Rhode Island House Panel to Hear Testimony on Same-Sex Marriage Bill Today

Things are heating up on marriage equality in Rhode Island:

RiThe House Judiciary Committee is set to hear testimony from supporters and opponents on Tuesday. If earlier hearings are any indication, it's likely to be a long, contentious day filled with protest signs, tears and sometimes bitter arguments over one of our culture's most basic institutions.

Sylvia DeLuca, of North Kingstown, tears up when she talks about how her daughter Louisa had to travel to Massachusetts to get married when her two brothers were allowed to do so wherever they wanted.

"They're being regarded as inferior human beings," said DeLuca, 71, who plans to travel to the Statehouse for Tuesday's public hearing with her husband of 52 years, Anthony DeLuca. "She is as perfect a human being as her brothers are."

Meanwhile, NOM posted a heinous, virulently anti-gay video on their new website opposing marriage equality in the state, and then took it down after attention was drawn to it. All the details are HERE.