San Francisco 49er Chris Culliver on Anti-Gay Remarks: ‘I Apologize to Those I Have Hurt and Offended’

San Francisco 49er Chris Culliver has released a statement regarding anti-gay remarks he made in a radio interview on Tuesday, ESPN reports:

Culliver"The derogatory comments I made yesterday were a reflection of thoughts in my head, but they are not how I feel," he said in the statement. "It has taken me seeing them in print to realize that they are hurtful and ugly. Those discriminating feelings are truly not in my heart. Further, I apologize to those who I have hurt and offended, and I pledge to learn and grow from this experience."

Culliver planned to formally address his remarks at a news conference during the 49ers' media availability Thursday morning, according to his personal public relations representative, Theodore Palmer.

"Chris is very apologetic for any harm caused to anyone," Palmer told The Associated Press in a phone interview. "His intent was not that at all. He is one who celebrates the differences of others. All of this was just a big mistake. It was interpreted wrong."

San Francisco 49er Chris Culliver: Gays Not Welcome in the Locker Room or the NFL – AUDIO


  1. Jennifer says

    “were a reflection of thoughts in my head, but they are not how I feel,”

    Huh? You think this but you don’t feel it?


    I really hope he learns and grows from this.

  2. johnny says

    Scrambling for a defense there, eh?

    I guess the thoughts in his head don’t match the warm fuzzies he has in his heart for gay men.

    And “It was interpreted wrong”.

    You can’t interpret that any other way than bigoted and hateful. Nice try.

  3. ryansson says

    Interpreted wrong? Whilst I grant you he’s no Christopher Marlowe there’s no mistaking his intent:

    “No, we don’t got no gay people on the team, they gotta get up out of here if they do…”

    I personally don’t accept this non-apology because he clearly doesn’t yet accept he was being an unthinking bigot.

  4. JohnAGJ says

    C’mon, “derogatory”? Really? Given his earlier statements I find it difficult to believe that this gentleman has even heard this word before, let alone knows what it means.

    Typical non-apology written by the corporate PR department.

  5. MikeBoston says

    I am usually willing to accept an apology. Especially from an individual with such a weak intellect. But not this time. He made unequivocal bigoted statements. And then his PR folks made the false dichotomy between his thoughts and feelings. Nope, no forgiveness. He is a small minded bigoted hooplehead. If the team lets him play, they deserve to lose.

  6. Alex says

    “were a reflection of thoughts in my head, but they are not how I feel? What the hell does that mean?

  7. jason says

    This is the classic token apology written by someone else. The admin guy at the 49 ‘ers probably wrote it.

  8. daws says

    Honestly, I find these apologies more insulting than the homophobic statements. They’re pure damage control. Nothing has changed with this guy. He still feels the same way about gays in sports. It’s assholes like him that intimidate and keep players in the closet (and shame others into supporting gay players).

    I hope he brakes something and his career ends soon. /rage

  9. RockinRobbie says

    Well, the only way it could be ‘interpreted wrong’ is if he was being satirical or ironic (i.e., he said it while sitting on the lap of a team mate). Somehow, I don’t think that’s the case here!

  10. AriesMatt says

    Translation: “Um, I’m about to lose a shitload of endorsement money and my PR team wrote this for me so I can continue raking in the money while not really caring what gay people think of me.”

  11. says

    Oh, the comments were a reflection of thoughts in his head! And who can be responsible for those? They just fly out and get misinterpreted. Glad that’s all cleared up.

  12. Scooter says

    “Please, God, break a foot up in his ass and make him feel the hatred he spews all up and down his cowardly spine! Amen!” It’s time to pray away the bigot.

  13. niles says

    Once again, the NFL has made it clear that they regard playing ability over common decency. Words such as these would never be excused by a fake apology if they were directed at any other minority group in America. Thanks, 49ers, for ruining my Super Bowl!

  14. Opinionated says

    Normally I try to take these apologies with a grain of salt and a “thanks for trying attitude” but for this one, well LMAO!

  15. Stefan says

    Here’s an idea. Take anyone who makes a statement like this and “apologizes”, and help speed his desire for learning and growing by having him spend an entire week living rooming with a gay man, a gay couple, or a gay family. I bet we might start getting a lot more honesty out of these a-holes.

