has allowed him to stand up to homophobia, especially because it is directed toward him and other GLBTs like us.


  14. Jeff says

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could just get our gay jock thugs like Harris to beat up the straight jock thugs who spread hate like this? At the end of the day, the straight assholes’ secret fear that some gays are bigger and tougher than them is what fuels their gay panic. If Obama’s pleas for tolerance don’t work, maybe that’ll finally shut ’em up.

  15. Jeff says

    Gotta love that this is all unfolding on Jackie Robinson’s birthday. Someone should remind the moron that, just a few decades ago, black men couldn’t play pro sports because of assholes just like him.

  16. Klien says

    @ Appollo
    Yes I AM associated to him. It’s not want, it’s an absolute that he’s part of the community I am, and regardless of his private troubles, he’s speaking on a matter not only can I relate to but agree with him on.

  17. Kim says

    Oh yeah Apollo because you are perfect.You have never mistreated anyone.You have never cheated on anyone,you have never physically,verbally,emotionally abused anyone.You have never betrayed anyone or abused your own body with drugs or alcohol.Well I have done some of the above and through counseling I have to learn control my rage and anger.I no longer engage in that behavior but I am not perfect like you.Maybe Kwame is getting help withhis rage and maybe being outed has motivated him to seek him for his issues.He could have remained silent.He didn’t have to publicly acknowledge he was LGBT.There are plenty of people who have been exposed for having same sex relationship yet deny they are LGBT.End of rant Bye

  18. Max says

    When you make the news for domestic abuse, you’re in no position to get on a soapbox. Culliver may have ranted, but last time I checked that wasn’t worst than battery. This guy should clean up his own yard before pointing fingers at someone else’s crap.

  19. Chitown Kev says

    I will confess that I have a secret (not so much now) fantasy abt. Kwame Harris jacking up lil’ ol’ Culliver.

    and here is another case of the questionable use of the word “outed”. I doesn’t seem to me that Harris was outed; everyone knew and he was out to dinner with his -ex, that sounds nothing like a case of “outing” so I question the use of the word in this context.

  20. PDHSM says

    What happened here is what happens mostof the time in this media crazed world is another case of entrapment. These reporters,comedians,ect ask these questions to set people up for a good story. He did not offer his opinion on gays on his own,he was asked In a comdedic fashion and trying to be cool with it made some stupid comments that im pretty sure do not reflect how he feels in real life.The problem is people cant wait for someone to say something spur of the moment and blow it so far out of proportion to make that person look bad. People need to stop worrying about everything someone said and trying to make a case of how it offends someone.People need to grow up and understand people say things the wrong way they correct
    themselves move on others need to get over it and move on we say things everyday in our own lives but there are no cameras rolling or interviewers writing waiting to attack when we say something stupid. Not everything is meant to offend people grow up let it go big deal if everyone just let things go and didnt take it so serious the world would be an easier place to live

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