Petition Calls On Facebook To Ban Page Outing Gay Ugandans

Rs-hangthemA fresh petition just popped up on asking Facebook to suspend "Kampala Exposed: Facts and Rumors," a page based in Uganda's capital city and created to out gay people. Kampala Exposed's creators says the page is not there just to fight homosexuality, but to combat all "rot" in Uganda.

"This page was not created to fight against homosexuality in Uganda, it was created to expose the rot in society Why gays have turned into a page that is against them beats my understanding," they said before mocking the petition. They also said that if gay people are so upset by their tactics, then they should just come out themselves, knowing full well the consequences of such a move.

Here's the petition asking Facebook to ban Kampala Exposed:

This highly trafficked page is attempting to incite mob violence, firing, eviction and annihilation of named people in Uganda who are perceived to be gay – or rumored to be gay, or otherwise have angered the woman behind it in some personal way – by "exposing" them online.

This has resulted in disasters before; since the Ugandan newspaper Rolling Stone exposed 100 people as gay in 2010, those people have lived in fear and many have been attacked, lost their jobs and had to be relocated.

In 2011 gay human rights activist David Kato, one of the people "exposed" by the paper, was bludgeoned to death.

The page has been blocked and returned 6 times so far in two weeks with more and more hate speech. Facebook has clear policies on hate speech and harassment, but hasn't banned this page completely. We urgently need Facebook to permanently BLOCK the user's account, or otherwise prevent her from posting pages on Facebook.

Join us to stop more terror in Uganda in the wake of the pending "Kill the Gays bill" by signing this petition. We are counting on you. Thank you!

Think Facebook will listen?

Posted January 6, 2013 at 6:36pm ETC by Andrew Belonsky
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