  16. MIkeh says

    Come on. Do we REALLY believe that the person who wrote this ‘apology’ is the same person whose twitter says things like:

    “Boy I wake up to a mean txt females in general just be — well let me just say they be on there PERIOD!! #1 love is mom dudes!!! Period”

    “I pray to God I’m never dieing broke”

    “Ball like its no tomorrow!!”

  17. Chris says

    If it was a white player who said these things about blacks, he would be off the team.

    Am I the only one who burst out laughing while reading “his statement”? The idea that this illiterate actually wrote this is hilarious to me.

  18. anonymous says

    There is no way that he wrote that apology himself. All the verbs are conjugated correctly and he said “they are” instead of “there”. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  19. BETTY says

    Bull. Pure and simple.

    “The derogatory comments I made yesterday were a reflection of thoughts in my head, but they are not how I feel.” What the h*ll does that mean? Then who did those thoughts reflect and if you don’t feel that way why were they knocking around in that head of your’s just waiting to bust out?

    “Those discriminating feelings are truly not in my heart.” No, but they came out of your mouth.

    From his PR flack: “All of this was just a big mistake. It was interpreted wrong.” Who handles his PR, Lindsay Lohan’s people? Just shut up, you are making it worse by saying it was the public’s misperception.

    He said it, he should own up to it and learn from it. Don’t BS us and say “I said these things, but I really didn’t mean them and everyone else interpreted them wrong”. That’s a cop-out.

    Wait for it…the next story will be that he made the pilgramage to visit the holy GLAAD “powers that be” for atonement and to get his punishment. They seem to have annointed themselves the forgivers in these cases.

  20. Gary says

    You can take those football hits, but heaven forbid having the Gay Language Gestapo come down on your head. Circa 2013.

  21. Anon says

    This is hysterical.

    Do they expect ANYONE to believe he even read the statement, let alone authored it?

  22. jaragon says

    These dumb jocks really should learn to keep their mouths shut( and we all know that usually these no-gay-in-the-lockeroom bigots are hiding some down low action )

  23. MalaysianHo says

    Oh i am sorry. It was my fault, my gay-self interpreted all wrong. It was all my fault !

  24. Josh says

    This is a great opportunity for this idiot to meet some gay families and really understand how stupid and hurtful his comments were.

  25. Homo Genius says

    ok… i dont know who any of these sports guys even are. but i get his mindset. since his is kindo of a nobody to me i can easily move on…

    now what bugs me though is that there are more than likely gays on his team. and they said nothing. gotta keep on the downlow.

    Thats who I am angry at.

  26. Fahd says

    These apologies come from a PR firm, but at least the words and intentions are the way they should be. This is progress in my short lifetime.

    I may not live long enough to have him say these thoughts are no longer in his head, but as long as he keeps it to himself, I can go on.

    A fine and/or suspension would have been in order.

  27. walter says

    did anybody else find it very humorous the ad for 49er’s gear right next to this story. what do they think we should now turn dollars over to this bigot?

  28. BETTY says

    So HOMO GENIUS, why would one of those team mates come out when bigots like him are going to make his life miserable? What is the incentive to come out? Just so you can feel better? You are angry at the imaginary gay person but not the person with the anti-gay mindset? A genius you ain’t.

  29. Bill says

    Guys (and Gals): calm down. He probably feels like Gerard Depardieu’s character in La Placard (a homophobe who tries to be nice to a supposedly gay employee out of fear of losing his job, after the supposedly gay employee came out of a closet he never went into): has the trailer. It is a cute film. Gerard Depardieu does a wonderful job of playing a guy who is trying to be sensitive when he’s really just a mindless oaf. There is only one gay character in it: a neighborly 75 year old guy who is simply helpful and supportive.

    This is just the start. Next they’ll no doubt send him to “diversity training,” which he’ll find so painful that he’ll never say another unkind word in public. The 49ers won’t tell you that, though, because generally personnel matters are kept confidential. They’ll need a bit of lead time – to put him in the next scheduled class. Sending people with such “issues” to “diversity training” is kind of standard in this area. They’ll probably start it after the superbowl.

