Petition Calls On Facebook To Ban Page Outing Gay Ugandans

Rs-hangthemA fresh petition just popped up on asking Facebook to suspend "Kampala Exposed: Facts and Rumors," a page based in Uganda's capital city and created to out gay people. Kampala Exposed's creators says the page is not there just to fight homosexuality, but to combat all "rot" in Uganda.

"This page was not created to fight against homosexuality in Uganda, it was created to expose the rot in society Why gays have turned into a page that is against them beats my understanding," they said before mocking the petition. They also said that if gay people are so upset by their tactics, then they should just come out themselves, knowing full well the consequences of such a move.

Here's the petition asking Facebook to ban Kampala Exposed:

This highly trafficked page is attempting to incite mob violence, firing, eviction and annihilation of named people in Uganda who are perceived to be gay – or rumored to be gay, or otherwise have angered the woman behind it in some personal way – by "exposing" them online.

This has resulted in disasters before; since the Ugandan newspaper Rolling Stone exposed 100 people as gay in 2010, those people have lived in fear and many have been attacked, lost their jobs and had to be relocated.

In 2011 gay human rights activist David Kato, one of the people "exposed" by the paper, was bludgeoned to death.

The page has been blocked and returned 6 times so far in two weeks with more and more hate speech. Facebook has clear policies on hate speech and harassment, but hasn't banned this page completely. We urgently need Facebook to permanently BLOCK the user's account, or otherwise prevent her from posting pages on Facebook.

Join us to stop more terror in Uganda in the wake of the pending "Kill the Gays bill" by signing this petition. We are counting on you. Thank you!

Think Facebook will listen?


  1. Dudley Horn says

    I just read the Facebook page. Very sickening stuff. Don’t they know that Facebook was founded by gay people?

  2. Bruce Kogan says

    Everyone write your Senators and Representatives and demand Congress hold
    hearings on our policy in Uganda. And
    specifically include participation by American evangelicals in stirring up homophobia.

  3. Sylvatica says

    Blocked and returned 6 times? What on earth is FB doing apart from sitting on their butts and twiddling their thumbs?

  4. Bill Perdue says


    The newest form of the ‘kill the gays bill’, is not just aimed at our Ugandan and African brothers and sisters. American bigots like Robertson, Lively and Obama political associates the most reverends Donnie McClurkin and Rick Warren. A copy cat bill has already passed the Nigerian Senate and is nearing passage in the House. Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa.
    If it gets widely implemented there they’ll try to export it to other islamist and christer states and eventually import it to the US as part of their final solution to the ‘gay question’.
    Call the White House at 202-456-1414 and demand that Obama initiate measures to rescue GLBT folks from Uganda, Nigeria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other nations where their lives are threatened and provide open-ended asylum and social services for as long as needed. Also call the State Department at 202-647-4000. Insist that the US end military aid ($82 million so far this year) to Uganda. The money will be used to kill gays, feminists, anti-cultists, unionists to increase the power of the rich and the cults. We should not call for cuts in non-military assistance unless our African sisters and brothers initiate it – Their lives are on the line and it’s their call.
    Now do something that would really hurt them. All US anti-gay christer groups operating in African nations should be indicted under the Logan Act and that their tax free status be ended because they’re terrorist organizations.
    Lively, Warren and the mormons are easy targets. “It’s no secret, of course, that there are strong and growing links between American and African conservatives. Rick Warren has been deeply involved in planting churches in Africa and mentoring African preachers” Many rightwing African governments with a neo-colonial relations with England and the US welcome US christer penetration of their nations. Since the late 1990s, the Anglican archbishops of Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria, and presidents Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, and Sam Nujoma of Namibia have all used homosexuality to distract people from the issues facing their countries and churches by claiming that homosexuals are responsible for moral decay in Africa…” GLBT communities across Africa are being used to scapegoat the failure of pro-American governments to govern well. Above quotes from
    Rick Warren’s cult spends millions in Africa to promote the spread of HIV by promoting abstinence. Kampala used to be dotted by billboards promoting condom use. They’re torn down, replaced by billboards promoting virginity, ‘faithfulness’ and abstinence. McClurkin and Warren share Obama and Hillary Clintons’ bigotry regarding marriage equality in all states. As a result neither they or Lively have been indicted on federal charges of interfering in the internal affairs of foreign countries.
    Ultimately, the example provided by Bush and Obama’s mass murder of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan is the origin of much of this violence. In Iraq GLBT folks in US occupied Iraq are routinely kidnapped, tortured and murdered by US armed and trained sunni ‘police’ and shiite jihadists.
    We should insist that Obama and H. Clinton do what they can to protect victims of US homophobes by:
    1 – Opening all US embassies and consulates to give protection to our GLBT brothers and sisters in danger.

    2 – Offer unlimited asylum with necessary financial aid to those endangered by US polices and US cultists.

    3 Continue humanitarian aid and cut military aid to African governments. Withdraw all US military forces from Uganda (and all African states) so they can’t visit a second genocide on the people of Uganda.

  5. ratbastard says

    facebook, and the people who operate it, are scum. Let’s be honest. And they routinely ban people for political and other banal reasons. Why won’t they ban this?

  6. ratbastard says

    @Bill Purdue,

    Spoken like a true Marxist leftwing fool. 1968 called, it wants it’s ideology back.

    I’m no fan of U.S interventions and ‘conflicts’ by ANY STRETCH. BUT…the U.S. is not the end all of evil in this world. People like you usually neglect to mention the MANY other reasons for much evil in the world that have NOTHING to do with the U.S. or Americans in general.

    And please don’t forget about the tens of millions [actually, including China, HUNDREDS of millions killed by Marxist ideology over the past 75-100 years. You will of course endlessly remind us about the Nazis [who were in power less than 12 years] and most importantly the Americans…please remember to balance this with what the other truths I wrote above.

  7. ratbastard says

    AND Bill,

    WHERE exactly are the Euros in all this? They are VERY powerful politically, culturally and economically…why aren’t they able to counter any nefarious U.S. so-called conservative agenda in Africa and elsewhere? The Euros talk a big talk, but never fail to step up to the plate.

  8. ratbastard says

    ESPECIALLY ironic considering how it was European abased imperialism and empires that ravaged Africa so badly in the not to distant past. And many of these African countries are former Euro colonies.

  9. ratbastard says

    ESPECIALLY ironic considering how it was European abased imperialism and empires that ravaged Africa so badly in the not to distant past. And many of these African countries are former Euro colonies.

  10. mmike1969 says

    We need to stop sending US Taxpayer aid $$$ to such backwards and ignorant nations like Uganda.