1. Diogenes Arktos says

    Let’s see… (1) His upbringing (2) His constituents (3) People can change

    How about applying #3 to #1? As to #2: how about the idea that you are elected to do what is right and not be a puppet?

  2. Nick says

    And, furthermore, whereas insomuch as there are values, and values reflecting on individuals, and constituents, and, with regard to the question, be as it were.

  3. says

    Why are so many of our closet cases active traitors against our interests ?
    If they don’t want to come out why don’t they just STFU.
    Melman was a serious activist against us……and then burst forth with his confessional BS.
    I think we need to have a coherent policy/attitude towards activists /traitors who later seek to repent for all the damage they have caused.
    I guess I’m not in a forgiving mood…..take note Mr. Schock.

  4. says

    Try this one next time, Aaron: “The derogatory comments I made yesterday were a reflection of thoughts in my head, but they are not how I feel.” It works for every situation! And I bet, deep-down, you still regret burning that turquoise belt, girl!

  5. mike/ says

    i can answer the question for him —> he’s from Peoria; the same city where the bishop is a raging hypocrite & one of his priests had to cal 911 to get him out of handcuffs. ’nuff said?

  6. RONTEX says

    Someone should ask the congressman why he thinks he has a right to dictate social behavior at all. If “everybody has a set of beliefs on issues, social issues in particular” then no one person should be allowed to pass social edicts as law. The closet will take it’s toll on him and the ugliness inside will destroy any prettiness he has on the outside.

  7. Jim says

    Oh calm down, guys. He’s a conservative congressman from a conservative district, and these are the values he believes (or thinks he does). To me, his little impromptu answers made sense. He hasn’t really thought all that much about this issue. The fact that he’s stunningly handsome makes our gaydar go off, but I say let that crap rest until he himself says something. Not every hot guy is gay.

  8. AG says

    Discuss among yourselves:

    Why is it that so many of us have contempt, rather than pity — or at least some empathy, for closet cases?

    Not a charitable lot, are we?

  9. Marty says

    He is F~L~A~M~I~N~G!

    He is so deep in the closet he has found the monsters I was scared of as a kid.

    And it looks like he is not coming out, someone needs to put on protective gear get in there with him and kick him out of the closet

  10. Paul R says

    Hot? I don’t find weird liars especially hot.

    I also don’t find any need to be empathetic to people working against my interests. Why are you even on this site?

  11. Bollux says

    @Jim First of all, no one here is commenting on whether or not his perceived attractiveness is the sole reason why there is speculation regarding his sexuality. It is THAT plus the facts that he is 31, has had no romantic ties to any females, spends an inordinate amount of time on his physique and making statements about the physiques of other men, seems obsessed with fashion and reacts irrationally to criticism about his past flamboyant ensembles. None of how he conducts himself screams heterosexual. His actions, mannerisms, facial expressions and vocal timber also tend to register in the gay spectrum as well. If he was less appealing aesthetically, he would still be setting off gaydar.

    And of course he has thought about this issue because as a member of Congress, he has to have a notion of his party’s plank and since he can directly influence this issue, the press and the community hounds him. Not every hot guy is gay. But most hot, successful 31 year old men in the public eye who are heterosexual are occasionally seen with women, and not passing gay sex shops talking about Paul Ryan’s hot body but frumpy sartorial sense.

  12. Markt says

    You don’t put that kind of work into your body and not want it appreciated up close. Who provides that pleasure? There must be a way to video tape him when he’s in the gym with Paul Ryan each morning at 5 AM.

  13. Mike says

    Some of you queens need to relax and turn off the pc bull. I wrote “bottom” because it is funnier than saying gay, I referenced his “perceived” sexuality, that is all. It was not a slam against any sexual postion and if that is how one refers to yourself – so be it. I have zero respect for gay men (if he indeed is one) who vote against our rights and hurt us in the process.

  14. Tom221 says

    @AG: you’re right. Above all else we need to make it easier for guys from these barnyard backrounds to come out. Despite the acceptance he’d get in a gay bar, it’s may be too scary for him to go (as it was for me) and nobody seems to get that.

    It’s not his closeting that I object to, it’s his stance on policy. And he’s a politician. That makes him fair game for policy objections from us. I’ll attack his policy opinions as much as I like, but not his fear of coming out…yet.

    He’s unwittingly doing damage to a new generation of gay youth by NOT having the balls to come out., But if he’s found with another man (and I suspect he will), then WE need to offer the olive branch. He wont have one to offer, and his apologies will be unaccepted.

  15. Gus says

    I think we need to understand he may have one position, but he can’t get re-elected until his constituents have “evolved” on the matter. His hedging is because he knows he shouldn’t be caught on YouTube saying anything that may bite him in the ass later in what he hopes is a decades long career.

  16. Real Talk says

    Of course UFFDA would agree with you Mike. Have you read his previous commentary that is laced with femmephobia, fem bashing? He and his other alias Rick, has this hang up over anyone who is remotely identifiably gay and probably hates bottoms too. Guys like them are usually the biggest power bottoms behind closed doors btw.

  17. Steve-ATL says

    Lol I’m cracking up over the self haters trying to justify this mans homophobia. We get it, you identify with his internalized homophobia and see yourself in him. No need to demand we not lash out on types like y’all. You’ve got a sickness, that’s your own mess. But when it effects our rights, know that you’ll get a mouthful.

  18. T.J says

    @ Sabian
    And mayb he’s a bigot for it. And maybe we’ll go off on him. And maybe your side is losing. Your right, not everyone supports gay marriage, but a marriage of the country do. You guys lost bad in November. Baddddd. Momentum on team gay baby. Don’t be mad :)

  19. Cort says

    I’m from Peoria where we had a Gay Rights Ordinance several years before the state did and have always had Gay bars and a large open Gay communiy. Schock has been redistricted to a rural area.

  20. Cort says

    I’m from Peoria where we had a Gay Rights Ordinance several years before the state did and have always had Gay bars and a large open Gay communiy. Schock has been redistricted to a rural area.

  21. Michael says

    He is a gigantic faggot who doesn’t want to call any more attention to himself. It doesn’t help that any time he opens his mouth, a purse falls out. Twenty years from now, when he comes out of the closet, I’m going to want to beat him senseless for shitting all over the gay community to further himself. I hate these types of self-loathing fags.

  22. Caliban says

    “Why is it that so many of us have contempt, rather than pity — or at least some empathy, for closet cases?”

    Well I’m going to go with, “Because he’s an elected official who has actual POWER over gay rights so he doesn’t DESERVE a pass!”

    It has absolutely nothing to do with his perceived attractiveness because though handsome he’s not my type so I don’t give a sh*t either way. But based on everything from his Easter “outfit,” his mannerisms, and showing up in the “gayborhood” during the Republican Convention, I’d be really really surprised if Aaron Schock ISN’T gay.

    And if you’re trying to twist that reason-based assumption into some kind of persecution of poor little Aaron because he’s “hot” you’re as full of sh*t as he is.

  23. says

    looks wise, he’s nothing special. i don’t find him hot.

    and i think there’s need for nuance when talking about “pity/empathy for closeted people.”

    there’s a difference between being closeted and hating gay people as part of your “disguise”

    if you’re not ready to be Out, at least have the adult decency to pose as “a straight person who supports the LGBT Communities”

    anything less means you deserve every ounce of prejudice headed your way. especially in north america. in 2013. when you’re a moneyed white boy. i mean, come ON.

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