  30. calif dreamin says

    he plays for a team in one of, if not THE, most gay-friendly city IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, and he says something so completely idiotic. he truly deserves the sh*tstorm, and then some.

  31. says

    I’m gay and a lifelong 49ers fan. I hope that people direct their anger at Chris and not the team.

    The team is extremely supportive of gay people and equality. Last year, the Niners became the first (and only) NFL team to make a “It Gets Better” video. Four brave players appeared in the clip and spoke from the heart and tolerance. Just last week, head coach Jim Harbaugh told Out Sports that he would have no problem with gay players on the team. The Niners would never have lasted this long in San Francisco if they were not supportive of gay people!

    Obviously, the PR team wrote the apology. And obviously, the team reprimanded him internally. They are doing the best they can to make up for an uneducated player who was clearly never hired to articulate positions on gay rights!

    It would be a true shame if the outburst of one idiot overshadows everything the team has done FOR YEARS to support equality.

  32. EnRanc says

    I wish he hadn’t apologized. If that’s how he feels, then that’s how he feels. All these apologies now are just disingenuous pandering and showboating to the liberal left. He’s not sorry and I don’t need him to be. Be man enough to stand by your words.

  33. anonymous says

    @ISAIAH…. The team may not have made the offensive comments. But, they aren’t handling the response to the comments very well. The player hasn’t been suspended. And, for all we know the player hasn’t been disciplined at all. Certainly if there was any reprimand by the team, they could make it public. The did so with another player just one month ago when that player made comments about the team and the coaches. That player was suspended and the disciplinary actions taken were made public. So, as far as I can see, the team deserves some bad press for their poor handling of this situation.

  34. ALEX says

    It must me hell for him to go through life with all the issues he has and be “IG-NIT”. Any person regardless of their education level who are “secure” with their own sexuality, have no problem with anyone else’s sexual preference.

  35. BETTY says

    “showboating to the liberal left”? No, how about showboating to people who think this way of thinking is outdated. You don’t have to be a “liberal” to realize his comments were stupid. People who support gay rights are not exclusively liberals…they come from every spectrum of ideology, heck, even some republicans believe in gay rights. Got it RICK, I mean ENRAC?

  36. says

    @ ANONYMOUS – This episode is loaded and clouds everybody’s reactions. My point is what the team was doing BEFORE this happened. Despite how they chose to respond to a PR crisis, the fact is the San Francisco 49ers is the only team that was voluntarily fighting for gay equality BEFORE any of this happened.

    You don’t suspend your nickel cornerback 4 days before the Superbowl over some foolish comment. Let’s keep it real.

  37. EnRanc says

    @BETTY. Yes…SHOWBOATING.TO.THE.LIBERAL.LEFT. Because it’s only the liberal left who gets bent out of shape about things like this, and refuses to let it drop until the story has been squeezed for every ounce of juice its worth. If this story had been published at any moderate news blog, the comments and reactions would have been much more varied (in other words, some would not be nearly as irked by his remarks, and some would have even defended them) than they are here and at blogs that tend to pander left. Sure, not everyone agrees with his sentiments…but not everyone DISagrees with them either…and then there are some who don’t care.

    And Rick? LOL! I’m not Rick, and I welcome any moderator here to check my IP address against his to verify that. Quite frankly it’s weak that any time someone says something that someone else disagrees with, they immediately start in with the “You’re so and so under a different name.” Yeah, you go ahead and believe that if it’ll make what I said less difficult for you to cope with.

    My position stands. He shouldn’t have apologized for his comments, if that’s how he feels…especially since the “apology” was obviously written by someone else for PR damage control. Maybe you like people being phony with their statements, I don’t particularly care for it.

  38. anonymous says

    @ISAIAH…. If they aren’t willing to suspend this guy or announce to the public what, if any, disciplinary action they have taken, then it’s hard to take their previous actions seriously. They can make an “It Gets Better” video, but if things only “get better” when it’s easy for them and not when it’s difficult, what’s the point? Your values aren’t your values if you only apply them when it’s convenient. You can’t just talk the talk, you have to walk the walk as well.

  39. BETTY says

    My point ENRAC is that it isn’t just the “liberal left” who think his comments were stupid. You have a thing against liberals, we get it, good for you, but don’t patronize everyone and say only the liberal left thought this bozo said some stupid things. Don’t assume that everyone who reads this blog are solely liberal lefts. Anybody with half a brain would be “irked” by the ignorance he put on display, left, center or moderate republican.

    Oh, and I’ve seen the “varied” comments on moderate sites…the anti-gay vitriol is just shining through…just as it has for Jim Nabors coming out. It’s a proud day. Sarcasm.

    As for comments on this site not being “varied” enough for your senses…what exactly did you expect? This is a GAY site and he made anti-gay comments! DUH! You want us to throw him a party!? Pat him on the back? When somebody makes stupid comments about gay people don’t be suprised when the comments on a gay site aren’t sunshine and lollipops!

  40. Matt26 says

    But now he writes what he feels, right? Did he actually write the statement? Well I hope he learnt something.

  41. says

    At a certain point..the gay community needs to say enough is enough. These bigoted homophobic words these athletes CONSTANTLY spew perpetuate intimidation of gays and directly leads to our death. They are heard as gospel by their fans.

    We can’t keep letting each one slide.

    Take these bigots to task.

  42. Gio says

    It’s especially troubling that we gays are the most targetted group in terms of hate speech. No other demographic has to deal with daily reports of public figures/athletes coming out against them with hateful vile words. We just have to sit back, take in the PR publicist apology then move on. I’m sick of it, frankly.

  43. Duration & Convexity says

    I’m sick of these apologies every day. You changed your position in less than 15 hours? Or you’re sorry you got caught?
    I agree with others, we as a community need to start holding careless homophobia accountable and not being so quick to say “whatev” when faced with constant societal bigotry like this.

  44. Amir CO says

    Manufactured publicist apology. How many of these have we sat through?
    this will be forgotten in a few days, because we allow it to continue happening as a community.
    picture it: he said this about latinos. Or Jews. Or religious folk.

    You do realize there would be massive protests outside the superbowl stadium by said groups above? And would send a loud & clear message to bigots to reevaluate their bigotry.

    With our community? we seem okay with a publicist polished robotic apology. For shame.

    Until we demand people respect us, they’ll never respect our rights.

  45. Jestina says

    clearly we as a community are not doing something right if every other day a huge prominent athlete is going off on us in some interview or twitter rant.
    either we’re way too soft when it comes to sending the message that their words impact the treatment of LGBT youth, or we’re just plain complacent. I agree with many comments stating that had he said he wouldn’t welcome any other group of people on his team and in the locker room, there would be national outrage and I’m pretty sure any athlete would think twice to be so proudly ignorant.

  46. says

    I don’t know. I really think his comments were one of the worst I’ve seen of any athlete in quite some time. And I’m a huge sports fan, and visit out sports religiously. Gay slurs are awful, but his comments went WAY beyond gay slurs. He suggested gays be shunned from every day aspects of life, their livelihood, and attempted to essentially threaten any current & future player. When you really stand back and examine his comments, they are pretty powerful in their intolerance. Like 1945 kind of intolerant.

  47. Kevin says

    As a gay, black man. His comments hurt the GLBT black community most. You wanna know how damaging putting that ish out to impressionable kids is? and you wanna know how many kids who look up to him will now get violent around an identifiable gay kid. Not trying to discredit homophobia faced by white peeps, but this clowns comments hurts gay kids in inner cities more than you will ever imagine. and that’s just being real.

  48. OBSERVER says

    Sorry 49ers. You’re gonna have to do better than that.

    His comments came from a real nasty place, and the city, notably the LGBT community has supported your organization for way too many years to let this one slide.

    If done effectively (by local LGBT groups, media, and the team) this can be used as a major teachable moment. They owe it to the city. And this better not just be swept under the rug in 24 hours. His words were way too heavy.

  49. jazznjavasf says

    Do the 49ers truly think that we believe this “apology” statement is his words? Not only did he do a remarkable 180 on how he feels, but also mastered the English language… all within 24 hours!

    From: ” We don’t got no gay people on the team..they gotta get up out of here if they do.”

    To: “The derogatory comments I made yesterday were a reflection of thoughts in my head, but they are not how I feel. It has taken me seeing them in print to realize that they are hurtful and ugly. Those discriminating feelings are truly not in my heart. Further, I apologize to those who I have hurt and offended, and I pledge to learn and grow from this experience.”

    Not remotely believable and certainly not enough — stronger action must be taken by Sunday.

  50. T.J says

    @ Art

    I agree. Look, there’s homophobic terms and then there’s blatant in your face prejudice. Saying gays need to stay closeted or else, and that you don’t want to be around them, and basically sending a message that they should not be hired ….goes a little beyond “I said a stupid derogatory term” and goes to a whole new level of ….well, supreme prejudice. That needs to be discussed here and not just kicked aside.

  51. ProudLatinoinSoCal says

    Just ask yourself: had he said this about any other segment of our population, imagine how much more stiff and public his punishment would be.
    Why should gay people, in a climate where they are legally fired for being gay in 30 states, have to put up with this so consistently? Why?
    Why is bigotry for our people less outrageous than bigotry expressed toward others?
    49ers, please do the right thing and state in a more vocal manner how wrong this was. A pseudo intelligent-phony public relations letter isn’t nearly enough.

  52. BlogsPost says

    It’s crazy that days before the largest athletic event in our country, in 2013, we have to hear how one of the star athletes can’t stand to be around gay people in a professional setting. 2013.

    To those of you who say homophobia is just completely being eliminated in this nation; please don’t get complacent. There is so much more work to be done.

  53. TX Idol says

    Are these publicist apologies after the fact, starting to get insulting to anyone else or is it just me?

    None of them actually truly delve into homophobia, or taking steps to resolve homophobia, or asking others to confront their homophobia. Most don’t even mention anything to do with homophobia. Just a generic “I’m sorry you’re offended”
    I’m really growing tired of this, and am starting to find it ridiculous now.

  54. Caliban says

    Oh sweet f*cking Jesus. When I read the first story I knew they’re be an apology in the near future. Of sorts.

    And I knew ahead of time that, unless Chris Culliver was going to break the mold, which I doubted, the apology would put the onus of blame on those who were offended. Here’s what it boils down to: “I’m sorry you got your little feelings hurt.”

    Eh. In a way I blame the media. Those who make it to the NFL are a fraction within a fraction of those who play the game in HS or college. It doesn’t make them smart, just talented within a narrow, physical range. Not even smart enough to keep his trap shut, apparently.

    Why do reporters ask athletes or actors and actresses to comment on current affairs anyway? Football players, from pee-wee leagues to High School to college, are not known for being a brain trust.

    Why not just ask the Pope about panty-girdles while you’re at it?

  55. Persian-prince says

    How is Culliver sorry? He’s laughing about the incident on twitter. And did so just a few hours ago. I mean, these sports agents should at least try to keep it real with these fake @$$ apologies.

  56. Siox says

    @ Persian-Prince
    LOL that’s what I’m saying. One look at his twitter feed, and not only is he not sorry, he finds it all amusing and really doesn’t seem to care at all about his hate laced wording.

  57. cejo says

    Really? You just made comments about not wanting to be around gay teammates, how the idea of them bothers you, and all but threatened any gay teammates from coming out and just a few short hours later you’ve reached this new whole sense of change? Your words were wayyy too bigoted to change in a few hours. That kind of bigotry takes far more exposure and experience to truly heal and change. And that’s being honest.

  58. FunMe says

    Those aren’t his words. They come directly from a PR firm that this bigot Christ hired because he wants to be in the Super Bowl.

    I say FIRE Chris Culliver!

    He is SO stupid to not realize that in 2013 it is no longer acceptable to discriminate against gays just like in 2013 it is no longer acceptable discriminate against blacks.

    I think it’s time this guy gets a clue … CHRIS KLUWE!

  59. anony6 says

    Another reason to root big for the Ravens. Dumb bigoted football players make great “traditional marriage” reps. I hope San Francisco locals take a huge crap on this dude.

    His cookie cutter apology…NOT accepted!

  60. Sam says

    WHAT A CROCK! There is not one ounce of sincerity coming from that written statement of Chris Culliver. It was definitely prepared by his sports agent and/or publicist (every celebrity and athlete has one). Moreover, Chris’s original interview was filled with extremely poor communication language as compared to this properly written apology. And I can conclude his deep-seated homophobia has not wavered in the least.

  61. jason says

    San Francisco is not gay-friendly, it is permissive-friendly. It welcomes haters as much as it does lovers.

    It has no principles based on morality. This is why permissiveness always leads to destruction of society, including the destruction of our rights as gay people.

  62. Francis says

    I don’t know why people are saying the gay community is too complacent. In fact, that’s not the case, and we’ve become a lot more aggressive in stamping out hate, coming out, speaking out and not allowing bigotry victimize us.

    And we’re angry. And we’re making it clear we won’t stand for it. And we’re gaining straight allies who see the bulls**t we put up with constantly and they’re done being apathetic.

    The problem isn’t with us. Sure, we need to continue to ratchet up the pressure, the aggression, the fight. We need to fight back HARD and assert ourselves in society and demand a place at the table.

    We’re not the problem, though. The problem is the fact that homophobia is institutionalized in the fabric of the USA and the world. And no matter how much we fight, there simply is a lot of people out there who hate us. And who fear us. And are hating us even more so that we’re open and out and honest with who we are. And if they don’t hate us, they simply don’t care about us. We’re don’t have a place at the table, yet. That’s what it comes down to, people. We still do not have a place at the table.

    Is that our fault? To some extent, perhaps, we can do more. We can always do more. But ultimately, we didn’t bring on this hatred that is levied against us. Society has decided it needs to sling hatred against us to keep us away from the mainstream because they don’t want to share with us, and they’re threatened by our existence.

    We have to be vigil. Educate. Stand up. Be heard. Awareness is key. Never let hate slide unchecked, no matter how small. We have to continue to fight and realize that with as far as we have come, we have a very long way to go. Lives are truly on the line.

  63. Miguel A. Mendoza says

    Francis, I hope that you aren’t a white man living in the US because if you are that speech you just wrote loses *much* credence.

  64. Max says

    It’s one thing (awful) to be against SS marriage, but his words go beyond marriage equality. It was nothing short of promoting segregation. I think the 49ers need to do a little better than “sorry”
    A suspension or making him actually have a press conference explaining the damage of his words would be far more effective. And actually genuine.

  65. Sports fanatic says

    I just heard about this story. I have to agree that when you listen to the interview, there’s some serious disdain at best and hate brewing in this guys head. That he is repping a city like SF with so many historical stories of hard work by the likes of Harvey Milk and many others just frustrates me more. The city and team should hold him accountable and not accept a pretend apology he had nothing to do with.

  66. Treck says

    Miguel Mandoza, get over your racism. Your disdain for white people isn’t very productive in a post about promoting inclusion for all.

  67. Steve OKC says

    @ Miguel A. Mendoza
    What the hell does Francis’s race have anything to do with the articulate and fantastic piece he just wrote? What? Are you one who has to insert race in every topic of convo? Because no one listens to that guy at the party.

  68. says

    I don’t even know where Miguel is going with that, but since every topic on here involving homophobia gets dragged into how awful white gays are, I’m positive he’s race baiting and his anger for an entire demographic (who happen to also be LGBT) is really no different than that of the GOP toward gays. He just convinces himself because he’s targeting Caucasian white people- he’s entitled.

    Francis, beautifully stated.

  69. NYC chi says

    He’s not sorry and it’s time our organizations are as hardcore challenging athletes who display homophobia as they are celebrities. Seems if an athlete says something bigoted, it’s generally completely overlooked by LGBT groups. Which is crazy because that athletes bigotry is far more damaging to impressionable minds than some D list actress. Hold them to a higher standard.

  70. Michelle says

    The next 48 hours can either be a stellar moment in sports history by the owners of a city largely LGBT friendly, or they can try to bury this under a rug. I sincerely hope the 49ers do what is right and make a more prominent display of how they disagree with Culliver’s commentary. A crafty sorry on paper isn’t really it.

  71. Klien says

    His apology literally made NO sense. That first sentence makes zero sense. I love that they never actually own up to their homophobia in their apology.

  72. CS9 says

    Not to defend Miguel’s comments, but the “race baiting” happened long before he said that. In all 3 articles about this Culliver guy, the “black…” comments are very conspicuous.

    Every time a story of homophobia is posted here that involves someone of color as the perpetrator, the comments section becomes very large and littered with haughty and condescending “that’s just what they used to say to black people…”-type remarks…or…flat-out racist gestures and epithets that generalize the black community as a whole.

    In the meantime, though, I never see any racially-based comments, jabs, analogies or the same level of anger displayed when the story is about a white homophobe, and the number of pages the comments sections on those articles tend to be considerably smaller because of it. Seems to me that some people here practically orgasm on sanctimoniousness and/or vitriol when it comes to “black homophobia,” thinking that it gives them justification for going off on a tangent in that regard. Tit-for-tat bigotry seems to be the name of the game here (and at most gay blogs.)

  73. JT says

    His apology is taken right from the NFL/AFL bible of apologies. They sit around and say “Pick one and we’ll print it as yours.” That thing must be endless. Not falling for it here. He’s a CREEP. I hope they lose this one. No wonder gays don’t come out in most professional sports, let alone football. It’s full of uneducated homophobes. Maybe in their contract they should include that often times they will be in a locker room full of gays and women just so they know ahead of time. And the pats on the ass, no, that’s not gay! We (gays)could never get away with such a thing in public, yet they can do it in front of millions.

  74. Jack M says

    He had to read his comments on paper before he realized they were hateful? Can’t he speak and hear at the same time? You’d think athletes would have taken a cue from their fellow pros and learned from their mistakes.

  75. Anonymous says

    As crudely stated as his initial sentiments were, he brings up a point that your advocates need to explain/teach to us.

  76. Apollo says

    Apology not withstanding, he brings up a point that your advocates need to explain to us. Straight men generally dont share locker rooms with women. Its not that all straight guys are predators but rather because some might be and also women dont want to have to be dealing with gawkers while they dress. Surely theres titillation there for gay men sharing locker rooms with other men? Can you understand that some may worry about not just the risk of sexual violence (from the few sickos) but whether we are be

  77. Frank says

    In California, an individual employee of a firm can be held financially responsible for the creation of a hostile work environment. I’d love to see other 49er’s sue this stupid bastard into poverty.

  78. Mitch says

    Dude must have had a crash course in English and a divine infusion of vocabulary to come up with that statement of apology. The statement may have come from his heart (or more likely the 49’ers public relations team), but there’s no mistaking what bigoted thoughts are still in his brain.

  79. Brett says

    He doesn’t even know what half those words mean, much less the ability to use them in a sentence. So transparent.

  80. MikeSin says

    “My bad, my bad. What I said was hella ratchet. You know I get all stunt queen when I sip. Imma say my sorries.”

    Through in some spelling mistakes and a Bible verse and it would’ve been way believable

  81. MCnNYC says

    To all those who want us to remember that the 49’ers did the It Get’s Better vid so lets give the team a pass….
    Where is the teams outrage or hell even a response?
    Has anyone said BULL that a gay player is unwelcome on THIS team?

    Cause I sure as hell don’t want to think that their participation in the It Gets Better campaign was purely PR….or was it…sure looks like that now.

  82. mm says

    By not sanctioning this bigot, 49ers show they are really homophobic team! No “it gets better” fake video will help you!

  83. seawoofie says

    Don’t overlook a significant admission from this guy. “I don’t do the gay guys man,” said Culliver, “but if they’re straight, ain’t nuttin man, jes havin me some fun.” That’s what he felt while he was giving head. He meant to apologize the quote was not complete, which is what led to the misinterpretation.

  84. CARLTON says

    Should we be shocked he used that term? It’s a cultural thing. Quite honestly, within the black community, they feel entitled to homophobia and nothing grates them more than a white gay person daring to call them out on their bigotry. It’s a fascinating double standard they’ve created where they can target just about anyone, but look at them the wrong way, and you’re a racist.